Saturday, September 1, 2007

Playing in the Park

We had a good time playing in the park, the past few days. Lovely weather we are having, not too hot or humid, just sunny and nice.
Kat was having a ball in the sand, Baba HATES sand and forbids them to get into it most of the time, but yesterday momma was with them first and she said "go for it." She thought it funny to bury her sandal then she couldn't find it!
We had gone to Malaree's field hockey team, don't ask the score, wow do they stink. I felt so bad for Mal since she was running and playing hard but the other team shut them wayyyyy out.
After listening to Kitty & Camden whine at Mal's field hockey game that they were HOT and TIRED at 3 in the afternoon, I figured we'd give them some fun so we played at the park till almost dark then went for ice cream. Choc- o- lot for Kat and Ban- nilla for Camden. Yum.
Kat was trying to brush her teeth today, I LOVE the conversations you hear children having with inate objects such as toothpaste. She went like this " comm'on toof pace. You can do it, man." She couldn't get any out. I once overheard Camden having a very serious discussion with himself. It went like this- "wow, I almost fell, I'm glad I didn't since I mighta hit my right arm and I really like my right arm, I wouldn't want to break it or something." Alrighty then. Silly bugs.

This morning the kids were told to clean up the big lego blocks they had scattered and were no longer interested in playing with. So apparently they decided to throw then at one another instead of putting them away and I had just called for Camden when I heard a howl. Here comes Kat, blood pouring from her nose.

She's got a handful of blood, it's down her clothes, on a couch, the floor, the wall, what a mess. She's bawling, Camden seeing how bad she is hurt breaks into tears and is bawling. So we got it all cleaned up and stopped gushing and Camden felt so bad he cleaned up all the blocks himself without making a peep. I pity any guy who makes any attempt to hurt Camden's sister- wow, I can just see it now. If he is that upset over an accident that no one even yelled at him about. He is very protective of Kat. He tried to help her when it happened but all she wanted was her momma.
Kat is now officially one of our nagging kids, she said today as we drove to my aunt and uncle's for dinner - "Ma, we dare yet" (we there yet). She is quite capable of driving you nuts asking things and repeating things to try to get her way so yup, she's ours.
We went to dinner today and Kat calls my Uncle "Grandpa." I don't think he minds as he is a grandpa, just not really hers :)She was sooo interested in his 4 wheeler and she told him she wanted to ride it. The pouty lip came out when he told her she was not big enough. She then said he usual "but I love it" as if that will instantly make you give her a ride. NOT! Silly girl.

Camden Kat and Dad were having fits that we lost cable for over 24 hours. Baba tried to tell me he didn't pay the bill- what a joker he is- but apparently a local bridge being worked on burned and cables were involved. I personally could go without TV for good. But a RACE was coming on and no TV- OH MY. So hubby called the cable company numerous times to voice his unhappiness, not that they got it on any sooner. Men and their races/football ugh!
Soon it will be birthday time, Camden's is next Sunday and he is already listing the things he wants. Also cousin Dustin in Japan will be 6 next week so we got him a gift and sent it off. As we purchased his gift, packaged it and sent it off, Kitty sang "Happy Birthday to Dustin" the WHOLE time. I guess the birthday singing was over once the package went to the mailman since after he took it she stopped, much to our relief. She sure loves to sing, just about anything she will sing it. We usually are happy to hear her, she is truly a lively little girl, but anything you have to hear repeated over and over for 25 minutes straight is pushing that last nerve I own :)

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