Saturday, November 10, 2007

November Meyhem

We have been sooo incredibly busy. I have had my work pick up since 2 people quit, not great for me. I like to be home as much as possible with my girl. She misses me. We noticed that she stutters sometimes, this seems to increase when I work more. So it's obviously a stress to her for me to work too much. But then I need to work to keep her in shopping trips, today she came home after we shopped most of the day and she CRIED because she had cream colored bunny slippers, not PINK slippers. Oh wow, I thought, how spoiled can you get in a year? Pretty spoiled if you ask me!

Today's shopping was NOT about her though, C and H needed coats. Winter coats as it is freezing cold here, it even snowed this week, but not enough to stay around or lay on the ground but it was pretty to see :) We've been talking about getting out the Christmas stuff, it seems to get earlier and earlier each year we feel the push, the calendar barely said November and Christmas music was playing in a store which freaked me out. I'm not ready to think of buying Christmas gifts for 9 kids!!!
I do usually have more bought ahead by this time of the year than I do now, but curiously enough, I am not concerned. I am getting so mellow with hitting 40 I am scaring myself.

But today was just for coats, I even found one for me. C got a great deal on his, he got to turn in his old, gently used coat and got a 25% discount on his new coat. I also had to get Camden some longer pants, the boy is growing like a bean pole. His pants bought for the start of school are too short! BIG NEWS for him, he finally has a tooth loose! After waiting and crying that EVERYONE had lost teeth in his class but him, he is able to wiggle his bottom tooth and it's hurting him. He seemed surprised that it hurts, I told him it's the new tooth pushing up and it does hurt sometimes.

We went to Chinese buffet, "eat CHINA" as Kat says, although C ate American food, the spoilsport. They had all kinds of food and H was even happy to try fresh oysters, sushi, the works. She is brave girl.
Camden stayed home with Baba and the others had plans for the day so it was just the 4 of us. I had to laugh when H was talking about Baba and called him Baba, she asked if he would mind being called that by her, I said "not hardly when everyone calls him that."

It's so funny to think that we have now had Kat home through a whole year of holidays and it's fun to compare her to last year at this time. I included pictures of last year at this time of her and I, then of the other day of us both. She's looking pretty secure and even smug, I do believe. We love it!

We are getting a box ready to send to her foster family, they miss her more than ever with the one year anniversary. I think they will be surprised and happy to see pictures of her, she has changed so much. Most of it for the good, except maybe too spoiled.....hummmmm.
It's amazing to think of the changes in her life in the last year and how well she has adjusted to it all. She was teling me the other day that she is a China girl, she knows that is something quite special and she was listing all the China girls, Kat, Em-i-lee, Rissa, Jade-in, Yan-Yan, Manda, Dan-Dan, she has a pretty impressive memory of all her friends. Then she said "Camden not China girl- ha!" Oh boy.
Talk about being snotty.
So now she is spoiled, snotty, and special. What a combo. Just our precious China girl with some spice, I'd say:)

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Andie said...

Spicy, possibly! But would you want her any other way...NO WAY!! :-)
Love to you-Andie