Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stop the clock!

Can anyone tell me where my time goes? A week since I posted and I am hurrying to get this up as Survivor is coming on :) I'm hoping Todd wins and that Courtney, please send her home before some of her bones come poking right on out of her skin- yuck.

Can you believe that there are only 26 days till Christmas left? So much to do!
I am still not flipping that I have barely scratched the surface of buying Christmas for 9 kids. I think someone is lacing my food with Ativan:) If so, please continue to do so with my blessing- ha ha!

Miss Kat has been a busy girl, shopping today with brother Derrik to help him get everyone bought Christmas gifts for. She stopped off to see Santa- she was so tickled to see him, and she told him she wants a DS, in PINK! That's a Nintendo DS, as she has been stealing Camden's for some time now and causing trouble for it. So hopefully Santa will help out to keep them from fighting over Camden by bringing Kat a "pink DS." I have posted a picture of her playing Camden's DS "on the sly" and getting caught. Not that it fazes her a bit to be caught.

Last week it was nice enough to go out in the leaves C was trying to rake, not sure what got into him but he ASKED to go out and rake. So they went out to "help" ending up in his piles, spreading them everywhere. Someone forgot to tell them they weren't able to "make angels" in leaves since that's what they said they were doing. They were having a blast though. This week is supposed to end in storms, of the winter variety, so maybe we will have some of the white stuff for them to play in and make their angels.

Kat got a flu shot this week, don't want to have her sick as she was last winter. While at the doctor's she was weighed and measured. She is now 39 inches- up from 35 when we brought her home (October 2006) and 29 lbs. She was 23 3/4 before. She falls into the 40th percentile for her height, and the 5th percentile for her weight. So she is growing and it cracks me up that everyone says "oh I remember when you brought her home as a baby," -it was just over a year ago and she has grown so much she looks like the toddler she is now. Such a difference for the good. She is healthy, strong and well.

We have to have her titers checked for her immunizations. We found out that many of the children from QinZhou have come up with no immunity from their shots. So she has an appointment next week for that. She did have some shots when we got home but we have to start the Hep A series with her now.

The kids were so anxious to open the gifts Uncle Mark and Aunt Karen sent in this week, it's deer hunting season here and Uncle Mark is on the homestead hunting. Look at the funny faces they were making trying to convince me that it would be okay to open them now. Needless to say, I did not cave:) The gifts are under the tree teasing them each and every day. Such a mean mommy.

I'm going back to the addressing of Christmas cards. Lots to do, oh my.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Much to be Thankful for

In our Thanksgiving time this year, we have so much to be thankful for. I'd start a list but I'd be here all day :)

We had a fun day turkey eating, stuffing, gravy, yams, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, mixed veggies, bread, cranberry sauce, cherry, shoo fly, pumpkin, and apple pie. Plus a pumpkin roll. WOW- we had so much to eat.

Grandma came in and the boys are all trailing in as they can. Derrik just demolished a good portion of the leftovers, he works night shift this week so his meal was supper.

We can't have a holiday without incident so since this was one of the few that some one isn't sick (usually mom) we had the excitement in the form of a cut thumb of Malaree, we thought it might require stitches, but I doctored her up with steri strips and she is going to be hurting from that.

Otherwise a windy, rainy day, but good food, family and a warm home and we are feeling extremely blessed this Thanksgiving Day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

You Know your Daddy loves you when.......

Miss Kitty is very much a momma's girl but when it comes to daddy, she thinks he is something special. As we all do. Funny enough when we came from China knowing Daddy was Baba in Chinese we all started calling him "BaBa" and have continued, even some of the foster kiddos call him that, but Kat calls him "Daddy."

But Daddy aka Baba is one special kind of dude. When we first met up again after being each other's first loves at age 14 and 16, we were grown, had kids and a few divorces under our belts. I just remember knowing he was still that sensitive wonderful man I knew years ago when we were dating and he was allowing his girl to paint his fingernails and toenails, just 'cause she wanted to. She even would paint him a a fake nail on his cut off finger.

So needless to say when H thought Kat would enjoy a lipstick kit and came home with it, all the boys took off from her, all but Daddy. Daddy allowed her to gloss his lips, much to her delight and she even declared him "boot- te-full."

I had the strangest conversation so far with my girl this morning. I was getting ready for the day, putting on makeup when she took of with the blusher and I said "give me that back." She says " I aln't like be girl mommy." I said " huh?" She says " I aln't like be girl, I want be boy." GREAT- I am thinking at this point- Excuse me God is this a joke on me? HELLOOO I'm the mom with 6 BOYS already!!! So I ask her, "why you want to be a boy, I like you as a girl." I think she will say she wants to be like Camden or something but no my serious child comes off with "girls' die." HUH? Girls die? Did I hear her right? Yep. That's what she said and when I said "girls don't die faster than boys."She was done and on to the next thing of her morning. Just like that.

So did she see something on TV, did she hear something that she thinks girls' die? I am left to ponder what that was, in one of the MANY, MANY moments my children have decided to give me cause to wonder what they are thinking, if they need help, if they are just spouting out things for no reason, if they saw something, heard something, are having dreams or nightmares......... worry me sick, why don't ya??????? And it's probably nothing. No wonder Miss Clairol has to help me cover all the white hair.

I'm cooking for Turkey Day, it will be sweet smelling in my household. All the kids usually come in as they can, it makes for a nice day, lots of good food, family and for Baba, some football. I really enjoy a lazy Thanksgiving Day, no rushing around and leftovers can't be beat. I'm making pumpkin pies and cherry :) Yum Yum!

This morning after Camden went on the bus Kat curled up in my lap and we watched a Sponge Bob episode I think I've seen 3 times or so now and she laughed and we snuggled and she told me she loved me, I told her I love her and there is nothing better than that. Wow, it's just pure love. I don't know how it gets any better than this:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tooth Fairy Alert

Yes, it finally happened. Camden lost a tooth. At age 7 and 2 months he is a late one. He has fussed and been so mad that EVERYONE has lost their teeth, sometimes 2 or more a WEEK last year in his class and not a one of his were loose, but now it's begun. He looks so cute with his little gap there. Our boy is growing up.

Our wild cat daughter, Miss Kat, got sent home from gymnastics, no future as the next world champion for the USA for her. She BIT a girl in the behind, tushie, butt, hind end, whatever you want to call it. Kat was poking this girl and when told to stop or she would have to go home, she YELLED "no" and turned and bit. Now, knowing my girl as I do, she gets angry and then bites things, mainly pillows, blankets, referring back to her orphanage crib days, when she was given a piece of cloth to comfort herself and I am sure she bit it. She also bites her blankets when going to sleep, not really biting, she just puts the edge in her mouth. So I figure she meant to turn and bite whatever was available in cloth covering and this girl's tushie was it. Yikes. Kicked out of class.

She hasn't bit anyone ever on purpose except Camden who was taunting her, but she has accidently bit before, she did this in China to poor Baba when we got her overly excited at bedtime and were wrestling around on the beds and she rolled over him and chomp- bit him HARD> on the leg. She was very upset when she was told she could not EVER bit anyone again, she attempted to drop her corn dog on the floor in protest of her anger but that didn't fly with Mom. She was sternly warned she was to NEVER do that again and she bawled. It's been an ornery kind of day!

We are all done decorating for Christmas, yes, I am one of those, who decorate super early, but then I have so much shopping to do! I'm still freaked out by the 9 kids to shop for but I do have some good ideas for the majority of them. I guess my stress level is showing, in the form of 2 not so nice cold sores. Now it seems to me if we can get a man/woman to the moon, why, oh, why is there no way to cure the nastiest cold sore virus??? Kat is thrilled that our Crit- mas tree is up and telling everyone who comes in the door, "look, lookie, Crit-mas tree!" She remembers well what that is about:)

Kat was checking out her teeth in the mirror today, I can just see what is coming- "why can't MY teeth fall out and I get mongee?" Oh boy. She was all dressed up to go to school for the fun turkey dinner meal with Camden, she loves to go to school for any reason so she was very excited. She will be more than happy to climb on that school bus as momma cries her eyes out- hopefully though she will not snack on anyone's behind if she gets mad at school.....I can just hear the phone ringing now..."Is this Kat's mom? You will need to come get her again today"................

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November Meyhem

We have been sooo incredibly busy. I have had my work pick up since 2 people quit, not great for me. I like to be home as much as possible with my girl. She misses me. We noticed that she stutters sometimes, this seems to increase when I work more. So it's obviously a stress to her for me to work too much. But then I need to work to keep her in shopping trips, today she came home after we shopped most of the day and she CRIED because she had cream colored bunny slippers, not PINK slippers. Oh wow, I thought, how spoiled can you get in a year? Pretty spoiled if you ask me!

Today's shopping was NOT about her though, C and H needed coats. Winter coats as it is freezing cold here, it even snowed this week, but not enough to stay around or lay on the ground but it was pretty to see :) We've been talking about getting out the Christmas stuff, it seems to get earlier and earlier each year we feel the push, the calendar barely said November and Christmas music was playing in a store which freaked me out. I'm not ready to think of buying Christmas gifts for 9 kids!!!
I do usually have more bought ahead by this time of the year than I do now, but curiously enough, I am not concerned. I am getting so mellow with hitting 40 I am scaring myself.

But today was just for coats, I even found one for me. C got a great deal on his, he got to turn in his old, gently used coat and got a 25% discount on his new coat. I also had to get Camden some longer pants, the boy is growing like a bean pole. His pants bought for the start of school are too short! BIG NEWS for him, he finally has a tooth loose! After waiting and crying that EVERYONE had lost teeth in his class but him, he is able to wiggle his bottom tooth and it's hurting him. He seemed surprised that it hurts, I told him it's the new tooth pushing up and it does hurt sometimes.

We went to Chinese buffet, "eat CHINA" as Kat says, although C ate American food, the spoilsport. They had all kinds of food and H was even happy to try fresh oysters, sushi, the works. She is brave girl.
Camden stayed home with Baba and the others had plans for the day so it was just the 4 of us. I had to laugh when H was talking about Baba and called him Baba, she asked if he would mind being called that by her, I said "not hardly when everyone calls him that."

It's so funny to think that we have now had Kat home through a whole year of holidays and it's fun to compare her to last year at this time. I included pictures of last year at this time of her and I, then of the other day of us both. She's looking pretty secure and even smug, I do believe. We love it!

We are getting a box ready to send to her foster family, they miss her more than ever with the one year anniversary. I think they will be surprised and happy to see pictures of her, she has changed so much. Most of it for the good, except maybe too spoiled.....hummmmm.
It's amazing to think of the changes in her life in the last year and how well she has adjusted to it all. She was teling me the other day that she is a China girl, she knows that is something quite special and she was listing all the China girls, Kat, Em-i-lee, Rissa, Jade-in, Yan-Yan, Manda, Dan-Dan, she has a pretty impressive memory of all her friends. Then she said "Camden not China girl- ha!" Oh boy.
Talk about being snotty.
So now she is spoiled, snotty, and special. What a combo. Just our precious China girl with some spice, I'd say:)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Candy Momma?

The theme of Trick or Treat. More candy momma? Miss Poodle Kat and Power Ranger Camden along with ballplayer C went a trick or treating. Kat had her squeaky shoes on and between them and the cute little pink poodle outfit, she got the most candy of all! She had the "Trick or Treat" down fast and the "thank you" too. She was funny when after each house she would say "more candy momma" meaning- NEXT house!

They had a great time, although Kat was more interested in other kids' costumes at first. She called a baby in a skunk suit a "cow", close but no dice:) She went nuts when she saw Sponge Bob, yelling "Scunge Bulb Mommy, LOOK, Scunge BULB" and ol' Square Pants was nice enough to wave at her.

We were surprised when they had only gone a few streets and were done. Only an hour and they were quitting- guess those bags got heavy! Baba took Kat to the college, they usually have a fun trick or treat time there but when a witch scared her, she was done. Camden refused to even go, he was into his stash and counting the goodies.

C even had a good time when he went with us and he was not wanting to go. He realized quickly that he was by far, NOT the oldest person trick or treating and even had the foresight to see some girls that were dressed very inappropriately and said "they should be on a street corner" for which I said " hey, look they are!" They were crossing the street :) C and I get along good, we seem to be able to laugh with each other a lot.

I had to laugh at Kat yesterday, she is getting quite the attitude about her "touching" EVERYTHING. She just HAS to touch things. When I asked her where my dry erase marker was to change my calendar for November I got this response instead of the usual shoulder shrug and "i'aln't know." " Me no took mommy, me not." She is learning we come to her and ask first since more than likely she is the culprit:)

We are enjoying our fall weather, chilly as it is, we haven't dug out winter coats yet, but sweaters are needed. I had to put away Camden's shorts or he would still be wearing them. He loves shorts. He has a teacher conference today and he is doing wonderful in school, besides being very bright, he is considerate of other kids, helpful and downright funny, the teacher said. She really enjoys him in class. What a great kiddo he is.
We told her what a nut he is about school, he gets up every day and has dressed, eaten, brushed teeth and hair and has shoes, coat and backpack on and is ready to go by 7am. This kid doesn't get on the bus till 8:30!! He is so excited to go. Hang on to that buddy, you'll need some of that excitement when you hit the high school and I am dragging your butt out of bed:)
Kat cried when we left his class, they had been playing on the chalk board during the conference and when I asked her what was wrong she said " me go to school?" I said "sure, in 2 years chick", since she had no clue how long that is she said "Yeah", gave her little giggle and wiggle (too funny) and was happy as a clam.

Mom's not giving her up to school too fast!