Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family pictures? No way!

Hasn't rained steady for weeks now but the day I set up outdoor pictures, it was RAINING, of course. I had to reschedule. For Sunday and 9 am. Let's hope they all show up as this is NOT their favorite time of the day- nor mine :(

I did have them all here and before I was able to pull off actually getting them all arranged to show up Sunday I thought I'd pop off a few shots of them myself. Since they really do look good. WELL, it did not go well. I pity the photographer, glad it's her job to get these goofballs to all look the same direction, smile and stay that way. Either someone had their eyes closed, some one turned their head, someone was whining and pouting- oops, no that was me--- they slouched, they made goofy faces, they looked up down, to the sides- ahhhhhhhhh. I wanted to be shot and not by a camera.

I finally told them all to GIT GONE- they were driving me nuts.
But this is what I got with my camera. The shots of them all was impossible to fix the red eye as it was "undetected" on the guys in the back since they came out a bit fuzzy. I do like MOST of the individuals. I may torture them less over indivduals for the actual photo shoot since I got a few of them looking pretty nice. But they are still going to do it. I'll shoot off a few pics while the pro does her thing and we can compare them to what I got so far:)

Here they are in order:

D is 22. He works in a glass factory, hates pictures, hence the goofy look. He likes to read, read and read. He is very bright. He is shy and LOVES kids.

J is 21. He is the cutie. He is considering a Military career, against mom's advice (Of course). He is very outgoing and adventuresome. He works overnight shifts at a local store so I get to worry that he will be robbed ( common around here).

B is 18. He has a new job as a store manager for a new store opening. He likes to drive mom nuts, as in haircut 20 minutes before pictures happened ! He is the king of goofy looks.

M is 15 , almost 16 going on 20. She plays in field hockey and loves to write. Poems, stories, she is very good at it. She is in 10th grade and has many friends. She is gifted student with excellent grades. When Kat saw Jie Jie's picture she said "my Jie Jie Beautiful!"

D is 13. He also hates pictures. (who are these kids? If they didn't look so much like me I'd have to wonder) He is in 8th grade this year and he loves biking, camping, and messing with wiring, I swear he gonna burn the house down :) (don't worry he isn't allowed to touch the "LIVE wiring")

C just turned 7. He loves school, 1st grade, tries to get ready to go every weekend and we have to tell him there is no school. He loves to play soccer, baseball, ride bikes, run around, play, play and PLAY. He is a super big brother to Kat. He has traveled to China and Japan in his short life, he is a great traveler.

Miss Kitty is 3, almost 4! Our China princess. Sweet as can be and loves all these big crazy kids. She was THRILLED to see them all last night. She is from QinZhou, Guangxi China and we brought her home last October at age 3. She is a true delight. She was the perfect fit in this wild and crazy bunch. She melts even those big ones with her smiles, big hugs and her complete joy just to have them stop in.
Now you got -em, see what that poor photographer is up against. Pray for her, she'll need it. But really, these are my babies. I love each of them so much.

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