Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a BOY!

Sign me up for the funny farm, seriously, I think I've gone nuts. And NO I am not pregnant. We accepted a 4 week old, 6 lb. "medically fragile" foster baby boy. Mr. T was not expected to survive birth so for him to even be here now is a miracle. Now for the sad part, he is not expected to live long. But he looks and acts 100% normal right now.

When called about this child I knew the circumstances from my work and the mom. I just knew we had to. I called Baba at work, then had a family meeting. The kids were almost funny in their questions but I wanted them to understand as well as possible for their ages that he could pass away here. That he is God's baby and when God wants him for an angel baby, He will take him. Each day he has is a gift and we are just to love on him. Well, they have NOT disappointed me. They are holding him, kissing him, loving him and caring about him. Will we get attached, YES, is this a BAD thing- NO. We all live, we all die. His purpose here is unknown but God sent us this little guy for a reason.

We hauled out the portable crib, the baby seat, the blankets. Thank Goodness mom had a car seat and some clothes, gosh it's been 7 years since we had baby Camden for clothes :) so I have nothing left of those. A frantic e-mail to a WONDERFUL friend, Andie who makes slings for a sling ASAP so I can sling him onto me and get things done since I spend all day holding him. (A HUGE thank you to you Andie, you're a lifesaver)

I am actually going to be able to work, yeah, huh? It is arranged to have home nurses to come when I go to work to allow me to keep my job. Since he is feed thru a special port in his belly hubby is not real comfortable with that and the nurse will take care of that. Otherwise I have been doing it including his overnight pump feed. He is zonked right now, he did not sleep great last night but the feedings give him some gas pains and I am sure his belly is still sore from the port insertion and it hurts him. Once he was totally wet thru everything so we were up about every hour last night but hoping we got some things down better tonight and can sleep more. I also heard every snort, whine and yawn he made, it's really something to have a baby in the house again. The kids are all nuts about him and so careful with him, it's sweet to see them.

So Kat's reaction. Obviously she was not listening when we had that family meeting about accepting him. After he was here since laast evening she said to me today " who baby is that? He stay here?" She hasn't seen his mom yet but was fine once I said, "yes, he's staying, I'm not his mommy, he has a mommy". Off she went, her concern over. She likes to hold him but just for a moment., then she's done. Camden, on the other hand, has wonderful patience and will just sit and hold him and rub his face so softly. He's really liking this guy. I can't post pictures of his face but I posted one of Camden checking out his fingers and how tiny they are. So little but so perfect.

I can't believe I now have 10 kids. Wow. The foster girl said tonight, "this place is the best form of birth control possible" and we laughed as I said "oh I guess we'll stop now, they get the picture." Aren't they too funny.

For tonight our little one is tucked in, being fed, loved by all and has become one of our clan. You are loved little one, you are a blessing as is each and every one of our children.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogging Award

I have been given an award, the blogging mother award, there was mention of 100 kids but I hope they aren't mine 'cause I only know where 9 are right now and I think they take back the award if you can't account for all your kids :) I am supposed to pass it on somehow but therein lies a problem as I am still too bloggy stupid to link up anything. So sorry, I accept the award and that's that. It's actually for blogging with a purpose, that my blog means something to someone. Hey, I'm just glad anyone bothers to read it! Seriously I hope it helps others see what an adopted child can bring to your life, if nothing else.

I can't help but compare Kat at this time last year when we were fighting to get her SS card and dressing in the same outfit one year later. Taller, lots more hair, she is holding up 4 fingers to show she is 4. I love this outfit on her, it's one of the few that fits her skinny self.

Looking at Kat we see our daughter, not a China girl, not an American girl, just our daughter. One of the most fun things about our family is the "his, hers, ours, theirs, and Asian, black, white, combinations, we love variety and find that it helps all of our children be able to see what it is like to be in a family where your looks means nothing different except a culture to explore and learn fun things about. I'm not always able to recall who is supposed to be "mine" so they all are.

Plus it's fun to make people wonder what in the world we are about when we go to the store:) I usually do not feel the need to explain how we made our family to anyone but it can be quite interesting to see us coming, I am sure. The teens think it's amusing that people probably think I am some loose woman with all these different kids. I tell them if anyone asks I am going to play stupid and ask "what do you mean, are all these kids mine, why is someone picking their nose again?"- to which they groan and beg me not to go there. Serves them right, huh?

We found that our fosters are thriving here, sometimes in the chaos of 6 children in the home you worry if you are giving them what all they need, but at a meeting yesterday I learned our latest foster child is blossoming here and that was nice to know. She is very happy and even brought me 3 roses last night! This was even after we talked her out of pink and black hair, and talked to her about staying in foster care beyond 18 to complete school and continue her education. I am pleased for her to be able to consider this, she may not follow thru but to even consider this is a big step for any foster child facing turning 18 and the freedom they get to make choices of their own.

We heard from "the lost son" Jay, he is in basic training, he is fine, he got there okay and we are to pass it on. He had 2 minutes to tell me he was there and good. Wow. I was soooo glad to hear from him.

Camden is feeling better. Kat seems to be too, so far. Miss Kat was "tolerating" my picture taking:) Love that personality!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The girl is sick

Yeah, she's "blowing up" now. Barfing, puking, spewing, whatever you call it, all over her bed ( not mine!) Kind of thought she'd follow suit, can't be outdone by brother.

First time they have been sick this winter so I can't gripe too much. Even got thru the holidays without illness which is rare, and with her record last winter we are pleased she is building some immunity to the crud. We did find out we were exposed to RSV this past week and Kat does have a cold, but doesn't seem to be overly sick with it. Just runny nose and cough, I did hear that vapor rub works to sooth a cough, when applied to the soles of the feet, I put it on her and haven't heard a cough since, so I am saying that it works! Weird, but it works.

Baba found the Nintendo DS, must have been the prayers since it was found down in a recliner that had been checked before. She is very happy to have it back. It worked well to keep her occupied and not running around on Tuesday when she first started to get sick and was not feeling too good. Her Gie Gie Brandon came in and sat with her while momma did errands, she didn't even care to go shopping, so I KNEW she wasn't well:)

We haven't heard anything from Gie Gie Jay, hoping he is in Georgia in training and not still in the airport living after being lost there. Guess if I do not hear from him eventually I will go looking for him at the airport. Trying not to panic and embarass him by calling the military, but man, do they not know his mom needs to know he is safe and there? Shame on them, giving me more white hair.
Speaking of hair, we did a trim of the bangs only, momma did it since Camden and Baba were getting haircuts by Mom and she wanted something done too, it's that "brother competition" thing again!
Jie Jie Malaree has a new boyfriend, he was over for the football game on Sunday and I am thinking that when a boy is looking at your daughter like this----- you are in trouble. Smitten is all I can say, in both directions. Good thing she has a smart head on those shoulders and 3 BIG older brothers that will hurt him dearly if Dad doesn't get him first. He seems very nice and they make a cute YOUNG couple, huh?
Looking at Kat's pictures she is looking so much more like a pre schooler than a toddler, she is still so tiny but she sure is smart and pretty. Baba says we got the prettiest one in all of China and I have to agree :) We have such fun, her and I each day when the kids all go off to school and we spend time together snuggling in the morning, sharing tea and just loving each day we have together. It's sooooo much fun having a little girl in the family, I can't believe how blessed we are.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun little quirks of the girl Princess

Our girl Kat has some goofy habits that are too funny not to share. If mommy tries to get in the shower immediately she has "dirty feet" meaning she wants a shower too. This came from the summer of truly DIRTY FEET. She brushes her teeth with 2 brushes, not sure why, but here she is going at it!

I had the hiccups the other day, something she has rarely had since we met her and she said to me " you have pickles momma?" Way too funny on that one.

I had to go to work on Monday and as I usually take her after lunch to the sitter, she has been okay with going and being ready by then. WELL, this week we had a day that I called her Prissy Missy as she REFUSED to get dressed, she refused to go to the sitter, didn't want to get a bath, didn't want to eat, grouch-eee! Not her usual self. She ended up going to the sitter in her jammies, I swaddled her in MY new soft blanket she has claimed as hers, like an infant.

Then I lugged her 29 lb self, like a sack of tators, to the sitter just like that. No shoes, no socks, clothes in a backpack. Apparently she dressed soon after I left her there, she was appalled before when another kid showed up in jammies, it was all she talked about for a week but I guess she forgot the shame of that. She thought she was all that for still being in her jammies, arriving like the Princess Baby.

Also when Jie Jie Malaree came to get her she immediately dropped to the floor waiting to be wrapped up to be taken home, swaddled! Such a goof.

She still has the cutest accent on many of her words, she says Hello, like Head-o. The other day Camden was determined to get her to say it correctly when he finally threw his hands up and said "she's not saying it right, mom." This is when I explained to him that a co-worker of mine is Asian and still says "Head-o" after over 30 years in this country so he then said "well, she'll never get it then" and decided to give up:)

When Camden came home tonight from a trip to the store with Dad and RAN to the bathroom to projectile vomit somewhat near the toilet, she exclaimed to him, "YOU BLEW UP CAMDEN" when he said he was thirsty and I said I thought he should not try anything just yet. He told her "I THREW UP Kat," like DUH! Those two are quite the characters.

Her Highness LOST her DS, yes, the Pink Nintendo DS she wanted so bad for Christmas, it is in the house somewhere, but then so is a hermit crab that was last seen in 2001, so let's hope we find it before that crab does :) So the search is on to find it as Princess Kat has fussed for the last week we have been unable to find it. Say a prayer it will turn up since I hear God answers even the littlest needs and she thinks she NEEDS it NOW.

Kat seems to have this uncanny sense when someone is upset or down. She will land on them, hugging, kissing, it's impossible to stay mad, down, whatever when you got that pure love coming at ya. It's just amazing to see her with the foster kids, these teens come so hardened and tough but they melt when she crawls all over them showering them with love. She is able to make their transition here so much easier as she is such a warm and loving person and too hard for them to resist. She has no motives, she just freely loves.

What a wonderful spirit she has and such joy for life, I feel incredibly blessed to be her mom, to have her as a part of our family. She is such an inspiration to us all, to overcome whatever burdens we carry and to just love one another. We thank God each and every day for this wonderful quirky girl and for giving us the precious gift of HER.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where is mommy's gloves?

Off shopping we went today and mommy got new gloves. Nice fuzzy, warm gloves. But when I can't find them later where do they turn up? That funny girl, Kat, took mommy's new gloves and put them on her FEET! She thought she was so cute. She looked like Big Bird. Too Silly.

We got to use mom's gift certificate for B & B Works, ohhh, yummy smelling lotions and everything on sale! We got a bunch of good smelling stuff, Kat picked out rice flower scent then proceeded to rub it all over her body till she now smells like a tart:) She was putting it on and saying "ohhh, I wuv my legs", no self confidence issues here.

Our newest foster girl is settled in quite well, the only issue we had is her habit of saying "freaking", it is too close to that other word if Miss Copy Kat repeats it! But she readily agreed to stop saying it. Kat is like a little recorder, she hears EVERYTHING- her biggest Gie Gie, Derrik, told us he has a date with someone named "Kathryn" and Miss Kitty piped up with "that's ME, I momma's GIRL, Kitty, me, Kat, that's me." She wasn't too keen on the idea of another girl having HER name. Very funny.

Gie Gie Jay made it to Georgia for his basic training, although he just called from the airport to say he has no idea where to go, his bag is lost somewhere and there are more people in the airport than live in our whole little town :) Big changes for him. I think he will do well and enjoy seeing some other places. We are praying for him.

I put Kat's hair up in a piggytail most of the time to keep the sides from falling down in her face. She looked in the mirror after I put her hair straight up on the top of her head and she said "China hair"- most of her pictures she did have piggytails sticking straight up and out all over her head. Quite goofy looking:) China hair, okay.

We went for Chinese food, or "eat China" as Kat always says, she is now learning to use chopsticks but got tired of trying and when I looked over and saw she was using a fork and I told her "hey, what happened to your chopsticks?" she told me "I too tired mommy, I eat." Meaning she wanted the food, not the work to get it! She eats so well when we "eat China" I feel better knowing she is eating good and gets full. A good day for Miss Kat as she sang the whole trip home :) I just love hearing her singing and knowing she is so happy.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sharing's NOT her thing

Well, I have went thru Miss Kitty's things before to put summer stuff out and then away and downsized clothing before, but I must not have done it in front of the girl since I attempted to go thru her clothes to donate a few items that no longer fit to a family that lost everything in a fire.

WOW, did she throw a FIT. I had to put the stuff BACK in her drawer, wait till she was away and box the stuff up so she didn't see it go. It didn't fit her, she wasn't wearing it again, or ever, with some of the stuff being new even. I can see the pack rat tendency in her already- ahhhhh, she's gonna be just like my mother saying " oh, but I will use that- someday!"
I TRIED to explain that these 3 children lost everything in a fire, even their Christmas toys, my sweet boy Camden went looking for all sorts of toys to donate and a shirt he said was too small. But Miss Kat was giving up NOTHING.
We will have to work on that with her, we tried tonight, sharing a China dragon decoration with her China friend Emily that came for a pizza dinner. She was pouting and refused to hug Em even though we have 8 or so MORE of these same dragons. But she did not throw a fit, so that is a step.

I totally understand it is an issue of her never having anything for herself and now she has all these things and she wants to keep them ALL> but momma is NOT a pack rat and can not stand to keep useless stuff. Especially if someone else has a need.

I had a rough week and was helped by a friend. This is her advice- 100 years from now, all new faces. Now think about this. 100 years from now, you, I, our children will be gone. What is it that you want to be known for? I doubt I ever invent anything, publish a book, or find the cure for cancer so I am striving to be like my Grandma Kitty whom Kat is named after. A loving, God fearing woman, mother to many, strong but warm. Grandma wasn't perfect, but then no one is. I think God was proud of her and I feel blessed to have had her in my life and to have a precious girl named in her honor.

Our children our the future, my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be the new faces 100 years from now. Makes me want to make each and every day count for something.

Kat got Dora Chutes and Ladders game today. I love this game, I think I hit every slide downward that is on the board. We played a few games tonight while all the older kiddos had various activities to go to. Glow bowling, School Activity night, basketball game. It's like a Taxi Service here on Friday nights :) Dad should charge mileage, Ha Ha!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tears for her brother

I found Kat crying in my room tonight, I asked what was wrong. She would not answer me at first then she burst into tears even harder and said "my Camden why he cry?" He had fallen in his room and bumped his head, he bawled, mainly due to being tired and past his bedtime, the actual bump was a mere pink spot on his forehead at this time.

Miss Kat is quite sensitive when it comes to her Gie Gie Camden. Poor little ones. They are so sweet together, like when I see Camden tell her "bonga, bonga (up) and he lifts her to make it to the sink. Other times they tattle and yell at each other so don't get too mushy here, they are typical siblings. But really, look at the pitiful face :(

Kat summed up her life this morning at breakfast time. "I live with Po Po first , I Po Po's baby, then I live with you second, I momma's girl." Amazingly wrapped up, just as if all little girls live with their "grandma" then secondly go to live with their mommas. She was grumpy then when Camden had the nerve to say something about me being his mom, Miss Kitty does NOT like to hear this, as if it is not spoken, it is not so. We usually don't NEED to point out that yes, in fact, I am the mother of MANY, not just the Min princess.

Speaking of the "many" we have a new foster girl. 17 year old. H (again) which is kind of hard to remember but very different than the last girl H. Her and Mal hit it off right away and she is here to be closer to mom and in a new school to get a good new start. We are not her first foster home so she is blending in quickly. We are getting to know her and she is fairly quiet and nice. Eager to start school, which we hope to happen by tomorrow if the school can get it in gear!

Kat went to a birthday party for a little friend turning 4 yesterday. What fun she had. She was fine with mom leaving her, she played and had fun, even sang a song, they thought was in Chinese since they didn't understand her. When I went back to pick her up, she was sooo sweet, she jumped up and down and said "my mom, my mom." She was grinning like crazy and so excited. Just made me feel like a million bucks :) I AM HER MOM- that's right, uh huh, uh huh!

She got this COOL shirt made for her at the party and a treat bag. She was very happy to have been invited to "her fend (friend) party."

Dad was laughing when he did something for her and she cheered him on, "Go Daddy, yeah Daddy, go Daddy." I told him he never knew he had his own little cheerleader, she does that to me when I get her soup in the grocery store, she is so happy, over such a small thing. It always cracks us and anyone else around up!

This week Kat's 2nd Gie Gie Jay will go to the Army. We are proud but worried. I really hope it works out well for him and he enjoys the structure. He is looking for direction and better career options than we have here. Kat loves her Jay, she was climbing all over him as he tried to play Playstation, a favorite pastime of all the boys. I guess she thinks if they are down at her level they are fair game to play with.

Camden has some virus this week but it seems to have passed by everyone else, he ran a fever one day, was fine the next then fever again for a day and nothing. All better. Odd.

Everyone else is well and back in school, after 12 days off for holiday vacation they were driving me nuts and chewing the woodwork as there was not a food left in the cupboard that was microwavable or could be eaten without opening a can. So of course, the kids claimed they were "starving." I refused to buy food till they went back to school and had at least 8 hours of time they were unable to dig into everything edible in sight. Amazing what all they are capable of eating and why they need to know what's for supper at 10 am is beyond my comprehension.

You think they would know better than to ask me that since it drove me to post a list on the calendar so they can moan and groan all WEEK about what is for supper each night! But instead of saying "go away!!" when they ask, I say "look at the list," so they have lots of time to mull over what they WILL be eating :) I LOVE LISTS- lists are GOOD. He he, I fixed them- another LIST from MOM :)