Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fever gone bye bye

Not sure how this girl gets a fever then it's gone, just like that. No runny nose, no cough, no other signs of illness but I'm not knocking it. I'm just GLAD.

Camden had yet another, birthday party at the sitter's today. Kat came home and said "go to Shannon's, mommy- party." Like it was old hat by now, yeah yeah, another party, not for her, blah blah blah. Silly girl. No patience at all, just like her mother, poor thing.

Our new Grandma is coming tomorrow to take Kitty and go off to the park, sad to say that my mother is so lame she doesn't seem to know grandparenting involves SEEING the children, pretending to like them a little is good too. So my wonderful aunt whom I am calling Momma L. now has taken pity on us and is taking us under her wing to give my kids and me the mothering and grandmothering we need. I thank God for giving us her, she is special lady.

I caught up on Kat's scrapbook today. Also on Camden's. I still need to work on Donovan's and get more pictures printed out. I am out of ink for my picture printer. This means a trip to Walmart tomorrow- yeah! Shopping for Miss Kitty and I :) I try really hard to make myself not buy something for her once in a while but with the upcoming winter looming, a new season to purchase for, its hard not to!! I did go through all her clothes and put away next summer stuff, get out the winter stuff, figure out what she needs most of, ordered hair bows to match her stuff.

I am going to pair tights with her outfits, even pants to keep her warmer this winter. I tried insulated underwear last year but even that wasn't quite enough. So I figure if we do undershirts and heavy tights she will be warmer. That's a big issue with her being so tiny. She is still just 27 pounds, some days that crazy scale says 28 then back to 27 it goes so I figure she may be at 27 1/2 pounds and is 37 inches tall.

She is amazingly still wearing the same size shoe as last year at Gotcha, a size 6. they are just now getting a bit tight to consider going to a 7 and I have a request in for squeakies in size 7 with the moms in China getting their Min girls now :) Don't despair, we'll have them bigger! Such tiny little feet.

I curled her hair and had to laugh when Camden said so seriously "mom I do not like her hair like that, she does not look Chinese." Okay then?? I said to him, "Camden, changing her hair does not change her being Chinese you goof." He just said " I don't like it" and off he went.

She'll be 4 years old next month! So much fun and love in such a small package :) She was telling me in her picture where to put my kisses, bossy little love bug. Couldn't you just kiss her silly????

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