Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas cheer

Our Christmas was WONDERFUL! We had such a FUN time. I love having all these kids, wow, are they a blast. We had our 5 plus my niece (Debbie) and her daughter, Jada, Jay ( #2 son) and Derrik (#1 son) come in after working night shift.

Camden was up at 5 am, crawled in with us with his freezing cold limbs searching out my nice warm fluffiness to warm him- YIKES!

We got up at 7, waited till 7:20 for Derrik to arrive and had to wake Kat and Jada, Jay, Malaree and Debbie. They raced down the steps and it was like a circus. Controlled chaos. Kat ended up in a chair covered by presents as she is slow going, in the present wrapping business. They older kids were all thrilled with their stuff. I think C will never be the same after his first wild Christmas spent with us :) He was very happy with his Ripstick skateboard, just 2 wheels that also swivel, he had to go our immediately to try it as I envisioned a fast trip to the ER for his broken head. But he is good, he managed not to hurt himself and even ride it some.

Kat opened her gifts, she got a DS game opened first and said "Oh Strawberry Shortcake, I love it" and didn't even realize it was a DS game, so when she opened the Nintendo DS (in pink, of course) she FLIPPED> she squealed with delight and said "Oh, Santa, thank you, thank you!" It is her favorite gift. Donovan got a huge train set and a camcorder, he was worried when he could not find any of his gifts to open, but they were there. Malaree got an IPOD, that was about all except a pair of jammies stating "My boyfriend is NO Prince Charming" with little frogs with crowns all over them - Ha ha!

The older kids got more useful stuff, Derrik a vacuum, Jay a shaver set and poker card set, Brandon a watch and flashlight. Camden got his beloved Pokemon cards, I had thought I was beyond those but no, alas, another generation of the craziness continues. The older boys brought him the ones they had collected over the years and had left, so he was sooooo happy. He also got a Pocket Rocket, Miss Kat is on it in the picture, even though it's not her gift!

My brother called us from Japan in the midst of the chaos and we got to share the fun with him. We miss having his family here but it seemed like he was just across town when he is able to call and share such special times. It really made my day.

We felt so blessed that all the children were happy, everything worked, nothing had to be returned, and we didn't charge one penny of Christmas buying. We were very good to stay in budget and right on with Santa's list of things for each one. Such a fun morning.

We had our ham dinner at noon, Grandma Y came in and we enjoyed a good meal. Pumpkin pies for dessert. I put the ham in the night before on very low and it was wonderful. We had just finished up the dishes and clean up and was considering a nap when the phone rang and it was my work. I was to be on call for 33-11 and 11-7 shifts. I was needed- ahhh! So I went to work but was able to come home and be on call after 11 pm. So it wasn't too bad. I was pretty tired but we had a Christmas baby girl born. Just a lovely reminder of the precious baby Jesus' birth.

My grandmother, age 95, visited us yesterday, she is the only living grandparent I have left. It was wonderful to see her and see the spunk she still has going on. She enjoyed the kiddos and we talked of Christmas' past when we went around visiting all of my dad's brothers and we all would leave everything under the tree to "show" when people came. Funny to think of that now.

Today we have C's sister here staying for them to have some time together and see what kind of life each other has in their foster homes. She is in a different home and doing well. But she misses her brother. He is going to stay a night with her in her foster home next week. She is enjoying the little ones, although I am sure they would annoy her after a while :) Kat hasn't left her alone since she got here.

I have to share a recipe with everyone. It's called Winter Trail Mix. It's super easy, I make it for all those hard to buy for people, neighbors, mailman, bus drivers for the kids, teachers, etc. My family LOVES it, and I LOVE how easy it is.
Winter Trail Mix

2 cups Cheerios (generic brands are fine)

2 cups Rice Krispies

1/2 jar unsalted peanuts

3/4 bag pretzel sticks ( 16 oz. bag)

3 bags white chocolate chips

Christmas colored M & M's, one bag

Place everything in a cake pan. Heat at 200 degrees for 30-45 minutes ( do not make higher temp to speed up time or white chocolate will burn) then mix together, add colored M & M's, then spread out on a cookie sheet. Cool. Break apart and bag. Serves 10-15 people, stays fresh in airtight containers or bags for up to 2 weeks. YUMMY.

We are enjoying the gifts everyone got us and the kids are playing with everything.
A fantastic ending to this year for all of us and hopefully all of you! We love you all. Thanks for being here for us :)

Here's Kat enjoying her favorite gift, must work better for her this way??

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Andi68 said...

Our kids got upper respitory infections for Christmas. Yippy.
They had Mommy and Daddy up several times during the night with silly things like "I can't breathe" and "hold me". All this and Kyle was still in our room at 6:15 after we told him no getting out of bed until it was light outside. That of course was the night I took my remeron so I would get a good night sleep. They are both on antibiotics now, so by tomorrow they will be whiny. Santa didn't bring what they wanted but other family members did. Jamie a baby doll and Kyle wanted a scooter. Best gift was an air hockey table from Grandma and PaPa. And I finally got a digital camera.