Thursday, January 24, 2008

The girl is sick

Yeah, she's "blowing up" now. Barfing, puking, spewing, whatever you call it, all over her bed ( not mine!) Kind of thought she'd follow suit, can't be outdone by brother.

First time they have been sick this winter so I can't gripe too much. Even got thru the holidays without illness which is rare, and with her record last winter we are pleased she is building some immunity to the crud. We did find out we were exposed to RSV this past week and Kat does have a cold, but doesn't seem to be overly sick with it. Just runny nose and cough, I did hear that vapor rub works to sooth a cough, when applied to the soles of the feet, I put it on her and haven't heard a cough since, so I am saying that it works! Weird, but it works.

Baba found the Nintendo DS, must have been the prayers since it was found down in a recliner that had been checked before. She is very happy to have it back. It worked well to keep her occupied and not running around on Tuesday when she first started to get sick and was not feeling too good. Her Gie Gie Brandon came in and sat with her while momma did errands, she didn't even care to go shopping, so I KNEW she wasn't well:)

We haven't heard anything from Gie Gie Jay, hoping he is in Georgia in training and not still in the airport living after being lost there. Guess if I do not hear from him eventually I will go looking for him at the airport. Trying not to panic and embarass him by calling the military, but man, do they not know his mom needs to know he is safe and there? Shame on them, giving me more white hair.
Speaking of hair, we did a trim of the bangs only, momma did it since Camden and Baba were getting haircuts by Mom and she wanted something done too, it's that "brother competition" thing again!
Jie Jie Malaree has a new boyfriend, he was over for the football game on Sunday and I am thinking that when a boy is looking at your daughter like this----- you are in trouble. Smitten is all I can say, in both directions. Good thing she has a smart head on those shoulders and 3 BIG older brothers that will hurt him dearly if Dad doesn't get him first. He seems very nice and they make a cute YOUNG couple, huh?
Looking at Kat's pictures she is looking so much more like a pre schooler than a toddler, she is still so tiny but she sure is smart and pretty. Baba says we got the prettiest one in all of China and I have to agree :) We have such fun, her and I each day when the kids all go off to school and we spend time together snuggling in the morning, sharing tea and just loving each day we have together. It's sooooo much fun having a little girl in the family, I can't believe how blessed we are.

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Andie said...

So sorry to hear she's sick. Bethany had the "puking up" a few weeks ago. Although te bed she puked in WAS mine...and the couch, and the recliner, then I banned her to blankets on the floor.
We've had the cough thing here, too. I think I'm going to go out and get some Vicks 44!!
Warren says that the reason he goes hunting is so that he has an excuse to have guns in the house to scare the boys away from our girls. Oh to see a boy looking at my girls like that...I'd go CRAZY!! Good to know he seems like a good kid!
Hope Kat is up and around soon.