Thursday, September 20, 2007

Have CAT will travel?

We found the crazy Miss Toffee in Camden's car seat and ready to go this morning. Not sure where she thinks she is going but there she was. Quite funny since this is the cat that finds a spot, even the LITTER BOX somedays and stays there all day sleeping so long we check if she is breathing! She is one laid back cat. Should've named her Garfield :)

Our Miss Kat is now thrilled that Jimmy Dean has heard Baba's upset over her eating corn dogs for breakfast and responded with a "cookie corn dog" just for her. It is a sausage link covered in a blueberry pancake, Kat thought the blueberry spots looked like a chocolate chip cookie so they are called "cookie corn dogs" here. Now Baba can feel like she is eating a real breakfast food :) She can eat cookie corn dog for breakfast and corn dog for lunch. I still say "euuuuhhhh", to either one. But I don't stress unless she doesn't EAT at all.

Camden keeps getting mad at Kat, when she refers to him in any way she calls him a "she". He says "I am a BOY- Kat" but she just doesn't get it and will continue to tell me what "she" is doing or said. I have to tell him she just isn't understanding, it's funny how certain things she has a harder time grasping. I was very glad when we went on our trip the other day that she was saying "excuse me" to people when she wanted something, to get their attention since the "HEY, HEY - ME WANTS" was not very polite.
Baba was holding Kat in the kitchen after work and she was saying to him, I love my daddy, you my daddy and I love you. It's so sweet to see Baba's tired face go to a smile of joy with this precious girl in his arms declaring how much she loves him. She so amazingly cuddly and warm with all of us, her Po Po must have shown her much affection for her to be so open and willing to share her feelings for us. She has been this way since we came home. At night when you put her to bed, if you kiss her and go to leave she says "Hey, what about huggies, don't forget the huggies." It's so funny, then I have to go back and hug and love on her some more. She always is so affectionate.
Lots to do today, it's another sunny and gorgeous fall day here.

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Ladyblog said...

So sweet. I love reading your blog. Aren't these girls just the most precious gifts?