Saturday, December 22, 2007

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is........ there to be no more orphans. I know, I know, this is an impossible wish. But if one by one they are adopted till there are no more.... wouldn't that be amazing.

I have had in my heart since we came home with Kitty Kat, the idea that WOW- I want to do this again! Since we were focusing on our family and getting Kat settled we have done little except think about doing it again- someday. We felt as she deserved her time to be secure in her place as the baby. I do not care to touch that security with a ten foot pole :)

No, I have in my thoughts and prayers, a child of older age, maybe 9,10, 11 that is a China girl, Haiti, Columbia, foster??? I do not know. I have asked God to lead us to her. Wherever she may be. My first thought is another China girl, for the simple reason of staying within one culture of learning, as I feel the need to teach our China girl as much as I possibly can about her heritage. But skin color to us is not a factor, so I do not rule out other countries or even our foster care bringing us a child to adopt.

I can only imagine a child, of any color, wanting a forever family, maybe standing and watching as all the cute babies go to forever families, thinking she is too "old" to ever be wanted. We want you precious child, to be blessed by you as a part of our family. Hubby is even on board, we just need FUNDS. So we are holding off, waiting for God to show us the who and the how :)

It would be so nice, as I am sure ANY adoptive family will tell you, to have a money tree, sugar daddy, lottery jackpot to pull out every time a "fee is due"- in reality this is not happening and it isn't free to adopt. If love counted we would be rich!

I liked a story I read in a book a dear friend (Suzy) sent me that was so neat, a girl adopted from China came home from school and said a boy asked her "how much she cost." And the mom replied "all babies cost money, it costs to go to the hospital and have a baby, fees are involved, paperwork, care, etc." Made me really think.

We can consider foster to adopt, if our child is there. But my heart is first and foremost drawn to ORPHANS, something you rarely find in the U.S. foster care system. We are foster parents so we KNOW how it all works. Too often it's the PARENTS these kids have that can't/ won't/aren't able to cope with raising their child.
I am very close to our foster son, he has made such great personal strides here, we are proud of him. The girl aged out and moved out, she was safe and secure here. She was putting in time and we knew it.

This is a far cry from being orphaned at birth due to being a girl, or being so poor you have no food to eat and your mom takes you to the orphanage to try to spare your life. Or your parents die in war or from AIDS.

Foster children come with a set of BIG issues that we lovingly take on, but can be terribly frustrating. But we are wiling to take on whatever God has in store for us. We love our children, they are fun, they are a handful, but they bring us great joy. They are the future. They are a neat group of kids- each one special. WE consider them a blessing from God, one that we hope we deserve and honor Him in His gift.
I'd love to post the pictures of Kat with C- they got pictures together and separate for his family gifts, they are so sweet, but as he is a foster child I am not allowed to.

So if it's God's Will we hope and pray that we will continue to foster and help children in need this coming year and maybe give an orphan a chance for a forever family. We'll just have to see :)

One by one, till there are no more orphans......... I'll take 2 please, since the blessed child we have been honored with to raise is an amazing and wonderful little girl, how could we NOT want to add another?

Prayers be with all the orphans of the world tonight.


Chelley said...

I hear ya hun!

I hope that you are blessed with what god has in store for you!

hey we might share some of this foster ride together!!

((Merry Christmas))

Kat has grown so much! I almost fell off my chair with the new photos

Andie said...

Oh, for the money tree...I'd have at least two little boys home from China right now!! I have fallen for yet another little deaf/hard of hearing boy...I'll add him to my prayers. You are absolutly right, if love counted, we would be RICH, but since it doesn't I dont' see how we can afford to adopt a little one from China. I continue to pray that God would show us His will for us in these matters, and I trust that He will. Imagine my surprise when todays sermon (given by my hubby) was all about adoption! God's adoption of usinto His family, and adoption of orphans! Giving hope where there was no hope before. I know he has at least a tiny part of his heart that is open, and again, if that money thing didn't stand in the way...
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...I'm so happy for you. I haven't had a chance to get a Christmas post up, we were out of town, and now I'm just exhausted. Once I get caught up on the laundry perhaps!! :-)