Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hair Emergency

Wow, I thought my heart could not fit below my stomach but it sank right to my knees (crowding out my bladder) when hubby, whom I swear has this warped sense of humor said "there's hair in the bathroom and it's black." Warped why? Well, he has said this before and it always turned out to be a trim of bangs of one of the older girls or something and I have totally freaked out thinking the worst and it's nothing. Urge to hurt hubby here.

This time was the ONE. Malaree did something to a hunk of hair that it was no longer attached and then left the sissors on the sink in the bathroom, aka Kat's play area. (the girl LOVES water- she constantly in there messing in the sink)

So I am on the phone, trying not to freak out my sitter when I find the 3-4 inch piece of BLACK KAT HAIR. yup, it's hers. So as I finish my phone call before the screams erupt and deafen our sitter forever, I check out her head. Can't see where it came from. Really have to look as she is hiding her head now, knowing she has Baba and Momma in the room , looking at her and asking "did you do this?" BIG TROUBLE.

So after figuring out she chopped a piece off the side, I went with what I had been thinking of doing for a few weeks now. A TRIM. Toward her face angle since she had a hunk of hair that is still growing out of the "shaved off all her hair just for our Gotcha in October 2006" and was only about 5 inches long on one side of her head. the other side it was down to her shoulder. Now it is all even, angled and trimmed up neatly and after drying the tears (hers NOT mine) and a STERN warning that she is NEVER to do that again, her hair actually looks better. Hummm and didn't I just take her for pictures today. Go figure.

Yes, Miss Emily and Miss Kat are the best of friends and we met up with them at the mall and got the girls pictures taken. Talk about CUTE. We both had traditional Chinese outfits in purple for the girls and for some reason I have not gotten around to having Kat's picture professional done with her China clothes that we love.

Em's mom even had a Chinese umbrella that completed the picture. We shared the sheets of pictures, spent very little (thanks for the great coupons Lisa!!) and got the cutest pictures of our girls. Em smiled wonderful, what a sweetie that girl is. Kat was less cooperative, can't imagine that she is sick of picture taking, can you?

What did we do this week, since a whole week has past by so fast? Let's see. Appointment for H since she had a toothache that was ignored for over a year, took her to an endodontist after our dentist said she needed surgery for a botched root canal. Well, ends up she had a filling on the root canal tooth that was too big and rubbing, causing her pain and was fixed in less than a minute. Unbelieveable that she dealt with this all this time. Wow. C got a good report from school, his grades are good, improved very well although his teachers voiced a concern of him not having friends.. I guess it's common for this issue with teens, they come to a new home and school, don't want to make friends since they want to go home and making friends means you may have to stay with us awhile.

Malaree finished up with field hockey, and Camden finished soccer. Both were showing big improvements over the season. Donovan is going out for basketball, he thinks. He isn't sure yet. Camden is READING- he read me a Dr. Suess book, the whole way thru. He is in FIRST grade! Wow. What a great kiddo. He told me earlier when he had set up Kat's play table and they had playdough, he was trying to show her to do something a certain way and she refused to do it his way that "teaching her is too hard." It's not hard if she wants to listen :) She is just too stubborn. Smart as a whip, but stubborn as a mule.

So that's about it for the excitement at our house. That's enough for me.

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Donna said...

Maddy (Kat's Qinzhou Cousin) cut MASSIVE amounts of her hair off her head a few days ago. I nearly died when I saw the quantity!

I took her to the beauty shop and they cut her hair in an attempt to minimize the damage but you can pretty clearly see what she chopped off. Luckily, she's cute as can be so it wasn't too bad.

Pics on our blog, here:

If you don't have the password, let me know. Qinzhou Cousins are family and are, therefore, entitled to our password!