Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No shopping today

Miss Kitty was getting dressed today and declared- "We go shopping." When I burst that bubble for her she cried and cried. She was wanting to GO.
She even said last night at bedtime - "we fogot somebin ( forgot something) today mom, go shopping." The nerve of me to NOT go shopping for 2 days in a row.

It took some coaxing and thank goodness for Yo Gabba Gabba (never thought I'd utter those words) for her to settle down. She doesn't care that I have 6 loads of laundry to do and that I am a scrooge when it comes to buying anything in December- even a deodorant could be a stocking stuffer :)

She will be even madder when she finds out Baba and I are going on Friday and Saturday to shop and hopefully finish the gift buying fun. Hope Grandma comes prepared to block that fit.

We got to go to the mall and she talked with Santa last week so then when we went to a party for the foster kiddos Saturday we got a bit of a "oh no" moment when Kat decided she was getting her pink DS she had asked Santa for. YIKES> to prevent meltdown I explained to her that she had to get her pink DS under our Christmas tree at home, and she was very happy with the pony he got her. She even went back up to him and thanked him. Donovan said she now knows what she is getting- I think at age 4 and you ask for one thing you pretty much can be excited and happy still to get it:)

We got a letter from our wonderful China grandma, Po Po. They are doing well, but for arthritis. It is winter there too, but not near as cold as here. They have never seen snow and I am trying to think how to describe what it is like. I think the most amazing thing to us living in a small town, is the quiet, serene atmosphere that prevails even in town. Just the scraping of the snow plow once in a while, the distant motor of someone's snow blower, but it's so QUIET. Just a really special time. I actually go out to shovel on purpose to enjoy the beauty of it.

So far none of that beauty has found it's way here, we have had the wind blowing for 2 days, rain, snow flurries, some ice even but no pretty snowfall. Maybe for Christmas it will come. We'll have to see.

Oh by the way- 21 days till Christmas-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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