Friday, January 11, 2008

Sharing's NOT her thing

Well, I have went thru Miss Kitty's things before to put summer stuff out and then away and downsized clothing before, but I must not have done it in front of the girl since I attempted to go thru her clothes to donate a few items that no longer fit to a family that lost everything in a fire.

WOW, did she throw a FIT. I had to put the stuff BACK in her drawer, wait till she was away and box the stuff up so she didn't see it go. It didn't fit her, she wasn't wearing it again, or ever, with some of the stuff being new even. I can see the pack rat tendency in her already- ahhhhh, she's gonna be just like my mother saying " oh, but I will use that- someday!"
I TRIED to explain that these 3 children lost everything in a fire, even their Christmas toys, my sweet boy Camden went looking for all sorts of toys to donate and a shirt he said was too small. But Miss Kat was giving up NOTHING.
We will have to work on that with her, we tried tonight, sharing a China dragon decoration with her China friend Emily that came for a pizza dinner. She was pouting and refused to hug Em even though we have 8 or so MORE of these same dragons. But she did not throw a fit, so that is a step.

I totally understand it is an issue of her never having anything for herself and now she has all these things and she wants to keep them ALL> but momma is NOT a pack rat and can not stand to keep useless stuff. Especially if someone else has a need.

I had a rough week and was helped by a friend. This is her advice- 100 years from now, all new faces. Now think about this. 100 years from now, you, I, our children will be gone. What is it that you want to be known for? I doubt I ever invent anything, publish a book, or find the cure for cancer so I am striving to be like my Grandma Kitty whom Kat is named after. A loving, God fearing woman, mother to many, strong but warm. Grandma wasn't perfect, but then no one is. I think God was proud of her and I feel blessed to have had her in my life and to have a precious girl named in her honor.

Our children our the future, my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be the new faces 100 years from now. Makes me want to make each and every day count for something.

Kat got Dora Chutes and Ladders game today. I love this game, I think I hit every slide downward that is on the board. We played a few games tonight while all the older kiddos had various activities to go to. Glow bowling, School Activity night, basketball game. It's like a Taxi Service here on Friday nights :) Dad should charge mileage, Ha Ha!

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Andie said...

Sharing is such a hard thing..and I AM a packrat! I recently took two huge bags of stuff to the thrift store here in town, and was very proud that I let the stuff go. I think I'm planning a garage sale in the spring to get rid of all my "baby" stuff...won't be needing that stuff anymore! :o) :o(