Monday, September 17, 2007

Picture Day, Oh Picture Day

I know you all are waiting on bated breath to find out if we managed to get pictures (ha ha) Well- we did. Of course it took about 7 phone calls on my part, #1 thought it would be funny to pretend he wasn't getting up, #2 and #3 didn't get up and had to be called repeatedly, showed up 1/2 hour late.

Luckily the photographer started on the individual (or in-dee-big-able as Camden called them ) photos first and didn't lose her time standing around freezing, yes, it was 30 degrees and they were in short sleeve, dresses and no shoes. Walking on stones by the river for one pose, all whining about their poor feet. (As if they wouldn't run like the wind barefoot over those rocks if I asked them NOT to or if they had wanted to go swimming) Poor Kitty was shivering so bad and grimacing in the cold, I am not sure any of her pictures do not look as if she is being tortured.

Mom was a wreak between ones not showing up on time and getting this all done, I forgot my camera. So we just have to wait for the real ones. 2-3 weeks she said. I am eager to see if we got one group shot of them all looking decent, I sure hope so!

We did have a good time afterwards when we took the crew out to breakfast at a local diner, the owner said we broke a record of 9 in one round booth :) That's us for sure - big and rowdy wild bunch. I wanted to get all gushy and say it was just amazing to have them all together for once but they told me to knock it off. I did have to look at them and feel very blessed. Sometimes we think of what we don't have so much and forget what great things we DO have, and my kids are right up there. Good and bad, I have been blessed to have them in my lives. I am in awe of God intrusting me with such an awesome job of raising this group of kiddos.

Kitty and I were off to Amish country today, one of the great things of living in our part of the world. 15 miles away there is an amazing valley that is home to many farms, families, Amish and looks like a slice of Heaven on Earth. (Click on the first picture of Kat to enlarge and check out that VIEW) Blue skies, mountains and just the perfect day to go and rejoice in serenity of this place. We hooked up with someone who knows all the "places" aka Amish farms with fruit and veggie stands for us to hit. We got homegrown, huge apples, peppers, watermelon, onion, corn on the cob and fresh baked BREAD- As in, so hot you couldn't touch it, FRESH. Also peach jelly and gobs, better known to some as Whoopie pies, or moon pies. We grew up callling them gobs. I got pumpkin and vanilla. YUMMY!
We had ice cream for lunch ( no nasty e-mails about that it's got CALCIUM) and just basically had a ball. It was a gorgeous day and Kat enjoyed seeing all the cows, horses, goats, kittens, dogs, and most of all picking out flowers with momma. She HAD to push the cart even though it was much bigger than her! We got a purple (mom's favorite) and yellow (Kat's favorite) each just $4 for HUGE mums. I just love autumn.

We also went to an all purpose store with crafts galore, Kat immediately found this rocking horse she thought was just perfect for her. Too bad the car was too full to bring him home :(

It was just a fun day out with Kat and one of many we will have in our lives, I hope. Although I take NOTHING for granted. We had a horrible tradegy yesterday, a local 9 month old baby girl lost her life over a MINI BLIND CORD> she was put down for nap and when checked had strangled herself on the cord. So PLEASE everyone, hugs your babies, CUT THE CORDS on your mini blinds, don't leave ANYTHING to chance. Every day is precious. Pray for the parents that must live with this horrible accident.

I'm hugging my family today and letting them know, I love them always.

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Andi68 said...

Kyle and I stop at a farm market down the road about one day a week on the way home from school. We can't seem to leave without corn-on-the-cob and 2 whoopie pies, one chocolate and one pumpkin. :)