Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

As I sit here tonight waiting to ring in the New Year, my thoughts are on a friend who has given me bad news today. My prayers of healing be with you my friend, I am so sorry for the illness that has befallen you but a stronger woman, I do not know. So it is fight time, and I will be here for you. We will not give up!

The children have spent their time off in different ways. Playing with their new toys, mainly that Nintendo DS is getting a work out from Miss Kitty. Apparently these smart children can link the DS's together and play against each other in the games. Don't ask me how they do it, makes me feel old and dumb. Donovan is enjoying his camcorder and train set. C is mastering that wicked skateboard, no broken bones yet. The Barbie cash register is a great gift, even the boys have played with it (the older ones) but don't tell them I told :)

We got a good snow last night and then icy roads on top of it. It wasn't very nice as we planned to go visit our Min sister, Narissa :( Boy, were we bummed. She only gets to our area a few times a year and since Kat and her clearly recall being crib mates, we love to see them together here and sharing each other again. So we had to postpone to another time.

The boys went and got some coffee, cocoa, cappuccino from the local convenience store, it is free on Christmas and New Year's Eve so they have to go and act like total pigs. They will be all caffeined up to stay awake, since they aren't usually allowed caffeine they will be bouncing off my walls soon.

We visited this week with my mom, my second mom, my grandma and other family. We had a great time at my second mom's with a yummy dinner and visiting with my cousin and her family. Also C's sister came and spent a night here, Kat was cozied up to her as soon as she got here. They were fast buddies.

I thought about taking down all the Christmas stuff today but then didn't. I like for it to last as long as possible and I can get away with a few more days till it needs to go away. It's a relief it's over but sad that it goes by so very fast.

Not to much else going on, just waiting to see the New Year in, wondering what this New Year will bring us. We have been so blessed this year, it's hard to think anything could top this!

As I hear the girly giggles from downstairs and think of all the fun we are having with our girl, it's just incredible the love we have for her and her for us! I posted a picture of her a year ago waiting for the New Year and the other day in her jammies. More hair, more language, some Kat-i-tude and lots of joy- that's what a year's difference has made. We love you Kitty Kat forever and more.

Happy New Year to all!

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Happy New Year!

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