Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tooth Fairy Alert

Yes, it finally happened. Camden lost a tooth. At age 7 and 2 months he is a late one. He has fussed and been so mad that EVERYONE has lost their teeth, sometimes 2 or more a WEEK last year in his class and not a one of his were loose, but now it's begun. He looks so cute with his little gap there. Our boy is growing up.

Our wild cat daughter, Miss Kat, got sent home from gymnastics, no future as the next world champion for the USA for her. She BIT a girl in the behind, tushie, butt, hind end, whatever you want to call it. Kat was poking this girl and when told to stop or she would have to go home, she YELLED "no" and turned and bit. Now, knowing my girl as I do, she gets angry and then bites things, mainly pillows, blankets, referring back to her orphanage crib days, when she was given a piece of cloth to comfort herself and I am sure she bit it. She also bites her blankets when going to sleep, not really biting, she just puts the edge in her mouth. So I figure she meant to turn and bite whatever was available in cloth covering and this girl's tushie was it. Yikes. Kicked out of class.

She hasn't bit anyone ever on purpose except Camden who was taunting her, but she has accidently bit before, she did this in China to poor Baba when we got her overly excited at bedtime and were wrestling around on the beds and she rolled over him and chomp- bit him HARD> on the leg. She was very upset when she was told she could not EVER bit anyone again, she attempted to drop her corn dog on the floor in protest of her anger but that didn't fly with Mom. She was sternly warned she was to NEVER do that again and she bawled. It's been an ornery kind of day!

We are all done decorating for Christmas, yes, I am one of those, who decorate super early, but then I have so much shopping to do! I'm still freaked out by the 9 kids to shop for but I do have some good ideas for the majority of them. I guess my stress level is showing, in the form of 2 not so nice cold sores. Now it seems to me if we can get a man/woman to the moon, why, oh, why is there no way to cure the nastiest cold sore virus??? Kat is thrilled that our Crit- mas tree is up and telling everyone who comes in the door, "look, lookie, Crit-mas tree!" She remembers well what that is about:)

Kat was checking out her teeth in the mirror today, I can just see what is coming- "why can't MY teeth fall out and I get mongee?" Oh boy. She was all dressed up to go to school for the fun turkey dinner meal with Camden, she loves to go to school for any reason so she was very excited. She will be more than happy to climb on that school bus as momma cries her eyes out- hopefully though she will not snack on anyone's behind if she gets mad at school.....I can just hear the phone ringing now..."Is this Kat's mom? You will need to come get her again today"................

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