Thursday, December 13, 2007

Any one else nuts about now?

The kids are home from school, yippee yeah. It's freezing rain and sleet outside, a nice coating of the stuff, so I can't even send them out to "play" without risking the dirty looks of the neighbors. Darn. We are expected to get a few inches of the ice coating with a snow storm coming this weekend too.

So far Camden has complained Donovan gave him a "wet willy" (what is that?) and Kat is fussing since she isn't thrilled she must behave to get her "pink DS" from Santa. She decided last weekend she wasn't going to behave any longer and she didn't WANT the pink DS any longer. So there to YOU, 'ol Santa. She has since changed her mind, although she is frustrated with the amount of time it is taking the old man to get here!

Camden was taking some pictures for me the other day, I wanted some of Kat and I together and he snapped this one of me kissing her. Is her expression not priceless? Like, ohhhh, I am sooooo loved by my momma and I know it. Too cute :)

I got all my wrapping done and am nearly done with the cards and finishing stuff for the holiday. PHEWW. This year we feel blessed and thankful for all that we have.

What does everyone want? The big kids always ask for $$. Ha Ha to them, mom likes to shop and spend that $$. C wants a skateboard. Malaree wants an IPOD, Dono-bin wants a train set, Camden wants a all kinds of things, and Kat wants her pink DS, of course, along with everything she sees on TV.
Anything girly, that is. Dora kitchen, furry animals, anything with girls playing she says " you get that for me?" and I give the standard, " we'll tell Santa and see." To which she says " okay" and giggles.
H will be leaving us next week as she turns 18. She is moving on with her adult life and we wish her well. Kat will miss her painting her nails (green and red right now for Christmas) and I will not know how to act with a phone free for my use at any time :)
For today though, my world is lego building, fighting over the TV's, hot cocoa, snuggling in and enjoying my life. Doesn't get better than this. Is it nap time yet?

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Andie said...

I think I LIVE for naptime, most days.
We had one day off from school, I got a lot done!
Hope the storm doesn't dump too much on you!
Christmas Blessings-