Monday, January 14, 2008

Where is mommy's gloves?

Off shopping we went today and mommy got new gloves. Nice fuzzy, warm gloves. But when I can't find them later where do they turn up? That funny girl, Kat, took mommy's new gloves and put them on her FEET! She thought she was so cute. She looked like Big Bird. Too Silly.

We got to use mom's gift certificate for B & B Works, ohhh, yummy smelling lotions and everything on sale! We got a bunch of good smelling stuff, Kat picked out rice flower scent then proceeded to rub it all over her body till she now smells like a tart:) She was putting it on and saying "ohhh, I wuv my legs", no self confidence issues here.

Our newest foster girl is settled in quite well, the only issue we had is her habit of saying "freaking", it is too close to that other word if Miss Copy Kat repeats it! But she readily agreed to stop saying it. Kat is like a little recorder, she hears EVERYTHING- her biggest Gie Gie, Derrik, told us he has a date with someone named "Kathryn" and Miss Kitty piped up with "that's ME, I momma's GIRL, Kitty, me, Kat, that's me." She wasn't too keen on the idea of another girl having HER name. Very funny.

Gie Gie Jay made it to Georgia for his basic training, although he just called from the airport to say he has no idea where to go, his bag is lost somewhere and there are more people in the airport than live in our whole little town :) Big changes for him. I think he will do well and enjoy seeing some other places. We are praying for him.

I put Kat's hair up in a piggytail most of the time to keep the sides from falling down in her face. She looked in the mirror after I put her hair straight up on the top of her head and she said "China hair"- most of her pictures she did have piggytails sticking straight up and out all over her head. Quite goofy looking:) China hair, okay.

We went for Chinese food, or "eat China" as Kat always says, she is now learning to use chopsticks but got tired of trying and when I looked over and saw she was using a fork and I told her "hey, what happened to your chopsticks?" she told me "I too tired mommy, I eat." Meaning she wanted the food, not the work to get it! She eats so well when we "eat China" I feel better knowing she is eating good and gets full. A good day for Miss Kat as she sang the whole trip home :) I just love hearing her singing and knowing she is so happy.


Andie said...

Sounds like a great day. I love the pic of her with your gloves, too funny!
I will keep Jay in my prayers. My brother-in-law is in Iraq right now. I worry about him, but then remember to just commit him to God's care. Such a dangerous situation, but I know who is in control. No matter what I will give Him thanks and praise.

Mission to Macie said...

Kat is a hoot!

check out my have a

Jill :)