Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Okay, already mom!

I think my daughter has had enough of my picture taking! Now just because I have 3, yes, 3 scrap books for her and another one to start, does not mean I am overdoing it. Okay, maybe a little. But she is so stinking cute- and I don't want to miss a change. I think it is so cool to look thru her books and see the difference in her from the start of the book to the end. But I think her latest pictures show her indifference to my efforts to preserve her every day life. The TURD. She is the Queen at ignoring my camera too. Too bad she's cute even being a turd :)

We were off early today getting C to the doctor to remove his cast. Kat was totally fascinated with that except for noise of the saw. She plugged her ears with her fingers. Then we went to get "pictures of Carat" as she calls him, of his hand. Back to the doctor and then on to pediatrician for C's eye, which mysteriously started to swell up and I didn't even pop him or anything. ( ha ha! ) Doc said bug bite, he thought, should heal on it's own in a day or 2.

We dropped C off at school, even when he thought he could ask to stay home and I laughed and said " you must be bleeding to death or vomit in front of me to stay home from school in MY house- get in that school." Nice try C. He's such a funny guy. I have to laugh at him with his efforts to stake out what he might get away with, he is soooo much like my boys and they pulled everything imaginable to try to not go to school so he is not going to come up with one I haven't seen or heard. Bummer for him.

H has a job already and is doing very well. She even likes to scrapbook and does dishes without being told. All I can say is "WOW" - I may want to keep her forever. Although I am sure she isn't planning on that :)
Kat enjoyed walking to the store with her yesterday and buying a lollipop. She was thrilled to "keep the change" as in $2 and some. Then she told me today when she wanted money and I handed her my coin change in a store- "no, I meant Mon-gee mommy, DOLLARS!"
Camden did really well at the soccer game Saturday, he made at least 4 goals and I heard another team's parent say " wow, can he run!" He is really fast. Makes for a good soccer player :)
Mal's team won a game in field hockey this week but then lost today, they seem to be better than last year but still not aggressive enough with the ball.
Can't believe it's October already, it just kind of snuck up on us:) We are enjoying the cooler weather, the nice days, but it's getting dark sooner. We like to bike ride with the kids in the evening often and Kat said tonight on our ride at about 7 pm, "it getting dark mommy" and it was:(

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