Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tears for her brother

I found Kat crying in my room tonight, I asked what was wrong. She would not answer me at first then she burst into tears even harder and said "my Camden why he cry?" He had fallen in his room and bumped his head, he bawled, mainly due to being tired and past his bedtime, the actual bump was a mere pink spot on his forehead at this time.

Miss Kat is quite sensitive when it comes to her Gie Gie Camden. Poor little ones. They are so sweet together, like when I see Camden tell her "bonga, bonga (up) and he lifts her to make it to the sink. Other times they tattle and yell at each other so don't get too mushy here, they are typical siblings. But really, look at the pitiful face :(

Kat summed up her life this morning at breakfast time. "I live with Po Po first , I Po Po's baby, then I live with you second, I momma's girl." Amazingly wrapped up, just as if all little girls live with their "grandma" then secondly go to live with their mommas. She was grumpy then when Camden had the nerve to say something about me being his mom, Miss Kitty does NOT like to hear this, as if it is not spoken, it is not so. We usually don't NEED to point out that yes, in fact, I am the mother of MANY, not just the Min princess.

Speaking of the "many" we have a new foster girl. 17 year old. H (again) which is kind of hard to remember but very different than the last girl H. Her and Mal hit it off right away and she is here to be closer to mom and in a new school to get a good new start. We are not her first foster home so she is blending in quickly. We are getting to know her and she is fairly quiet and nice. Eager to start school, which we hope to happen by tomorrow if the school can get it in gear!

Kat went to a birthday party for a little friend turning 4 yesterday. What fun she had. She was fine with mom leaving her, she played and had fun, even sang a song, they thought was in Chinese since they didn't understand her. When I went back to pick her up, she was sooo sweet, she jumped up and down and said "my mom, my mom." She was grinning like crazy and so excited. Just made me feel like a million bucks :) I AM HER MOM- that's right, uh huh, uh huh!

She got this COOL shirt made for her at the party and a treat bag. She was very happy to have been invited to "her fend (friend) party."

Dad was laughing when he did something for her and she cheered him on, "Go Daddy, yeah Daddy, go Daddy." I told him he never knew he had his own little cheerleader, she does that to me when I get her soup in the grocery store, she is so happy, over such a small thing. It always cracks us and anyone else around up!

This week Kat's 2nd Gie Gie Jay will go to the Army. We are proud but worried. I really hope it works out well for him and he enjoys the structure. He is looking for direction and better career options than we have here. Kat loves her Jay, she was climbing all over him as he tried to play Playstation, a favorite pastime of all the boys. I guess she thinks if they are down at her level they are fair game to play with.

Camden has some virus this week but it seems to have passed by everyone else, he ran a fever one day, was fine the next then fever again for a day and nothing. All better. Odd.

Everyone else is well and back in school, after 12 days off for holiday vacation they were driving me nuts and chewing the woodwork as there was not a food left in the cupboard that was microwavable or could be eaten without opening a can. So of course, the kids claimed they were "starving." I refused to buy food till they went back to school and had at least 8 hours of time they were unable to dig into everything edible in sight. Amazing what all they are capable of eating and why they need to know what's for supper at 10 am is beyond my comprehension.

You think they would know better than to ask me that since it drove me to post a list on the calendar so they can moan and groan all WEEK about what is for supper each night! But instead of saying "go away!!" when they ask, I say "look at the list," so they have lots of time to mull over what they WILL be eating :) I LOVE LISTS- lists are GOOD. He he, I fixed them- another LIST from MOM :)


Andie said...

Truer siblings, jsut isn't possible! That's exactly how my kids are,tattle and fight one minute, but then cry right along with their brother or sister when someone is hurt. That's what makes a family interesting, and FUN! ;-)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

How sweet that she was so concerned for her brother. I love all the pictures. I'll be praying for you Jay....and his mama!