Monday, September 24, 2007

What's another kid?

What have we been up to? Mayli and Macie are home and we are saying a BIG YAHHHHH HOOOOOO for them. Kat was saying "YanYan" looking at their pictures- which would be Macie's China name. We are happy for them and their new families and hope that each day brings them unending joy, just as Kat has brought to our lives. Our Min girls are so incredibly amazing. Spunky but sweet, strong but loving. Just incredible.

We got a foster child finally after months of being certified to take one, we were surprised to finally get the call. We got a 15 year old boy. Quiet and respectful so far. The boys are thrilled we have another boy in the house. Kat isn't sure what to think of him. We just got him tonight and he has to switch schools tomorrow. I am sure this will not be easy for him.

Tomorrow, which is today in China there is a big HOLIDAY for Harvest time. Mid -Autumn Festival is very important. The moon is the fullest and largest to the eye on this day. Moon cakes are eaten. Po Po and family wished us well on this day in their last letter as we will all be looking at the same moon on this night. Isn't that cool?

Kat has a new favorite TV show Yo Gabba Gabba. Talk about NUTS. She just LOVES it. It is right up there with Barney on the silly list. Momma is happy Survivor CHINA has started, I LOVE Survivor and am thrilled it is in China this time. Jiangxi province from what I read. I had to agree with the Christian woman that refused to stay in the beginning when they went to the temple to do a "welcoming" ceremony, HELLO, they were in a Buddist temple worshipping idols. I would have walked out too. I am a Christian and I was thrilled when she said on national TV, I worship GOD and I bow down to Him and only HIM> not idols. Way to GO!

Not much else going on this week so far. Nice and quiet. Just like we like it :)


Andie said...

I totally agree! I CHEERED, and had a few tears when she walked out. Not a worship service...come on! They were bowing to Budah! I'm already hooked...but it doesn't take much to hook me!
PS...I will keep you and your new foster son in my prayers. I had an aunt who did foster parenting...very tough, but such a wonderful thing to do.

Chelley said...

OMGoooooodness! I have been so slack and I came over to Check out Kat! AND wow has she CHANGED!!

You will have to stop feeding her she is GROWING way way to fast!!!!

Congreats on the foster care placement!

Guess what????

we applied to be foster parents!! We are in the waiting for approvle stage!