Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shopping, Shopping

It's Christmas time and shopping is the word. I saw a lovely sign at a Wendy's saying "Happy Birthday Jesus", Kudos to Wendy's for that. He's the Reason for the Season. Let's not forget that.

Miss Kat went shopping - although for groceries on Thursday so I am NOT depriving the child of her shopping fixes, no nasty e-mails- please. Yesterday when Baba came home early for us to go do the "big one" she started to fuss then I told her we had to talk to Santa and make sure he was getting her the pink DS and if she went along he wouldn't talk to us. She settle right down and was FINE about not going!

We accomplished much, even had a dinner out to ourselves!!! WOW, I thought I should be cutting up someone's meat, wiping a nose, something, let me tell you Baba didn't appreciate my efforts to "help him get to the bathroom". Oops. My mommy mode forgot to turn off.

Apparently Malaree can't understand the meaning of "mom and dad OUT together" as she must call us to check up on us numerous times when we go anywhere alone together. She'll be the one we call when we are old and can't find our teeth, so it's good to know which one cares enough to call often:) Paybacks are fun, Mal, just remember that.

Our shopping is done even though we looked at the haul when we got home and were shocked, as we usually are, at the actually amount of bags we had for all that $$$. Sad, we used to have to make many trips to get it in, this was only 2 trips. But they are blessed children, technology has even made diapers smaller in size so no wonder all their pricey toys are so small. We are thankful we are able to provide them with a nice Christmas, that they know why we celebrate Christmas and the joy will be felt here.

I took Miss Kitty to see her Great Grandma, my father's mom, as she is in the hospital. Gram asked that Kat come see her at home. I think Kat misunderstood her that she would have to go the hospital aka- doctor's and she said "no, no thank you." Gram just loved her, she was talking about a 5 generations picture with my niece's child being her only great-great grandchild and Kat said " I want be great great" with the cutest pout. Grammy got a good laugh out of that and said "okay, you can be," making Kat all smiles again. Gram is doing well for her age and is spunky as ever.

So now I just have to wrap that haul and try to keep my irrational fear of the house catching on fire and ruining everything in check. It's seems to get me every year after we manage to pull off buying for all these kids and are done, that "what if" and the 5- yes FIVE house fires within blocks of us in the past month are not helping my paranoid state.

I did dress Kat in the same dress and hat that was so adorable last year in her picture, I was lucky enough to find a pair of velour pants with the same print so she is wearing the dress still, just as a long shirt. It's so cute on her and I wanted to post pictures of her in it last year and this year. What a change! You can see that Kat- i- tude shining right on out of her, huh?
She's so incredibly gorgeous, hubby said last night as we shopped for her, "she is the prettiest girl to ever come out of China."
There's a Baba in love with his girl, if you ever heard one, huh?

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Andie said...

I agree, she's beautiful!! I love it when businesses step out and support the TRUE meaning of Christmas...I really admire their courage!
I pray you all make it through the holidays without being singed...:-)
Christmas blessings-Andie