Friday, September 7, 2007

My precious Camden

Some days your kids can make you feel like a million bucks. Camden did that today for me. His 7th birthday is this Sunday. So I took tiny cupcakes, juice and loot bags for his class today. I took some pictures, spent 15 minutes with them, sang him Happy Birthday and off we went. When he came home from school he declared it was his "best day ever" and kissed his momma. WOW. I'm sure it had nothing to do with plans to go to Slinky Action Zone with his friend Rece later either :)

Actually we pulled a fast one on Miss Kat. She is too little to play at Slinky, it's more for older aka rougher kids, so we told them we were all going to "play" and Baba took the boys to Slinky, momma and Kat shopped then hit the play area in the mall. We all ate at CiCi's first, macaroni on pizza, yuck. Kat ate 3 bites of soup. She was happy as a clam and didn't know the difference. She got a loot bag too and a new little china tea set. So it all worked out well. Except Baba refused to take the camera and play photographer.
Rece and Camden both said it was their best day EVER in their WHOLE lives ( a big 5 and almost 7 years old :) so it clearly was a big hit. We have our first soccer game tomorrow.
I got Kat her leotards for gymnastics and footless leggings since the gym is freezing in the winter. I had a hard time finding a small enough leotard. Kat thought when I said LEOTARD I was saying GUITAR, yeah I can see how she'd think that- and she thought we were buying her a guitar. Nice try chick.
She was thirsty at the play center and Camden didn't want to share his water with her (something about sister germs) so the nice lady at the cookie stand gave her some milk. I was surprised she drank it, she usually won't, but she was really thirsty so she did. Now we are home and she thinks she needs to "fro up" and has hung over the toilet twice, but not done any "froing up". I wonder if she can not tolerate milk. She doesn't have a fever and she says her belly hurts. Poor baby.
I can hardly wait for Monday to bring us the news about 2 of our Min girls that will be meeting their forever families, we have had a lovely time getting to know them during their long wait and wish them all the best with the trip of a lifetime to their daughters. Mayli and Macie will be getting 2 0f the neatest moms I know. Min mommas.
I'm off to bed now, I am wore out.

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