Friday, February 29, 2008

The Baby Boy stays

Yes, it's official after a court hearing. The baby stays. Mommy realized he needs more medical care than she can handle, she was hurting though, I felt so bad for her. I know she just wants to sweep him up in her arms and love him till he passes but we do not know when that will be and he must be cared for in the meantime. She has no support to help her. We started our scrapbooks and she spent the night here with him last night. My prayers are with her for peace in her heart that she gave him what was best.

Kat is feeling better and seems to have gotten over the cold she had very quickly. Although she dropped 2 pounds, back to 28 and we had just gotten her to 30 lbs. No meat on her bones. She just didn't feel like eating when sick. Can't blame her. Now mom is sick with a sinus infection, but on antibiotics before it gets any worse. Haven't lost a pound either, unlike my tiny girl :)

Camden was telling her the other day how to hide picking your nose. Such great things to learn from your brother. He said to take finger and RUB along side nose to make it look like you are picking your nose. Thanks Camden.

I went to a committee meeting for foster care, to improved our foster families support system and learning hours. My BFF Kath came on in and this time it was the dining room she hit. Turned the table around, cleaned, she was amazed by the amount of shoes we all have, kind of shameful that we have so many for only 7 people living here and I don't think we can count Mr. T's little cloth shoes of which he has one pair:) Boy, are they ever cute though. I am finishing up what she started by sorting old mail, shredding mail, putting away shoes and it feels good to be accomplishing something, as I feel so behind on everything from putting life on hold for Mr. T to settle in. Not that we regret one second of that. I swear he gets sweeter every day.

Camden was talking to him last night while the nurse had him and he was wide awake, he told the nurse that the baby really likes him since he looks so much like me and I am the baby's favorite all time person. Such a goof. He makes me laugh so much.

Kat is now a local celebrity of sorts, she had her picture printed in a local newspaper Sunday edition under community news, I sent in one of her playing last year in her first ever snow. And they published it within 2 weeks! She did look so cute scrunching up her face in delight with the snow all around her.

We have found the oddest thing has happened with the little man here now. Our pup, Tommy Boy, has always been MY dog. Wherever I am, Tommy is. But with Mr. T having nurses come at night to watch over him every few nights, the dog will lay on the back of the couch over the baby and watch the nurse all night long. He refuses to leave the baby. Not even to hog mom's pillow! It's as if he knows there is something wrong with Mr. T and he must protect him. I laid the baby down on the chair one day to get his feeding ready and when I came back the dog was laying on the chair watching over him. It's just so neat that he has a protector, albeit a furry tiny thing that couldn't hurt a flea :) Oddly enough when baby's mommy comes to stay, Tommy goes to bed with us. Guess we have a smart dog!

We're getting more snow tonight for Kat to play in and enjoy. Our winter is nowhere near over and our March is coming in like a LION, for sure. Tomorrow should be fun when it's all done snowing as we are to get 6 inches overnight. So pretty and serene.

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