Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day past

Yes, Labor day has come and gone, I worked on Labor Day as I usually end up doing. Guess there is no "non- Labor day" when it comes to birthing babies :) My family was nice enough to bring me ice cream at work after they went out to eat, I hugged Kat and said "you smell like Chinese"- meaning the FOOD- Camden spouts off "she is Chinese, mom" like I went stupid or something :)

Kat went to the sitter's (Shannon) yesterday and is NUTS about a guitar that one of the kids brought, it has a head set and she just took it over and was jamming away. She sings EVERYTHING, even if it makes no sense she is singing. I enjoy it as I know she is happy. All I heard out of her today was "went to Shannon's- play guitar" as she mimicked how she played.
Only BAD part about going to the sitter, the NAP, yes the dreaded NAP> I swear if I watched kids I'd want them ALL to nap and for a good LONGGGGG time. But Kat is very much like Derrik and Camden were, by age 3 if they napped it was midnight till they could sleep. They get grouchy around 4 or 5 pm but that's too late to nap. Trying earlier napping doesn't work, it's just best that they do not nap. Last night it was 1 a.m. till she stopped gabbing. She was thinking of pulling a whole night shift till I shut her down. She has stripped her bed, pulled out toys, books, went all-i-yah twice, had drinks, and I was done. I sent her to bed and said GO FOONGOWL NOW> and she finally did. I had to post a picture of her from Jan. 2007 and last night. Big changes, huh? I LOVE jammie pictures, they are so much fun and Kitty looks so darn cute in her jammies:) I'm just a jammie kinda girl, and so is Miss Kat.

Kat is getting all excited that Camden's birthday is this week, besides him being her favorite brother, she can finally understand that Camden's birthday, Malaree's birthday, then KAT'S birthday means her birthday is COMING.

We went today and got Kat an outfit for gymnastics, yes, it's starting soon and along with field hockey, soccer, Donovan's lawn mowing jobs, we don't have enough to do. Ha Ha. Such is life with kids :) Luckily we are able to get her classes done during the day, so that's one less evening place to be. She will start with 2-3 days a week and they are going to evaluate her to see if she needs more intense training. I personally think she is natural, but then climbing up the outside of the stair case doesn't really qualify as a gymnastic feat. If she is good we can move her on to advance classes. I do know that every one of the Chinese Gold Medalists for gymnastics for the Olympics has come from- none other than- Guangxi Province- where Kat is from. Now I am not a nut mother who will be claiming she must be the next world medalist due to this, if she ENJOYS gymnastics we will encourage her to have fun with it, that's all. I do not care to push ANY of my children to exceed the fun limit to WORK on any sport or activity they do. I want them to use their BRAINS to have a career and life, not their bodies. Other than to be healthy.

Speaking of healthy, somehow the scale battery dies and when replaced Baba and I BOTH have found 10 more pounds EACH to claim as our own. What's with that scale anyway? I think it's possessed. That's what I am claiming anyway, when it flies out our bathroom window and hopefully dies a painful death.

I must share this gross and disgusting tale with everyone, take pity on me. Hubby made eggs, bacon, toast and tea Saturday morning. Momma is loving it, just sitting back eating it all up. ( what 10 pounds?) As I take my plate to the sink like a good girl, the DOG is eating scrambled eggs. A few left over Baba says. Hum........ well momma thought with bacon grease cooked eggs this was not a good idea but since keeping mouth shut is good for not having times in which I must say "I told you so" causing what's commonly known as ANNOYING WIFE SYNDROME, I said NOTHING. WELL------ it's been 4 days and we have cleaned out the kennel 4 times, bathed the dog-twice- scrubbed rugs, washed rugs, taken dog out numerous times and quite frankly I am not cleaning anymore of it. I didn't do it, I KNEW better but this is AWFUL> the poor dog looks miserable, he can't help his ISSUE. So ANS (annoying wife syndrome) has hit anyway since I HAD to point out WHO gave dog the eggs as I took a stand about the mess. Next time I'll just say it! Don't give that to the DOG!!!

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Andie said...

I get the annoying wife syndrome from time to time...don't we all! It's so hard to keep your mouth shut and let them do it their way...even though our way is so much better!!!
Can never have enough Kat! :o)