Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Candy Momma?

The theme of Trick or Treat. More candy momma? Miss Poodle Kat and Power Ranger Camden along with ballplayer C went a trick or treating. Kat had her squeaky shoes on and between them and the cute little pink poodle outfit, she got the most candy of all! She had the "Trick or Treat" down fast and the "thank you" too. She was funny when after each house she would say "more candy momma" meaning- NEXT house!

They had a great time, although Kat was more interested in other kids' costumes at first. She called a baby in a skunk suit a "cow", close but no dice:) She went nuts when she saw Sponge Bob, yelling "Scunge Bulb Mommy, LOOK, Scunge BULB" and ol' Square Pants was nice enough to wave at her.

We were surprised when they had only gone a few streets and were done. Only an hour and they were quitting- guess those bags got heavy! Baba took Kat to the college, they usually have a fun trick or treat time there but when a witch scared her, she was done. Camden refused to even go, he was into his stash and counting the goodies.

C even had a good time when he went with us and he was not wanting to go. He realized quickly that he was by far, NOT the oldest person trick or treating and even had the foresight to see some girls that were dressed very inappropriately and said "they should be on a street corner" for which I said " hey, look they are!" They were crossing the street :) C and I get along good, we seem to be able to laugh with each other a lot.

I had to laugh at Kat yesterday, she is getting quite the attitude about her "touching" EVERYTHING. She just HAS to touch things. When I asked her where my dry erase marker was to change my calendar for November I got this response instead of the usual shoulder shrug and "i'aln't know." " Me no took mommy, me not." She is learning we come to her and ask first since more than likely she is the culprit:)

We are enjoying our fall weather, chilly as it is, we haven't dug out winter coats yet, but sweaters are needed. I had to put away Camden's shorts or he would still be wearing them. He loves shorts. He has a teacher conference today and he is doing wonderful in school, besides being very bright, he is considerate of other kids, helpful and downright funny, the teacher said. She really enjoys him in class. What a great kiddo he is.
We told her what a nut he is about school, he gets up every day and has dressed, eaten, brushed teeth and hair and has shoes, coat and backpack on and is ready to go by 7am. This kid doesn't get on the bus till 8:30!! He is so excited to go. Hang on to that buddy, you'll need some of that excitement when you hit the high school and I am dragging your butt out of bed:)
Kat cried when we left his class, they had been playing on the chalk board during the conference and when I asked her what was wrong she said " me go to school?" I said "sure, in 2 years chick", since she had no clue how long that is she said "Yeah", gave her little giggle and wiggle (too funny) and was happy as a clam.

Mom's not giving her up to school too fast!

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Andie said...

Cutie little poodle!!! I think her hair is adorable with the new do.
You like smarties, huh...those are the candies that my kids are always trying to give me, instead of the chocolate!!! If we lived closer, I'd share a bunch of those!