Thursday, October 4, 2007

Poodles of fun

Yes, poodles of fun in the house today, as Kat put on her pink poodle outfit and pretended to be a puppy. She looks so funny in it!
My second mother came in and had lunch with us, we sure enjoy her company. She brought Kat 2 pumpkins from her garden which Kitty just loved.

Kat started gymnastics today and had a good time, she went to the balance beam ,where she was lifted up to and took off, almost faster than the safety person could keep up with:) Kat looked at her like "let go already" which was hilarious. All the other kids were creeping along scared to death, not the monkey girl.

We had our post placement report done for our 1 year- WOW- one whole year. Seems to have gone so fast. Our stats are 5 1/4 lb growth from 23 3/4 lbs to 29 and 35 inches to 38 inches- yes, 3 whole inches!! She's very slender and clearly will always be. When we try to get her to eat something new she will pout and say "this not good for me" so she is still very much eating as close to Chinese diet as possible here. Noodles, noodles, always a favorite, corn, watermelon, meat with ranch dressing, corn dogs, grapes, apples. She eats very healthy, drinks lots of water and doesn't touch soda or much candy at all. She does like tea though. I am just thrilled she will never have my hips :)

Kat has figured out now that since we brought her home everyone has had a birthday but her. She did not know what we were doing when we celebrated her birthday in China last year so it was difficult for her to wait all this time for it to be "her" turn. She asks me every day "mom- it MY happy birthday to-day?" and I have to say "No, but soon." She is also been asking for EVERYTHING she sees on TV for "her birthday"- she sure learned that fast!
Kat had a wonderful conversation with a telemarketer today, it went like this "Heddo. My name Kat. What you name? Mom in dining room, my name Kat. What you name. I paying, who this? Okay bye." I had to laugh. She will talk to anyone apparently! I'm only surprised that she didn't sing the poor guy a song, she loves to sing :)

1 year already, amazing how time flies when you are having a blast. I am thrilled we have been able to have a year of her here with us. That we are learning about her culture and teaching her of ours. We are rejoicing in the blessing of her. We thank God for her life, her joy, her spirit and her very presence in our family, she is greatly loved and adored. Our Kitty Kat is home forever. It seems like we have had her so much longer but then seems so short of a time since we went to China. Overall we are thrilled with our newest family member, that she is so sweet and loving and knows how much we love her. Truly a happily ever after :)

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Andie said...

A whole year? Wow...time does fly! I wish we were closer so I could have you and Kat over for a playdate...we'd have so much fun!
Happy Birthday little Kat!! Finally, it's coming soon!!! I bet you and Bethany ask for the same's a 3 (almost 4) year old thing!