Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogging Award

I have been given an award, the blogging mother award, there was mention of 100 kids but I hope they aren't mine 'cause I only know where 9 are right now and I think they take back the award if you can't account for all your kids :) I am supposed to pass it on somehow but therein lies a problem as I am still too bloggy stupid to link up anything. So sorry, I accept the award and that's that. It's actually for blogging with a purpose, that my blog means something to someone. Hey, I'm just glad anyone bothers to read it! Seriously I hope it helps others see what an adopted child can bring to your life, if nothing else.

I can't help but compare Kat at this time last year when we were fighting to get her SS card and dressing in the same outfit one year later. Taller, lots more hair, she is holding up 4 fingers to show she is 4. I love this outfit on her, it's one of the few that fits her skinny self.

Looking at Kat we see our daughter, not a China girl, not an American girl, just our daughter. One of the most fun things about our family is the "his, hers, ours, theirs, and Asian, black, white, combinations, we love variety and find that it helps all of our children be able to see what it is like to be in a family where your looks means nothing different except a culture to explore and learn fun things about. I'm not always able to recall who is supposed to be "mine" so they all are.

Plus it's fun to make people wonder what in the world we are about when we go to the store:) I usually do not feel the need to explain how we made our family to anyone but it can be quite interesting to see us coming, I am sure. The teens think it's amusing that people probably think I am some loose woman with all these different kids. I tell them if anyone asks I am going to play stupid and ask "what do you mean, are all these kids mine, why is someone picking their nose again?"- to which they groan and beg me not to go there. Serves them right, huh?

We found that our fosters are thriving here, sometimes in the chaos of 6 children in the home you worry if you are giving them what all they need, but at a meeting yesterday I learned our latest foster child is blossoming here and that was nice to know. She is very happy and even brought me 3 roses last night! This was even after we talked her out of pink and black hair, and talked to her about staying in foster care beyond 18 to complete school and continue her education. I am pleased for her to be able to consider this, she may not follow thru but to even consider this is a big step for any foster child facing turning 18 and the freedom they get to make choices of their own.

We heard from "the lost son" Jay, he is in basic training, he is fine, he got there okay and we are to pass it on. He had 2 minutes to tell me he was there and good. Wow. I was soooo glad to hear from him.

Camden is feeling better. Kat seems to be too, so far. Miss Kat was "tolerating" my picture taking:) Love that personality!

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