Friday, October 12, 2007

One Year Later

A year later and how is life? Fantastic. Kat is growing so much and is such a precious child. I have been awed by her spirit and her personality from Day 1. Even shell shocked, as she looks in her pics of a year ago, she was so very precious.

What does she recall of that day? Not sure if she sees pictures and remembers parts but she says "you come China get me, give Kat M & M's, I cry." She even pretends to cry and I say "yes, you missed your Po Po, you were crying."

At Day 2, one year ago today, Kat said her brother's name, albeit with that Cantonese twist. "Cam-dean- ahh" we heard as she looked to the back of the bus where he and his pals always were to get the best view. I am sure he will be her best bud for life now, he took his Nintendo DS last night and Kat cried so hard he GAVE it to her. His favorite toy! She has him wrapped right around her finger!

I heard Camden say this morning when Kat turned on the TV, "Kat, you can't watch that, give me the remote" and he changed the channel to an appropriate show for her. I don't think she will have much trouble growing up with him to protect her :)

Yesterday we went with my second mom to the flea market and had a fun day out, Kat got a pink and purple fur phone that she is now calling everyone on. She calls Po Po. "Po Po how are you? Good, okay, my name Kat, I good. Bye." Maybe the telemarketers will miss her?

Kat came down this morning with a red velour outfit on, pink socks, and the comb, band and an orange bow for her hair. Quite the colorful girl, just like the fall colors so we went with it. I stopped at the roadside and threw her up on the guard rail yesterday to get pics of our gorgeous lake and the beginning of the leaves turning.
We live in a beautiful world. God sure is subtle and I think He is for a reason. We must STOP as we drive along and take time to SEE what HE has made for us. Just looking at my precious daughter, home just 1 year, but laughing as I plop her on my car hood to snap pictures of her with God's beauty in the background and I felt the blessings pouring out at me. Just awesome.
One year and she speaks complete English, with about 15 words of Cantonese we maintain. She is in size 3T. She is very curious, she loves to explore, she sings all the time. Not even songs that make sense, she makes them up to sing. She is very happy. She is a joy, each and every day.

I try to help a number of people considering SN children to honor the blessing God has given us, just being supportive, helping them understand the process, giving them tips for travel and such. I really feel God had a purpose to us being her forever family and I want to honor Him.

It's so much fun to watch her learning and growing, she counted Grandma's pumpkins yesterday 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9- just as fast as could be. I'm just so amazed at our wonderful daughter, at this point one year, but excited to see what will the next year bring?
My cute little love bug, Kitty Kat, Min An Tong, we will love you and cherish every day we have with you forever and ever. We don't need a blood tie to know you, we are all yours:) Sing away my girl, "my momma, my momma" is one of her favorite songs to sing, and she is right on, I am her momma, forever and more and she can sing it all she wants :)

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Andie said...

Congrats on a WONDERFUL year!!! I'm so hapy for you all. Blessings to you for many happy years in the future!