Monday, November 19, 2007

You Know your Daddy loves you when.......

Miss Kitty is very much a momma's girl but when it comes to daddy, she thinks he is something special. As we all do. Funny enough when we came from China knowing Daddy was Baba in Chinese we all started calling him "BaBa" and have continued, even some of the foster kiddos call him that, but Kat calls him "Daddy."

But Daddy aka Baba is one special kind of dude. When we first met up again after being each other's first loves at age 14 and 16, we were grown, had kids and a few divorces under our belts. I just remember knowing he was still that sensitive wonderful man I knew years ago when we were dating and he was allowing his girl to paint his fingernails and toenails, just 'cause she wanted to. She even would paint him a a fake nail on his cut off finger.

So needless to say when H thought Kat would enjoy a lipstick kit and came home with it, all the boys took off from her, all but Daddy. Daddy allowed her to gloss his lips, much to her delight and she even declared him "boot- te-full."

I had the strangest conversation so far with my girl this morning. I was getting ready for the day, putting on makeup when she took of with the blusher and I said "give me that back." She says " I aln't like be girl mommy." I said " huh?" She says " I aln't like be girl, I want be boy." GREAT- I am thinking at this point- Excuse me God is this a joke on me? HELLOOO I'm the mom with 6 BOYS already!!! So I ask her, "why you want to be a boy, I like you as a girl." I think she will say she wants to be like Camden or something but no my serious child comes off with "girls' die." HUH? Girls die? Did I hear her right? Yep. That's what she said and when I said "girls don't die faster than boys."She was done and on to the next thing of her morning. Just like that.

So did she see something on TV, did she hear something that she thinks girls' die? I am left to ponder what that was, in one of the MANY, MANY moments my children have decided to give me cause to wonder what they are thinking, if they need help, if they are just spouting out things for no reason, if they saw something, heard something, are having dreams or nightmares......... worry me sick, why don't ya??????? And it's probably nothing. No wonder Miss Clairol has to help me cover all the white hair.

I'm cooking for Turkey Day, it will be sweet smelling in my household. All the kids usually come in as they can, it makes for a nice day, lots of good food, family and for Baba, some football. I really enjoy a lazy Thanksgiving Day, no rushing around and leftovers can't be beat. I'm making pumpkin pies and cherry :) Yum Yum!

This morning after Camden went on the bus Kat curled up in my lap and we watched a Sponge Bob episode I think I've seen 3 times or so now and she laughed and we snuggled and she told me she loved me, I told her I love her and there is nothing better than that. Wow, it's just pure love. I don't know how it gets any better than this:)

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Andi68 said...

Kyle did a similar thing to me last year. He caught me crying and when I told him I was scared of the surgery I was to have he said "because you might die?". Knock me over with a feather. I said it is a big surgery but the doctors told me there was very little chance of me dying from it. I don't know how much he had heard or understood about my cancer at that point so I hope I calmed his fears. Although this fall when I was in Philly for weeks his reading comprehension grade fell from A's to D+, but came right back up as soon as I was home again. So my being away did affect him somewhat this time.