Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stop the clock!

Can anyone tell me where my time goes? A week since I posted and I am hurrying to get this up as Survivor is coming on :) I'm hoping Todd wins and that Courtney, please send her home before some of her bones come poking right on out of her skin- yuck.

Can you believe that there are only 26 days till Christmas left? So much to do!
I am still not flipping that I have barely scratched the surface of buying Christmas for 9 kids. I think someone is lacing my food with Ativan:) If so, please continue to do so with my blessing- ha ha!

Miss Kat has been a busy girl, shopping today with brother Derrik to help him get everyone bought Christmas gifts for. She stopped off to see Santa- she was so tickled to see him, and she told him she wants a DS, in PINK! That's a Nintendo DS, as she has been stealing Camden's for some time now and causing trouble for it. So hopefully Santa will help out to keep them from fighting over Camden by bringing Kat a "pink DS." I have posted a picture of her playing Camden's DS "on the sly" and getting caught. Not that it fazes her a bit to be caught.

Last week it was nice enough to go out in the leaves C was trying to rake, not sure what got into him but he ASKED to go out and rake. So they went out to "help" ending up in his piles, spreading them everywhere. Someone forgot to tell them they weren't able to "make angels" in leaves since that's what they said they were doing. They were having a blast though. This week is supposed to end in storms, of the winter variety, so maybe we will have some of the white stuff for them to play in and make their angels.

Kat got a flu shot this week, don't want to have her sick as she was last winter. While at the doctor's she was weighed and measured. She is now 39 inches- up from 35 when we brought her home (October 2006) and 29 lbs. She was 23 3/4 before. She falls into the 40th percentile for her height, and the 5th percentile for her weight. So she is growing and it cracks me up that everyone says "oh I remember when you brought her home as a baby," -it was just over a year ago and she has grown so much she looks like the toddler she is now. Such a difference for the good. She is healthy, strong and well.

We have to have her titers checked for her immunizations. We found out that many of the children from QinZhou have come up with no immunity from their shots. So she has an appointment next week for that. She did have some shots when we got home but we have to start the Hep A series with her now.

The kids were so anxious to open the gifts Uncle Mark and Aunt Karen sent in this week, it's deer hunting season here and Uncle Mark is on the homestead hunting. Look at the funny faces they were making trying to convince me that it would be okay to open them now. Needless to say, I did not cave:) The gifts are under the tree teasing them each and every day. Such a mean mommy.

I'm going back to the addressing of Christmas cards. Lots to do, oh my.

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Andie said...

I AGREE...SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THAT CLOCK!!! I have sick kiddos today, but that's actually helping me out. I can leave my kids to play XBox by themselves while I go downstairs to sew (I'm working on quilts for my girls for Christmas, they know about them, I've been working on them for over a year, but I finally see an end in sight!!) Anyway without the extra childcare kiddos, I can get mroe done on my own.
Addressing the cards, you go girl...I haven't even started the Christmas letter yet! Plus I always make a calander for my parents and mother-in-law with pics of my kids, haven't started that yet either. Oh will happen! Maybe later today I can start that, but I think I should do a few dishes and a load of laundry first!
I do have most of my shopping and even wrapping done, though, so that is a HUGE relief!!

Christmas blessings to you-Andie