Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Pictures are in!

Yes, the pictures came back and I am happy to say that although many of them were not too much better than what I was able to get the crazy 7 to do, there are a few really good ones of the whole bunch. I want to order a big one of the group then each individual one as they turned out really nice, just as mine did:) Then one of the group all looking down at Kitty, and one larger of her since we have less pictures of her than any of the rest. At least hanging on the walls, that is.

I was surprised that many of the shots had goofy smile issues, stiff back issues, closed eyeballs, and Kat's lips were frightfully blue in some :( But then it was 30 degrees with no shoes and a short sleeve dress on :( But I picked my faves and I'll post the one of the group and the one of Kat alone. The rest are good of each kid but very similar to the ones I took, just outdoor background.
Speaking of pictures, tomorrow is Camden's picture day at school so what happens? He walks out on the porch where Dono bin and C are messing around with weights and walked right into the bar, giving himself a black eye. YIKES- Ba Ba was mad, he says this always happens. But it was an accident and accidents do happen.

Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary of Gotcha. I feel so happy it has been a whole year, but then I feel saddened that her Po Po (foster mom and now grandma) cried terrible when she left, for they loved her dearly. I hope her heart has mended with the love and joy she knows we have received by being her family and that we will forever keep her in their life. She still remembers doing things with her Po Po and fondly recalls her foster brother Gie Gie ( big brother). I hope that Po Po is able to see her pictures we send and know how happy her Kat is and how much we love her. She is growing and thriving as well.

We are already planning to go back, not for another child (so stop threatening to disown us grandma!) , but to go back to visit Po Po and see more of Kat's China someday. Although if God sees fit to give us the money to call us to another child we aren't gonna say NO! So there.

Saturday Camden had a soccer game and we roasted as he played. The temps here are unusually HOT for fall, it was about 90 degrees, which meant we HAD to go for ice cream after the game. He made at least 6 goals after he told me he liked practice better as he is the best player and he ALWAYS wins. No issue of self confidence there, huh?

Tonight we had storms and it cooled off. It's supposed to stay cooler now. Pheww.

We moved the furniture all around in our livingrooms, we have a front livingroom, then a second livingroom/family room. We had a recliner chair that son #1 plopped into and BROKE, so Baba fixed it and wanted to bring it back in the house from the garage. Momma, in the meantime, had used up the chair space :) So we rearranged and I swear every time I try to get one room done Kat is off messing up another. She trashed her room and was caught dunking Camden's Nintendo Mario game in the sink! That girl! It took me 2 days but I finally got all the rooms back in order.

Camden is very tired of Kat touching his stuff while he is at school, he lined up his games on the table today and left her a note. It said "Kat- Do no touch my stuf, I meen it, don't do it wile I am at skool. I am cerios (serious). From Camden. No Love or anything- so he meant business! Too bad those lined up games were within reach as her fingers were on them in no time. He came to me and said "mom, she touches everything", as if I didn't KNOW this. I hate to break it to him, I do know!
I can't imagine what we did without her, just a year ago, it seems such a short time, but she is a bugger and we love her so much, even ornery and all:) So glad we GOTCHA Kitty, forever and more!

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