Saturday, June 30, 2007

She's mending

Ahh, Miss Kat looked a ton better today and actually was able to eat much better. She had some of her favorite soup, chicken noodle, but not the chicken, just noodles. She did ask for a corn dog though, so I KNOW she is feeling better! She is still talking like a "Chuckie" doll, very high pitched and silly sounding. She is taking fluids well and no more bleeding has occurred. (thank you GOD!) She is NOT sleeping well though, I figure it is the drying out of her throat as she sleeps that causes her to hurt. She woke up last night crying hysterically, she had been given pain medicine and I held her but she wouldn't stop. Baba held her and I don't know if she got more awake and settled down or what but she finally did calm down. Baba thought maybe she was having a bad dream ( I wonder if it included something to do with BLOOD- like my nightmares have now!) but she went back to sleep then. She just doesn't seem comfortable to sleep, she coughs often and fusses in her sleep.

Kat isn't slobbering anymore and her tongue seems to fit in her mouth again! She has had issues with liquids coming from her nose as she tries to drink and that's made her quite mad, but that's just if she tries to take in too much at once. And she has dragon breath, that's typical but WOW- if we could just bottle it, it could be a weapon of war! Peeeee euuhhhh! Stinky. We are just very happy she is getting back to normal, she wanted to play some today and even wanted piggy tails in her hair. She loved her new shirt I bought her, mainly as the brother's made a big deal out of WHICH one of THEM it meant- ha ha- she just knew they were talking about her shirt and she liked that! What a diva she is :) It was good to see her dressed and looking, if not sounding, normal.
Today is Gie Gie Derrik's 22nd birthday, we sung him the birthday song, even Tonsil-less girl sang. She LOVES birthdays and we have a ton of them in June and July so she can enjoy away. Jay's was 4 days ago, Derrik's today and Dono-bin's is in 2 weeks. So it's a BIG birthday time. Kitty Kat is always willing to have it be someone else's birthday, I don't think she realized SHE also has a birthday till I told her all the birthdays till hers. This is how Camden kept track before he understood the months, he was after Grandma's but before Jie Jie's. Kat's is after Jie Jie's and before Momma's and funny enough we found out after we got our approval to adopt Kat that she was born in the "Year of the Goat" which goes by the Chinese Zodiac that changes every 12 years, and so was Mama and Jie Jie Malaree. We also are all three Libras since we were born October 17 (Malaree) October 18, (Kat) and October 20 (mom). She was a perfect fit, as God already knew!
It should be quite fun to celebrate her birthday this year, we were so blessed to celebrate her 3rd birthday with her in China but it was obvious she had no idea what to do with the gifts or cake. Camden was a BIG help there. This year she will know exactly what to do, I am SURE!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Horrible night

Okay, so much for the "easy time." She scared me SO bad last night. I heard her cough and gag, then a gurgle. I looked up and saw DARK ( in the dark) and knew it was BLOOD> and it was bad. I took off with her downstairs, yelling for Baba, handed her off and threw on some clothes. Off to the ER we went. We had a dish towel soaked in blood and she was still gagging. It looked as though the vomiting of her medicine loosened something and she was bleeding, but it slowed down. They gave her a suppository for pain and some for us at home and after an hour (at 2 am) let us go. At 3 am she says she needs to alli-yah- so off to the bathroom we go. We just get there, don't even get the lid up and she barfs, old blood and clots. Worse than before. Yikes. I call the ER and got the nurse we had earlier, explained this was old blood and did we need to come back? No, just watch her like a hawk and return for fresh bleeding.
So she watched Teletubbies till 5 am when we both crashed. I woke up at 7 to tell Baba, don't go to work, if she bleeds again we are hauling butt to the ER since I didn't wake him for the second round of fun. So far she has been drinking and when I gave her a suppository for pain and a slight fever she is running now she said "thank you" in the dearest little voice. One amazing kid we have here!
Her voice is clearly changed. It will be strange to hear her once the swelling is all down if it remains different as it's probably going to do. She always sounded stuffy to us.
Here's to hoping today will be better than last night! No pictures of the mess, not even I am that SICK!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She's a trooper!

Well, the surgery is done. She did very well. We got there at 7am, they gave her funny clothes and she was watching TV. She kept saying, "go see doctor, get ice cream." She is clueless to what the day means in the first 2 pictures posted. I tried to make sure they all knew to call her Kat or Kitty, we aren't sure she will even answer to Katharyn, if she realizes fully that's her "name" but we got a good laugh when a nurse asked us why the doctor noted her name as "Katty"- that's a new one. I don't think so! Anyway, they gave her Versed at 8 am and put her IV in at 8:45 am. She was quite loopy by then, looking at the IV in her hand and laughing. They took her a little after 9am and by 10 am mommy was ready to storm the OR. I went to the desk and I heard her crying. Baba couldn't even hear her but I KNEW it was her- there were at least 3 other kids but I KNEW. So I asked if she was crying and they say she was "fussing" in the recovery room and not fully out of the anesthesia. Okay, fine, but she's CRYING> I want to see her, I knew she needed her mommy! They have the nerve to tell me NO, I can't. EXCUSE ME- this is MY crying baby girl. I WILL go in there and they will NOT stop me if she isn't back to the room in 5 minutes. It was about 2 when she came rolling in, crying and scared. (They KNEW I was going in!) She IMMEDIATELY curled up on my chest and out she went. She NEEDED her MOMMY, my heart is so tied into this child, as is with all my children and I KNOW in my mother's heart when they NEED ME. She slept for about another 1/2 hour then took some fluids. She then slept for about 2 hours and they wanted her up and drinking to get us out of there. So I woke her up and threatened that she couldn't leave unless she took the cream soup and jello, and she took it all. Precious girl, trying to be so compliant. Her tonsils were so huge even the nurse anthestist came in and commented on them. She really needed to have this done probably sooner but she wasn't well enough to do it till now.
We got the okay to come home and got in about 3pm. She was thrilled Camden was home and she had a tiny smile for the balloon and books Shannon, our sitter and the kids had brought over for her. Mommy had a big smile for Grandma and an invitation to come and feel the urge to clean anytimes she wants, she was practically in my microwave cleaning it, that's a chore and a half since Dono- bin just recently realized everyone else uses paper towels to cover food in the microwave while it cooks for a reason. AHHH- what a brave Grandma we have- I just love her.
Kat has done great except for the bit of vomiting she did after she got the pain medicine and mommy wondering how it could be chunky ( sorry if that grosses you out but she had no solid food since yesterday) till I realized it was the gelatin of the jello, just colorless- euhhhhh, didn't like jello before, now I KNOW I won't be eating jello EVER. YUCK>
As for now she is ensconced in mommy's bed, her favorite place of all where she will remain for the night so I can keep an eye on her. She is taking sips quite well but we have been warned the pain will get worse before she is better and she MUST drink no matter what and to expect weight loss. Yikes, as if she isn't tiny enough. I'm glad she has stopped barfing and she seems settled. She keeps slobbering, which she does not like but she is trying to avoid swallowing as much as possible and I can't blame her for that. Otherwise we thank God for bringing her through safe and pray she has a good night.
We had some nasty thunderstorms tonight, lost power briefly, it's supposed to cool us down for the rest of the week so that will be good. I am off the rest of the week with Kitty so that she may have her mommy to help her feel better. I'm so glad this is done and she will never have to go through this again. But all in all she is really such a brave and tough little girl, she took everything they had to do to her so well. She makes me so proud to be her mom :) All I can say is don't ever mess with a redheaded momma and I am truly amazed that having her only 8 months she is clearly my child, born in my heart, not under it-I knew as soon as I felt that tug, that mommy intuition that she was crying, she couldn't be more my daughter. What a true blessing she is. Our Kitty Kat.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Surgery Day tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow is the big tonsilectomy and adnoidectomy. Or T & A as we call them at work. Only this is MY KID having it done. I am nervous. I want it to done and over, I know it's a 15 minute total procedure, but this is MY KID having it done. We are at less than 12 hours till we have to be at the hospital, at 7 a.m. What a horrible time, way too early for MOM!
I am leaving her in God's hands, He will watch over her, as she is His child. We are just honored to raise her and call her "ours." I'll try to post asap after we get home but they may keep her overnight if she refuses to drink since she is so tiny.

Kat had to have a pair of Crocs, just like Camden, she just LOVES these shoes, although mom misses her squeakers. She says "like Camden" when she goes to put them on. She looks so stinkin' cute in them! Hers are pink and Camden's blue but she says "I love it" every time she puts them on to go. It cracks you up.

Today we took Camden to the dentist for the first of his fillings of 4 teeth. They only do 2 at a time and then charged us $400. I think I am in the wrong profession? They asked if I wanted a total on our family balance- with no dental insurance and a redhead temper- I declined. Thanks anyway.
We also went and got a chocolate chocolate cake for Jay, it's his birthday today, the big 21!! Happy Birthday Jay. Except you were born at 10:30pm so you have some time left to be 20 still. And yes, I am sure of the time, you and Brandon are quite funny to think I can't recall birthing you all since there are seven kiddos and said you thought I just make up dates and times. WELL- you try pooping a bowling ball and then see if you can recall the date and time. You turds. Ha Ha!

Kitty was all excited it was a birthday as she can sing the WHOLE birthday song. And she did. Over the phone quite loudly. Camden asked me if she will be yelling like that after surgery and I said "uhh, NO!" He says that's a good thing! She has gotten that " if I yell everyone is SURE to notice ME" toddler voice, one reason I am glad she still uses "all-i yah" to tell us she needs to pee. No one knows what she is yelling, except if she is doing the " HURRY-I waited too long dance!"

Kat threw a FIT when she found out Camden was going to stay with Grandma, she wanted to go. I can't get her to understand anything about her surgery so I just said she has to go to the doctor, so she was crying and saying "NO DOCTOR- go stay Grandma!" I doubt she would even stay with Grandma nor is mommy ready to give her up to stay elsewhere yet :) But she cried herself to sleep :(

Then Jay made her happy again, he calls and this is the conversation. "Mom, pink or purple Dora, couch or chair?" I say "What, huh?" Next thing I know he is here with a Dora couch plus pink and purple Dora fluffly chairs. OHHHH, she LOVES Dora, and since Camden claimed her red chair for his room she hasn't had anything to lounge on to watch TV. I was going to get her something but we are out and about so much in the summer time it wasn't a priority. But Jay got these at the second hand store looking NEW> my favorite way to get good things- cheap! Kitty showed Jay how happy she was with a big hug, and yes, that is Camden climbing the walls in the doorway of the picture. And I thought I was going up the walls. Hummmm. Kat was so thrilled, she is dragging the couch all over and setting up her dolls in the chairs. He sure made her day. What a great big brother he is to treat her on HIS birthday! Thanks Jay and Happy Birthday, you are only young once! Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend of the girls

I'm posting the pictures from our last ball game. Kat and her friend Jadalyn,whom is 6 months younger and much bigger, as you can see. They are best buddies.

Our ball game this week got called off due to a storm so there was no fun, no energy burned up and at midnight I was still looking at the little China brown eyes that I love. Plopped in MY BED and happy as could be. She did eventually fall asleep, only to cover her head with a pillow and sleep. I am happy to report I am able to sleep again- phew! I was starting to get nasty- no comments on that!

This past week we went to Chuck E. Cheese, why I do not pack Tylenol in my camera case is beyond me. It was quite shorter than last time since we took Dono-bin- yes, we are getting closer to his real name of Donovan- first he was Don-a fin- but now it's Dono-bin. Anyway, Dono-bin can use tokens at an amazing rate so they were fighting over how many each got and I limited them to 200 token (mean momma) and that was it. I tried to get a picture of Kat coming down the same tunnel as last time but she was too fast so I asked her to sit at the end for a picture and she said "allllllwah, wait a minute" WHOA! Didn't hear that the first trip to Ol' Chuckie's place. Miss At-ti-tude! She was very happy to see Chuckie and give him a hug, she was telling everyone "I hug Chuckie" and holding her arms out to show how big she hugged him. They had a great time and got the junk toys at the end. Thanks Chuckie!
We went to birthday party yesterday for Kitty's friend Jadyn, who was still napping when we got there( she naps- hint hint there Miss Kitty) and when some friends arrived they thought Kat was Jadyn. I said that's my daughter and they were so surprised. It was funny to see the older boys looking once then twice, to see 2 China girls was pretty funny. Jadyn is just the spunkiest, little bug, just like Kat. They get along very well and are very close in size. Jadyn is 26 pounds and we just got to 27 for Miss Kat, and 37 inches, a new inch for her making her an inch taller than Jadyn. Not enough difference that I didn't have to do a double take more than once to be sure I was keeping an eye on the right girl:) Kat swam a little till they were both shivering themselves silly and refusing still to leave the pool! Then they had cupcakes, pinata and gifts. Kitty tried to make off with one gift ( a Dora lunchbox) but seemed to understand when I told her they were Jadyn's gifts and put in back with no fuss. Surprised me. But then she did have a HUGE bag of CANDY ( yes- sugar high all day) that she carried everywhere with her- she wasn't chancing anyone touching HER candy! When she set it down a few times and lost track of it she wandered around saying "candy, candy". It's funny although Jadyn was adopted as a baby, and Kitty just 8 months ago, their language skills are the same. I don't think we need be concerned about lagging behind.
After all that birthday fun we were off again, to visit with my cousins and Aunt for a girls time. We got supper at a cafe, where Kitty took all the attention with her squeaky shoes and sugar high! She was really fired up. I had to leave an extra tip for the ranch dressing that made it to the floor some how, she said "I aln't know". Ha Ha. Off then to Aunt Cindy's house for fun with the wooden child's cooking stove she had, and GIRLS> Jaime, my cousin's girl and Aunt Cindy's grand daughters, Sammie ( Samantha) and Jaselyn. The girls all ranged in age from 2-4. It was just Jaime and Kitty at first and they played quite well together. Her mom, my cousin Andrea is battling illness, and I want to say something to her. When I saw you I looked past the bald head, the rash on your face as it was unimportant. What I saw was your strength and your spirit. God allows us free will so some times bad things happen to good people, He has not forsaken you and you obviously know that. Your faith is apparent, your healing will be divine. You are amazing and I love you. No tears over this, just prayers that you will be healed, that you will be at your daughter's wedding (and my girl's too) and we will look back at this time and laugh that your daughter had more hair than you and that we could even joke about it. But then anything is fair game with us, we have always known that. Nothing raunchy, just loving fun :) Like my "F" word story:)
I don't know if I ever posted it so I will now and if I did chalk me up to crazy and move on. Camden came home from school with this tale this year. "Mom- someone said the "F" word today". After I got over thinking "he is sooooo out of that school" I thought, wait, this is kindergarten, I better check this out more. So I said "what "F" word did they say? He says " ohh-I can't say it" I said, "I am giving you permission to tell me it". He leans over looking quite scared and whispers "FAT". I about peed my pants on that one. So I explained to him that MOM taught him FAT is a bad word to say but it's not the "F" word, per say. I prefer the term "fluffy, personally." I know I taught him that as I did not want him to haul off in the store and say "why is that person FAT -mom?" as kids have been known to do. Nor do I wish him to ever describe his momma as "that fat redhead over there". Yikes. He did ask me once in a store why some one's skin was so black and I explained that God made up all different colors of people since he likes us all different like a rainbow or crayons, he hauls off and says " I don't like the black one"- meaning crayons! But not adding crayons, just saying that loud enough for the guy to hear. GREAT, I am thinking, he is surely believing my child is learning racism- ahhhhhh! But it was neat to go over with him how many different colors of people there are and have him understand we are all different and that's cool, so God isn't bored! Camden totally understood that.
Other fun happenings this week- we went to trade in some curtains for Derrik's new place and met up with 2 boys at the check out register. They were 4 and 6. So they needed to know what was squeaking. I LOVE children's conversations and this one went like this. Younger boy- What is that squeaking? Camden- it's her shoes, they are from China, like her, she's my sister and she's from China. Older boy- Are you from China too? (Mom is trying to keep from laughing at this point as he asks this of my very pale, redheaded son ) Camden replies- No, I went to China to get my sister and the shoes come from there, you can only get them there. So the younger boy is fascinated with the squeaks to a point that I pull out the plug so he can see how they work- there's a future engineer in that child! Their poor mom was saying "let them alone", but I told her they were okay. They exchanged names then and said Kitty?? Her name is Kitty? But we were done exchanging and explaining so we were off to the car.
I have to laugh at our oldest son, he moves next door and settled in. He makes a HUGE point that although he is next door we are not to "BUG" him. So WHO IS CALLING ME EVERYDAY??? None other than said SON. Today it was an issue of the phone lines not working inside the apartment and the cable not being on, goodness knows he can't survive on just PlayStation, Game Cube, AND Nintendo alone. He is so much happier being alone and knowing his bills are his own and he can handle them with his job easily. He was really beginning to resent his bum roomie. Mom is thrilled he is rid of the leech/sponge/smuck/bum- I was running out of things to call him. We also got word that the Min boy we posted on our last post is TAKEN!! YEAH!!!!He's getting a family- how great is that?

Wonder what fun we can drum up for today? Busy,busy, fun- filled weekend for sure!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I can't sleep

I don't know what my issue is this week. I can't sleep. Kat is doing just fine in that department, she is napping now, which means she will be raring to go at Camden's ball game tonight. She was up and lively till midnight last night, having napped yesterday. Mom was up till 5 am. Wondering why I was up. What in the world?

I am having issues with our e-mail, so I am not ignoring you if you haven't heard from me. I can't get my pictures to load onto the computer either, so I am posting some older, but never before released ones. I think all of my picture taking craziness is loading up our computer and killing it. Oh well, can I help it if I can not bear to miss a day of growth?

Miss Kitty and I went with gie gie Derrik, who is all moved in and settled, to China buffet yesterday for lunch. She was thrilled they had coconut ice cream bar-euhhh- but a China favorite. She then went with me to shop while Derrik went to get his taxes done, a bit late but better late than never. She thought we were going to the movies, the babysitter, Shannon took her last week with all the kids and they ate popcorn and she napped beside her friend Jadalyn. So as we go to the store she is so smart she recalls the movie theater is across from the store and she is yelling, "movie- Shannon- popcorn, penguin- movie!"

She wasn't too happy that we were going in the store and not to the movies but then she found a Dora nightgown that she had to have even though it's a 2T and quite short on her, she took the hanger and hung the nightgown on her dress front, I guess so she was assured she would be purchasing it. She looked pretty funny walking around like that. Later in the day she took gel pens and everyone got one attached to their shirt front, so we were all prepared, for what for we didn't know but she insisted we all have our gel pens ready.

She took my coasters out of the coffee table, those cheap plastic ones with cork on them. Tore ALL the cork from 2 of them till she was caught. "I aln't know" was her answer to WHY??? But Baba said to her, "you DO know why" and she said " I wanted it out of there." How can you scold her for that sweet answer?

She does seem to have 50 fingers some days, she seems to need to touch EVERYTHING- even if you say don't touch, it's like she can't resist. It's okay if it's something minor but the computer issue mentioned above may be her doing. Who knows. Baba said within 2 minutes of him going to the basement she was at the computer he was working on TOUCHING things. AHHH.

She ought to be overjoyed with our weather, QinZhou HOT! Humid, hot, hazy, horrible, He--. Our wonderful older home that we dearly love, can only be cooled on the lower level. So as our bedroom was 90+ degrees yesterday, we opted to camp in the living room, between couches, air bed, sleeping bags, the kids think they are camping, but Baba and I are just trying to get some SLEEP. (SLEEP, what is that?) It was nice and cool, and Kat just loves sleeping with Dona-bin and Camden. I would like to keep her away from them, no they aren't EVIL per say, but they have COLDS and her surgery is next week. So I am sure they will share their colds and she will not be able to get those monstrous tonsils out.

In other news- the Min girl "Kasey" has a family petitioning for her YEAH!!!! They have another child with the same issue so they are perfect for her! God is always right on with the right forever family :) Now there is a Min BOY, only one of 2 that I know of that will be adopted out of QinZhou, he is available at He is SN with Anemia and is a Heart baby. Isn't he precious! Here's your chance to be a Min momma and baba- a special group of people who are honored to be the parents of the wonderful kids from QinZhou. Boys are wonderful- I can tell you- I've got 5 of them!! Please keep this Min boy in your prayers, unfortunately for the boys it takes much longer for them to find homes, I don't know if people don't think of China for a son, or what but the boys are just as sweet and even more needy than the girls. Are you this adorable little man's momma?

My diet is holding fast at 7 lbs. I am not trying, I'll admit it, I should be sweating it off quite easily in this weather. I think our issue is that our weather here is so changeable. last week we went to the only night game for Camden's T-ball and Baba had to come home for coats and blankets. Tonight we are going to be sweltering. If it were like this all the time, we could adjust, this is what Kat is used to all the time. But NO, we get to bounce around from 40 degrees to 100 at all times of the year.

That's about it for us so far this week. It's called the lazy days of summer and we are soooo there :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it's been almost a whole week since I posted. Oh well, I guess time flies when you are having fun- fun- wait, where was the fun? I scrubbed Derrik's apartment this week and he is moving tomorrow. Yeah, some Father's Day gift, here, help me move. I being fatherless, did not even realize until Baba said "Sunday, we are moving him Sunday? That's Father's Day!" Oops. Baba's father has passed away 3 years ago so I guess we are going to go ahead.
I can hear the birds chirping outside my window this morning. I thank my Heavenly Father for them. I tend to get very sad at Father's Day time, so I am best if kept busy anyway. My father worked away all week so we didn't "know" him well, then he came down with cancer from a mole he bumped and turned to malignant melanoma. (please everyone STAY OUT OF THE SUN, he didn't smoke it was SUN exposure!!) Within a year he was gone. I was 10 years old. I know in many ways I am deficient, I do not have the basic understanding of a father/daughter relationship. It saddens me to know I can't recall being hugged or kissed by him.
It does make me happy to see my hubby's relationship with our children. My hubby is the best Baba. I have never met someone who can walk in the door from working a 12 hour day and the kids attack him ( I try to tell them not to) wanting to do this, that and everything and he only says, "let me change my clothes." He will then be off to practices, ballgames, to the yard to play, walking to the store, whatever it is they want. He will rarely tell them "no" and he never claims to be too tired for them. Yet if he even sits down for 2 minutes he is out cold, asleep. He is really the best Baba in the world. I can count on fingers how many times he has yelled since we got married! He is so easygoing, in fact I am jealous at times. My redheaded temperament has never been described as "easygoing." EVER! '
When we had our Gotcha in China they handed Kitty to me. She stuck with me through the whole ordeal till we got back to the hotel. After her bath, she saw a photo book on the bed and named us off from it, we were thrilled. Then she grabbed sunglasses and it wasn't long before she was putting them on Baba and broke a smile. That was their beginning. I was prepared (so I thought) for her to like Baba better at first and she sure did. She wanted him to feed her. She wanted him to hold her. She would allow me to, but it was clear she wanted Baba first if given the choice. I fretted- would she ever like me? Well, give the girl a stomach virus that she barfs from China to home in PA 16 times over 2 days and guess who becomes her favorite person to barf on? MOM. It's all about MOM.
Mom has to ask her to get out of my butt these days. She will be literally in my shirt - which she thinks is quite funny. She has to shower with me. If I dare get in there without her she tries to "scold" me. She is momma's girl, she tells everyone that. But she still runs to the door as Camden does now too with school out, yelling Baba, Baba's HOME! What a special bond they have with him, a treasure for sure. If Baba kisses me, we end up with Kat and Camden between us wanting kisses too. Our Baba is truly the BEST. We will treat him special even as we work on moving our son to next door :) Hey, at least it's not BACK IN THE HOUSE!
Kat loves the fact "her" Derrik will be next door. She loves to have him come over and swing her up in his arms. She teases momma and says "Derrik's girl" and when I say "WHAT" she says "momma's girl" then laughs and laughs. Such a goof. It didn't take her long to see that even though Derrik is HUGE he is a bigger teddy bear! He will give her anything she wants. Derrik is our oldest and proud to call my hubby Dad. He was about 15 when he asked if "Dad" would adopt him. Having never felt he "belonged" with a dad and getting along so great with Baba, he was healing and needed something I could not give him. Baba didn't hesitate, he said "yes" honoring not only Derrik's wish but mine for my son- to feel a father's unconditional love. They are very much alike, quiet, smart, hard working, and caring. Derrik is honored to call Baba "Dad."
Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there, and especially to our Baba- the greatest Daddy there is!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

8 months ago we became 9

A Family of 9. Wow. Growing up all I ever said I wanted to be was a mom. I don't know that I ever expected to have 7 kids! It was just 8 months ago that they officially claimed Kat as our daughter. We were so in love and in shock of the whole process, it was just amazement to us. The waiting time- a total of 7 months from the point we found her as a waiting child, to travel, just melted away. Like it was nothing. She was in my arms. I recall thinking she was so light! I have a death grip on her in the pictures, I was so afraid of dropping her.

We got out the little "gotcha" outfit she came to us in the other day. A little shirt, sandals and capri pants. Unlike many orphanage children, she did not come to us in layers at all. I decided to wash the shirt, I hated to take the "China" smell from it but I decided to do something super special so I had to get it clean. I held it for a long time and just smelled it. It had the chocolate smear from the mini M & M's we took to "bribe" her. She slobbered them every where as she cried. She was so sweet, we felt such love and sympathy for this wonderful child with an amazing spirit.
So what am I doing with her clothes? A woman at work makes quilts and she made a fantastic quilt of a boy's sports shirts for all his years in sports for graduation. I think probably for Kitty's 18th birthday I want to have a quilt made of her clothes from Gotcha, our first outfit on her and any other special clothes along the way. I have a shirt with her name and a lady bug, also the first dress we ever bought her, before we even knew her! I'm sure I will have plenty of things for the quilt. What a treasured keepsake.

We have also learned of a special little girl, a Min girl, meaning she comes from Kat's orphanage that needs a family. Momma would love to scoop her up and bring her on home, but unfortunately we can not afford another adoption/ so soon/ maybe never :(
This little girl is 3 years old, and has Mediterranean anemia. This is a serious issue with the blood but it is manageable. I know of 2 moms with Min girls with the same issue and can "hook you up" for info on this for anyone interested. You can get more info about this little girl at
She is listed under Special Delivery" child's name "Kasey". I want someone to adopt her. PLEASE- I'll give you all the moral support I can along the way. Please , please someone- think of bringing this girl home. I want to see her with a family and hopefully even meet her and watch her and Kat play together. It's okay if she is not meant for us, we just want her to have a family. I know we can't take them all and that we have been blessed to have all our children but maybe this is someone we know's daughter. We KNEW Kat was our daughter just seeing her picture- then to have it so clearly shown to us was such a blessing, we got updated pictures with her wearing a "cat" face outfit after we applied to adopt her and had already picked her name, Kat. So if you feel this girl is your daughter, don't question if you are right, just go for it! Her medical issues will all work out, the money will come, God will do miracles if she is meant to be yours. He did for us.

We have been working for the weekend. I painted in Gie Gie Derrik's new apartment- 2 rooms, a hallway and kitchen trim. No, I am not for hire. I do like to paint though. What a difference. Mainly just sprucing the place up. Camden and Kat played part of the time I worked there yesterday, then Kat took a nap in the closet. It is a sloped closet, carpeted, with a louver door so it was perfect for her to curl up in and nap. Then Camden went to help Baba, who was replacing the section of roof we lost on Friday night due to a nasty storm that came through. We had a mess of sticks in the yard and a portion of the back section (just 2 rooms) has a small rolled roof and a portion of that blew off. So he got to do that fun job this weekend :(
Momma finished the painting today, the kids played with the neighbor's great- grandkids while Jie Jie Mal watched them and then we all took a long nap. Even Camden. We were wore out. After we got up and had supper we went out and worked in the yard while the kiddos played some more. We got it all cleaned up and nice again. Trimmed the bushes and everything. Kat helped me weeding, she loves to "help" no matter what it is. She looked so cute in her pink dress today but she is so dirty. She may look all girl but she plays like a boy! She is headed to the tub. She was looking in the mirror at herself and said "dirty" and showed me her face, then she said Jie Jie did it. I laughed and asked her "Jie Jie made your face dirty?" She said "un huh." She was trying to get me to let her have an ice cream bar for lunch today, when I told her to finish her corn dog she said " no, no thank you." So polite, but no go. She asked me when she walked in our room and the sheets were off the bed to be washed " what happened?" I told her the bedding was in the wash and she went off to draw some pictures. She doesn't miss too much that goes on here!

8 months ago and my world changed forever. Thank you God for the gift of a lifetime. We treasure this child and love her as much as humanly possible :)I love being her mom, I love hearing "mommy" from her sweet little voice. Nothing is as precious as that.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our last day of freedom

Today ends Miss Kitty's fun of having mom to herself. At least until August. Yes, in just a few short minutes, those "other ones" will be out of school for the summer. I will wake to arguments over TV's ( since we only have 6 of them and 4 kids living at home) querries over "what's for lunch" at 9am, and they typical "she/he took my ...........
I love summer. Note to self, say that enough times you may begin to believe it, sometime near August :) Add insult to injury, they aren't even feeding these kids, but sending them home HUNGRY. So they can get started early on the "what's for lunch?"
Yesterday as I was going to curl my hair, Kat grabbed the one curling iron that wasn't on. Flash back to my oldest, poor Derrik, whom grabbed a relative's curling iron as a baby (age 11 months) and it ROLLED down his arm and stuck in the top of his hand burning him. I cried and cried. It looked like a set of lips and tongue for the longest time, ugly purple scar. As he grew, it lightened to skin color and stretched out so by the time they offered surgery he didn't want it.
Anyway, as I am totally paranoid of curling irons, and as I am telling her not to touch as they are hot, she touches the hot one ON PURPOSE> ahhhhh. What a time to pick to push her independance! She got a slight redness to her palm but nothing else. She was madder that she got in trouble and told she MUST listen to me and went to her room bawling, then tried screaming to see if that would get her some sympathy. Sorry chickie, not backing down on this one. I know she was keep in line by Po Po and listened VERY well, it is totally expected and I figure she is realizing we are not so strict so she is trying us out. Very typical but not allowable. She can be a real stinker.
I called home from work last night. She answers the phone. " Mommy, that you?" yes, Kitty what are you doing? "I 'aln't know." Where is dad? "Baba up-stairs." Okay, can I talk to him? "Nope". Baba said she was being very good and even ate a piece of PIZZA. That's right, PIZZA. Made with BREAD, CHEESE, SAUCE>WOW. We are really moving up in the world:)
We had a dog pile on Kitty's bed the other day, some where in that bunch there is a China girl, 2 Maltese dogs, a cat and a fake cat. It was pretty funny. I asked Kat where the kitty cat was today as I hadn't seen her all morning (shut in Malaree's room) and she responded "I right here, mommy" like I was dumb. I guess I deserved that one.
Kat was happy to go to Shannon's yesterday and play, although it got chilly here and she went dressed as if winter had set in. Even one of the kids who were all playing outside in shorts said "she's dressed for winter". Yep, that's my kid. Long sleeves, jeans and socks to boot. She pointed out to Baba when he came for lunch " Daddy jeans, mommy jeans, me jeans." She loves her jeans. It only got to 70 degrees and with the slight breeze she was "cold, mommy cold!" What a goofball. She sure looked cute in her hats she tried on first, naked, but with 3 hats on. Wasn't keeping her warm, though.
Everyone is home and has passed to the next grade. Hallelujah!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Here I am

Well, as I explained before summer is very busy for us, I will not be able to post as often. Uncle Roy and family are safely back in Japan :( Just memories left now for us, of a great visit. We really miss them already :(
What's Miss Kitty up to? Well, she went to the pool on Saturday with Baba for the first time to swim. Mom didn't get to go since it was late afternoon and I had to work. We can't take Camden out during any of the stronger sun times that he will burn, he burns in 10 minutes. He's very fair skinned. I want to keep him that way, for safety of his health. So we do the off hour swims. Kat had fun, but no pictures since Baba is not a camera freak like mom. Darn.
Yesterday off we went to the grocery store where Kat said "go shopping" and was mad when we just picked up a rug scrubber. She should have been glad I didn't put her to work with it, as I scrubbed our 3 room sized rugs, 2 couches, 2 chairs, step runners, then went to Gie Gie's new apartment and did 3 rooms, then to the old apartment and did all his furniture and rug. It was an all day affair. I was bushed. Gie Gie took Kitty to his old apartment to watch while I did his new place and then he called and said "someone" needed to come get her, she was being bad. HUMMMM- I told him to bring her back himself but someone had to watch her while I scrubbed. (super mom I am not) Kat is happy Gie Gie is moving next door, she likes to have her brothers close and see them often. Mom is happy Derrik will be shedding the bum that has lived with him for 4 months, rent and bill free. Derrik is downsizing to a 1 bedroom, less bills apartment that the bum can't move with him. I think being almost 22 and having a friend eating food you worked to pay for, showering in water you pay for, can't even take out the garbage that YOU pay to be picked up, has finally hit Derrik as a lesson- take no friends as a roomie.
So back to US, Kitty is not happy with the NEW rule, no food or drink past the dining room. My rugs were in horrible shape, she is the queen of spills. She can sit at the bar in kitchen and even watch TV to eat or dining room, but NO little table in the living room for eating or drinks.
The kids will be out of school as of tomorrow. Half day tomorrow then the fun begins. Don-a-fin will be going with his dad as of Friday for 5 days, we will start the summer schedule. Kat seems to understand that he comes and goes but I am not sure she realizes it due to visits with his dad.Camden, my nut son, came to me the other day after going to the dollar store and buying a candy bar, "here mom, take a bite, it's okay- we share the same DNA". I laughed so hard, I asked him who told him that and he said "he just knew it." Gosh I love these kids. He then said something to the effect that "I didn't grow Malaree in my belly, so who did?" I told him her mom, he doesn't see her much as Mal doesn't have much time with her but he knows who she is. He said "oh" and off he went. I have always been very open to my children about the blending of our family but one thing I do not tolerate is the "half" wording of brothers and sisters. As I told my boys when they came home from elementary school one day using that word " Have you ever seen any half people? Which half of your brother do you love?" I told them it was a silly thing to say "half" of anyone is your sibling and we were not going to EVER use it again. My children do not accept anything less that "this is my sister, this is my brother" as they should. We are whole people here, we love the whole person.
We got another letter from Po Po, they are well and wanted to know what we did for Children's Day, June 1- a BIG day in China for the kids. We went to lunch with Kitty, played games and her Gie Gie Jay won her a red stuffed bear from a crane machine, one of her favorite games. We wrote back and told them, along with telling them of our Memorial Day and activities.
We also have been busy applying to be foster parents, yes, us crazy folks are going to be foster parents. We are approved. We have no kiddos yet, we only will take girls, I've done enough boy raising in my life time. We aren't taking any cute little babies either, we want older ones. 7 and up, since Miss Kitty and Camden are still too young and needy for us to think it would be a benefit to the foster child if they were young. Lots of people want the babies, so we don't feel bad that we feel we can be a better help to older ones. We also can chose who we take, if we want to never take any we aren't required to. I guess with our experience raising kids and more of ours getting older ( less needy) we feel it's bonus to be able to help other kids without stable homes. Not to mention it teaches our children about differences and what's really important in life. We'll see how it all goes.
Malaree got her braces started yesterday, she is officially a metal mouth. I am not sure Kitty even noticed, I know she will be wondering what happened when she does see them. Mal's not big on opening her mouth to show them off.
Toffee the new kitty is doing quite well. She went to the vet Monday and we are to get some weight on her and she how she does. She underweight but fairly healthy and now has all her shots. One issue I have noticed with her is she does not lick herself clean like most cats. Odd. We got a supplement to place on her paws and she refused to lick it off. So I took it off before she flicked it off, onto my couches on where ever it would have landed. She is more active and the vet thinks she has an old injury to her back, hence the funny walk, but she gets along okay so we let her be. She is being playful with the dogs and more with us but still spends all day sleeping. She is about 5 lbs underweight. She is clearly quite happy to be here and be cared for, she lounges around like Queen Sheba. The vet tech recommended I shave her hair to allow it all to come back in, I am not brave enough to attempt that, plus I don't want the cat to be scared of me! One thing did happen at the vet's, we got there, go to be checked in, only ones there- no problems. Come out of exam room, BIG DOG has arrived. Lab, I think, but HUGE> he sees cat, thinks, ohhhh, play toy, then hears Kat, the daughter's squeaky shoes- and thinks hummmm- bigger play toy- ahhhhhhh! Note to mom- NEVER wear squeaky shoes to vet's. They sound just like doggy toy. Our dogs do not play with such toys, but BIG DOGS DO! I didn't have enough arms to hold onto kennel for petrified Toffee, and hold onto my daughter, Kat, for dog to not grab onto her. Thank God the owner was a big strong guy who halted big, furry, fun loving dog in his tracks. Yikes, what a mess.
It's cooler today and I have lots to do, of course, so we are off to begin our day.