Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 days till Christmas

It's 6 days till the big one. We have done the Christmas program at school. I have worked the last time till Christmas. Everything is wrapped. I think, I think I am prepared.

I have a few pictures to get frames for as gifts and my dinner stuff. Otherwise we are counting down the days and enjoying the childrens' excitement. It's so fun to be blessed with little ones that still believe in Santa and even the big ones are excited too.

Miss Kat was in her Scooby Do jammies and playing, then she got into trouble. She is trying to explain WHY she hit her Gie Gie Don-o-bin and still deserves to have the Nintendo DS show up under her tree. Such a turd.
We went to work today just for a meeting and CPR re- certification and she was totally amazed by the tiny 3 lb baby twin boys we have. Red headed like Camden and she said "too tiny for Kat to hold." Yes, too tiny. Sorry Kat. She'll have to stick to her dolls :)

We stopped off and saw the foot doctor that we know that has a China girl. He said she was growing and needed to come see his girl. I mentioned something about Kat being labeled "Special Need"- ha ha, that her toe was the issue and showed it to him. He said " I will fix it for her, for free." I was shocked. This was not a consultation, just in the hallway, talking about our China girls! We LOVE her toe, as it is. I would have to really consider doing anything to her toe. I think if it embarrassed her or hurt her then I would want to fix it as best we could.
Kat is having a hair issue. Her bangs are thin, they have breakage going on. I do not pull her bangs up into her piggy tails, I HAVE to put something in her hair other wise it grows straight down in her face. Doesn't try to part at all to the sides. But I don't put her bangs up and yet they are breaking off. I hope it's a temporary thing and they come back in full, they seem to be growing and I hope moisturizing her hair is helping. It's not terribly noticeable unless you look for it but I certainly do not want anymore of it to break off. I'm sure our dry winter air isn't helping matters.
Both Camden and Kat got to go have their parties at the sitter's. They had a ball getting all sugared up and getting their gifts. Camden got a Playstation game and Kat got a Dora backpack that she just loves. It has a "map" and she tells you what all the things on the map are then sings the "map" song.
She is a singing and happy girl, eager to see her 2nd Christmas with her forever family. 6 days to go girl!

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