Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun little quirks of the girl Princess

Our girl Kat has some goofy habits that are too funny not to share. If mommy tries to get in the shower immediately she has "dirty feet" meaning she wants a shower too. This came from the summer of truly DIRTY FEET. She brushes her teeth with 2 brushes, not sure why, but here she is going at it!

I had the hiccups the other day, something she has rarely had since we met her and she said to me " you have pickles momma?" Way too funny on that one.

I had to go to work on Monday and as I usually take her after lunch to the sitter, she has been okay with going and being ready by then. WELL, this week we had a day that I called her Prissy Missy as she REFUSED to get dressed, she refused to go to the sitter, didn't want to get a bath, didn't want to eat, grouch-eee! Not her usual self. She ended up going to the sitter in her jammies, I swaddled her in MY new soft blanket she has claimed as hers, like an infant.

Then I lugged her 29 lb self, like a sack of tators, to the sitter just like that. No shoes, no socks, clothes in a backpack. Apparently she dressed soon after I left her there, she was appalled before when another kid showed up in jammies, it was all she talked about for a week but I guess she forgot the shame of that. She thought she was all that for still being in her jammies, arriving like the Princess Baby.

Also when Jie Jie Malaree came to get her she immediately dropped to the floor waiting to be wrapped up to be taken home, swaddled! Such a goof.

She still has the cutest accent on many of her words, she says Hello, like Head-o. The other day Camden was determined to get her to say it correctly when he finally threw his hands up and said "she's not saying it right, mom." This is when I explained to him that a co-worker of mine is Asian and still says "Head-o" after over 30 years in this country so he then said "well, she'll never get it then" and decided to give up:)

When Camden came home tonight from a trip to the store with Dad and RAN to the bathroom to projectile vomit somewhat near the toilet, she exclaimed to him, "YOU BLEW UP CAMDEN" when he said he was thirsty and I said I thought he should not try anything just yet. He told her "I THREW UP Kat," like DUH! Those two are quite the characters.

Her Highness LOST her DS, yes, the Pink Nintendo DS she wanted so bad for Christmas, it is in the house somewhere, but then so is a hermit crab that was last seen in 2001, so let's hope we find it before that crab does :) So the search is on to find it as Princess Kat has fussed for the last week we have been unable to find it. Say a prayer it will turn up since I hear God answers even the littlest needs and she thinks she NEEDS it NOW.

Kat seems to have this uncanny sense when someone is upset or down. She will land on them, hugging, kissing, it's impossible to stay mad, down, whatever when you got that pure love coming at ya. It's just amazing to see her with the foster kids, these teens come so hardened and tough but they melt when she crawls all over them showering them with love. She is able to make their transition here so much easier as she is such a warm and loving person and too hard for them to resist. She has no motives, she just freely loves.

What a wonderful spirit she has and such joy for life, I feel incredibly blessed to be her mom, to have her as a part of our family. She is such an inspiration to us all, to overcome whatever burdens we carry and to just love one another. We thank God each and every day for this wonderful quirky girl and for giving us the precious gift of HER.

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Andie said...

She is a precious gift...a quirky, but precious gift!