Sunday, October 21, 2007

We survived our birthdays!

Yes, this was a week of craziness. Malaree began it with her birthday being on Wednesday, Sweet 16. We had planned a surprised b-day party for the evening with her friends. So they ignored her day including her boyfriend and she was sooooo mad by the time the party was to happen we were afraid we couldn't get her to go to her brother's apartment next door, where the party was being held. She was in a total snit.

This all changed when 20 of us yelled SURPRISE!!! and the party began. Dad thought she wouldn't like it but I KNEW better, and she had a great time. We- aka ME even left the apartment cleaner than when we got there, dishes done, bathroom clean and left over cake for the use of the apartment. I don't think we got him kicked out :)

Kat CRIED as she wanted it to be her party, her patience for HER day had run out! But the next morning when she woke up and I said "Happy Birthday Kat", she was full of smiles and squeals of happiness. I sang to her 3 times, took her to gymnastics where they all sang to her, then we had her cake and gift opening in the evening when her brothers could all come in. She was very, very tickled with a super special gift from SUZY, a wonderful e-mail friend of ours whom we pray gets the blessing of a China girl in her life:) She sent her a pastel rocking horse, with tons of love from Tennessee!

God has given us such super people via Kat's adoption, we are so blessed to have you all! When our families were less than thrilled that we adopted, and some of our co- workers were less than supportive, it was hard for us to understand. But God has shown us what is truly important- loving this girl. He brought us new people in our lives, making the others unimportant. They miss out on the joy of Kat's life, not us:) He knew our need even before we did- as usual.

We also got a POOP shirt from Lyn and Manda in Australia, it's actually WinnieThe Pooh, but Kat still can not grasp that POOH word. So Winnie The Poop he is :) That was another squeal of joy. I wish I could use the camcorder and catch those squeals, they are sooooo sweet. I got her doing one on film with her "Hello Kitty" cake. She still says Hello like "Head-o", very cute so it was Head-o Kitty cake she told everyone she had. Even the poor telemarketer that was dumb enough to call that day:)
Kat was thrilled with her rocking horse gift, she also got mongee (money) a set of pans for her kitchen, play food, also for her kitchen, cuddle pop (some stuffed animal that rolls into a ball) and a guitar that she's driving me nuts with. Hanna something that sings for her and she turns it on then walks away, I guess for my hearing enjoyment- NOT!

So then it was my birthday yesterday, I woke up, went to the bathroom, looked in mirror, don't look a bit different. Still sporting some white hairs, still fluffy but now 40- yep, I'm admitting it, I'm forty. Wow. I got a wonderful gift from Suzy, thanks AGAIN- you are so sweet!

My mom feeling inclined to admit she gave birth to me on that day, stopped in and even managed to go to Camden's last soccer game of the season. She had cards for the girls' birthdays- for which I wish she would have made the effort to see them on THEIR birthdays, not mine. But whatever. I then trudged off to wrk, not thrilled that my boss saw fit to not allow me my birthday off, even when I was supposed to have the day off. She had to pay me time and 1/2 for the shift so I guess I got the last laugh there. Forty, fluffy and paid well :)
It was a quiet evening with nothing special going on, no babies even born on "my day." We didn't have cake, I was about caked out with the girls' huge cakes, so that was okay. Sons #1,2,3 didn't even call me, I got #1 good though, I left him a guilt full message on his answering machine that I could just sit in my house and cry since he didn't remember my birthday and hadn't called me. Don't worry though, none of them take me too seriously :)
Camden gave me a "winner" necklace to wear, it was so cute of him. He got it Friday when we went to Chuckie Cheese for Kat's birthday fun. She had a good time there playing, she is getting better at the game and so is Camden's he got 700 points, he only had 200 last time. We went shopping afterwards and I bought new underwear for my big 4-0, I just KNEW everyone would want to know that:) So we managed to survive the craziness, enjoy the week and I still feel like I am 38- that's what the kids say I am- I think they decided it's time for me to go backwards. That's fine with me till I hit the 5-4-3-2 -1 and they have me back in diapers. It's coming soon enough, I think my bladder is somewhere near my knees now, as it is- oops did I write that?

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