Monday, October 15, 2007

Children's Day

Did anyone know that it was National Children's Day yesterday? In China, Children's Day is celebrated June 1. It is a huge celebration as the Chinese treasure their children. Funny to say when they have so many orphans?

Yes, but figure that you live in a society that your SON will care for you when you grow old, your SON will be able to work to earn more to help the family, the government will not allow you to have more than one child and you have a society that does not allow the freedom to have daughters. The government is attempting to cut the population as the country can not support it's numbers now, to better the life for the future children, so it's hard to place all the blame on them. So what happens when you have a girl? Do you celebrate? Do you hide it and leave her to a ?better ? life if she can be adopted?

We live in an imperfect world and no one has the answers. Certainly not I :) But all in all we clearly saw how important their children were to the Chinese, even these girls, seemingly unwanted, but actually just given a different path. I knew how painful it was when our guide from our group CRIED, this guy, who joked and laughed thru all our tours for 2 weeks, broke down and could not finish speaking when he THANKED US for taking the girls and giving them a chance and to be sure they knew that they are Chinese and China did not give up on them, that they can be proud to be China girls.

It was a moment when we were truly awed by the blessing our God had given us, to be given a glimpse as to the pain it is for China to lose these precious girls. Not everyone in China is unfeeling toward their girls, and this one man showed us that HE understood what a treasure each of these girls lives were.

So back to our Children's Day that probably not ONE American reading this KNEW it was Children's Day (shame on us) we celebrated our children! We went to a tree farm, went on a hay ride, painted pumpkins, iced cookies and ate it, got Kat's face painted with a broom ( she picked that out, Camden said "Why does Kat have a spatula on her face?"
The older kiddos, including Dad went to the corn maze, Kat and I stuck to the hay pyramid. Fun, fun and more fun. We roasted hot dogs, shared a meal with a group for foster care and just generally had a blast. We fed the reindeer to help fatten them for Christmas. Dad wanted to go back in the corn maze at night with flashlights, mom is not that brave at all.

C and H had a good time and C got to see his sister who is now in care also. She went to a different foster home, we asked C if he wanted us to take her if she got placed and he said "no." So we respected his wish on that. Such a shame to see a family torn apart so but these kids and parents need a wake up call to be able to be together again and function as a family. C pulled something bad on Friday and we had a meeting today that went well, I think. We seem to be getting into him that he is working on being good to go HOME, and he has lost 3 weeks time now that we can't say "yeah C is doing great, he is ready for more visits, can handle them and should be able to go home soon." We WANT to be able to say that. We aren't trying to KEEP him, we are to help and get him to go back. Foster care is NOT for the weak of heart or rules, but it is rewarding. When he is smiling and baking a cake to prove his is "better than mine" he is a really sweet kid. He just needs back on track.

Kat knows it's Happy Birthday week, she thinks it's today! She says "Happy Birthday -me." She knows 3 days is SOON. Dad and I went shopping Saturday night and ate out all alone, as in just the two of us, like me and him, Dad and me, do you get my joy here? No one needing to go "ali-yah" in the middle of supper, no one whining in the stores, no crying that nothing was bought for them. WOW.
It was NICE, thanks Grandma Y, for babysitting the brood. Of course, I could not find what Kat asked for "a puppy sweeper" it has ears that go up and down and it barks. Made by Little Tikes and I have to get searching to see if I can find it on line. I did find her a guitar I know she will love but I wanted to get her the sweeper too. I guess if we can't find it there is always Christmastime.
It is party central here this week, Malaree is 16 on Wed., Kat's 4 on Thursday, Mom is ?? on Saturday. We are all Libras and funny enough all born in the Year of the Goat. By Chinese Zodiac that rotates through 12 animals then back through. So if you are REALLY smart you can figure out my age- Ha ha! I'll just leave you with that puzzle to figure out:)


Andie said...

28!! started having kiddos young!!! A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the beautiful young ladies at your home. I hope you all have a great timeon your birthdays! Give Kat a hug for me!
Birthday Blessings-Andie

Andi68 said...

Happy Birthday to all of you!!!
I know the age, but I won't rat you out since I will be that same age next July. Although I am grateful for every birthday now so I don't mind telling my age. :-)