Sunday, September 9, 2007

Camden's 7!

My boy is 7. What a blessing to have 7 years of him in our lives. I never thought after Dono-bin I would have another child and when Daddy and I blended our family Camden and now Kat have been like the icing over the layers. Smoothed out the rough edges of the boys, filled in for lumpy roads and sweetened the whole deal! I thought I wanted a girl, since Baba had a girl, that we would get one. HA HA on me. But you brought us our girl anyway!! Since YOU wanted a sister and we opened our eyes and hearts to God's plan we got our girl/sister.

I just KNEW you'd come out a redhead. No doubt in my mind. But to see a Mini male me over all these years is something I STILL can't get over. You even do my one eyebrow life of displeasure exactly like me. AHHHH.
You are funny and sensitive, yesterday at the first soccer game you cried when the coach took you out after trying to get the ball and accidently kicking a boy twice. You thought you had hurt him and done something wrong. The coach was just trying to give you a break. You are bigger than most of the kids and played last year so he did not want you to be too aggressive. So you had a shoulder to cry on then back in the game you went. I will always have a shoulder, hand, lap, available to you, my baby boy. I'm glad this year your shirt is green, so as to not clash with your fabulous red hair, I know, you could care less but really, burgundy is NOT your color.
I love your personality, you are very sweet and sensitive to others. You are a great Gie Gie for Kat and a good kiddo all around. I'm proud to be your momma, my 5th son.

Camden made 6 goals at the soccer game and then was surprised when I threw some water on him as it was soooo hot. He had a good time at the game. Miss Kitty was having fun messing with the canteen of water and filling up a cup, she asked if she "get wadder" and I said yes, next thing I know I look and can't see my girl. I said to Baba, "where's our daughter", he didn't know. So before I could freak completely a woman pointed and said "THERE" and the turd girl was half a football field away running to the pavillion bathroom. Baba took off after her, but she made it there, through the gate and parking lot before he made it to her. Her response -"momma said I could." AHHHHHHH, I just don't think so. She was sternly told NEVER to do that again.Luckily the area going to the pavillion bathroom through the parking lot is short and not where the cars pull out, they come down a hill into the lot and she probably would have been seen before anything would have happened. But she is FEARLESS> she doesn't understand that not EVERYONE in this world is safe.
Last night we got to have a fun visit with Emily(China girl) and Ethan , Kat's 2 buddies. They had a great time playing, giggling and trashing the toy box. They found all kinds of neat stuff they hadn't seen in a while from the toy chest. We had a lovely visit with their parents and are so glad to share some fun times with them. I HAD to get the girls matching shirts when I found shirts that said "My daddy thinks I'm awesome!" They were just too cute. Kat just loves to play with Em and Ethan, although when they first came and she had actually just woke up from a nap ( wore her out at the soccer game) she had an issue with understanding they were going to be touching "her" toys. WOW> so I explained that like at the babysitter's she plays but doesn't take the toys home, Em and Ethan would play with her toys but not take them home. A crazy thing called SHARING. She was better then. She had a great time and was out cold sleeping after they left.
Kat has finally figured out that birthdays are a blast and that nearly everyone has had one but HER> so I told her Camden's Malaree's then Kat's!!! So after Camden's today she said "Malry's, then KAT birfday, yeah". Poor thing has waited so long. At least this year she will understand what to do with her gifts! She should be loads of fun. Can't wait!

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