Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a BOY!

Sign me up for the funny farm, seriously, I think I've gone nuts. And NO I am not pregnant. We accepted a 4 week old, 6 lb. "medically fragile" foster baby boy. Mr. T was not expected to survive birth so for him to even be here now is a miracle. Now for the sad part, he is not expected to live long. But he looks and acts 100% normal right now.

When called about this child I knew the circumstances from my work and the mom. I just knew we had to. I called Baba at work, then had a family meeting. The kids were almost funny in their questions but I wanted them to understand as well as possible for their ages that he could pass away here. That he is God's baby and when God wants him for an angel baby, He will take him. Each day he has is a gift and we are just to love on him. Well, they have NOT disappointed me. They are holding him, kissing him, loving him and caring about him. Will we get attached, YES, is this a BAD thing- NO. We all live, we all die. His purpose here is unknown but God sent us this little guy for a reason.

We hauled out the portable crib, the baby seat, the blankets. Thank Goodness mom had a car seat and some clothes, gosh it's been 7 years since we had baby Camden for clothes :) so I have nothing left of those. A frantic e-mail to a WONDERFUL friend, Andie who makes slings for a sling ASAP so I can sling him onto me and get things done since I spend all day holding him. (A HUGE thank you to you Andie, you're a lifesaver)

I am actually going to be able to work, yeah, huh? It is arranged to have home nurses to come when I go to work to allow me to keep my job. Since he is feed thru a special port in his belly hubby is not real comfortable with that and the nurse will take care of that. Otherwise I have been doing it including his overnight pump feed. He is zonked right now, he did not sleep great last night but the feedings give him some gas pains and I am sure his belly is still sore from the port insertion and it hurts him. Once he was totally wet thru everything so we were up about every hour last night but hoping we got some things down better tonight and can sleep more. I also heard every snort, whine and yawn he made, it's really something to have a baby in the house again. The kids are all nuts about him and so careful with him, it's sweet to see them.

So Kat's reaction. Obviously she was not listening when we had that family meeting about accepting him. After he was here since laast evening she said to me today " who baby is that? He stay here?" She hasn't seen his mom yet but was fine once I said, "yes, he's staying, I'm not his mommy, he has a mommy". Off she went, her concern over. She likes to hold him but just for a moment., then she's done. Camden, on the other hand, has wonderful patience and will just sit and hold him and rub his face so softly. He's really liking this guy. I can't post pictures of his face but I posted one of Camden checking out his fingers and how tiny they are. So little but so perfect.

I can't believe I now have 10 kids. Wow. The foster girl said tonight, "this place is the best form of birth control possible" and we laughed as I said "oh I guess we'll stop now, they get the picture." Aren't they too funny.

For tonight our little one is tucked in, being fed, loved by all and has become one of our clan. You are loved little one, you are a blessing as is each and every one of our children.


Andie said...

I'm so glad Mr. T is getting the love and snuggles that he so needs! Let me know when your package arrives...I stuck a little something extra in the box for Kat! :o) I don't know if you've ever used a sling or not, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me or call me (my # is in the package).

Andi68 said...

I'm glad you took him. You never know though, I know someone who was told her daughter wouldn't live 3 months, then after she did they said she would never walk, well she did. She can't talk, but she make her needs known. By the way, she is 21 now.

ronvic7 said...

Thank you so much Andie.
We look at this precious baby and pray he will be with us as long as God wants him to be. Years, weeks, days, he will be loved whatever his life turns out to be.

Mission to Macie said...

you are my hero! for real

Donna said...

I don't know how you do it but I'm sure glad there are people like you who DO do it! I hope this little guy proves them all wrong and is around for a long long time but I also realize that Doctors are not often so wrong and your heart will have some incredible pain at some point. Mine hurts just thinking about it.