Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are you drunk?

Oh the joy of children. As we go into a local quick stop store we run into a town cop. He also happens to be my step-brother- in- law, how's that for a mouthful. Not that any of us grew up together, we were all adults when our parents married. ANYWAY- he says to Kat- don't you look cute today, pointing to her piggytails. She looks at him and says "are you drunk?" HUMMMM... he says "no, I'm not drunk" as I start to get the evil eye-as in WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THIS KID?

I looked at him and said (after a brief speechless moment) " I don't think that's what she said, she doesn't know that word." So as I RACK my brain to think of what she could have possibly said and scoop her up before he can declare me unfit and make a run for it with her, I asked her to repeat it and she says "DRUNK". At this point, besides being totally red faced, I quickly came up with "truck, OHHHHH, she thinks you are the mailman with his truck as you have a uniform on!!"
Phewwwww! I think he believed me- at least Children's Services hasn't knocked on my door YET. Ha Ha. What a great sense of humor my child has, and all this from a kid whose parents DON'T DRINK AT ALL> Good grief.

Our new Grandma came today and took Kat to the park, she said she behaved very well. I said she usually does, but she can be stubborn at times. But the poor thing wanted an apple as we went to leave, they were setting up for a Farmer's Market to begin at noon and it was 10 minutes till and the man REFUSED to sell us any apples till 12. I had to tell that poor little girl she couldn't have an apple as we weren't allowed to buy one. Guess what Farmer's Market I will NEVER buy anything from? So we came home and got an apple. So there- meanie man.

Momma took advantage of Grandma coming and went shopping, a nice message came today stating a local store was having a 75% of sale so off I went. I did not buy much, but I got some great bargains on bigger shorts for Camden ($4) and shirts ($3) all for next summer. I got a dress for $5 that was originally $50! Not for Camden though, it's Kat:) I LOVE clearance shopping :)

We had soccer practice tonight and Kitty had fun playing. Camden is doing really well in soccer, he is a very fast runner and can take off with the ball and no one can catch him so he scores.

I woke up numerous times last night, first Kat couldn't get to sleep, she was fussing in her room. So in our bed she went. She fell asleep, I noted the clock to be around 12am. Okay still a few hours till the alarm. So off to dream land I go. Next thing I know I have Camden in the bed, I am mushed in the middle with two kiddos on my pillows and I have the crack of the pillows for my head. I can't move either and the covers are gone. Baba said at some point he woke up from falling asleep watching his movie and came in the bedroom, shook his head and meandered back to the couch for a decent night's sleep. I have put 2 kids to bed tonight, hoping they are tired enough to STAY in their own beds, with instructions to STAY in their own beds, as I want them in their OWN BEDS!

Baba and I have been having issues with losing things, Baba more so than I. He can drive me nuts trying to find things he is SURE he brought home from work, only to find them at WORK> but the other day as I finally found the address labels that are supposed to be on the bill paying desk and we figured some kid took to use them for stickers as they have been known to do, we came to a conclusion. By the time we get the kids out of the house and can put things somewhere and go back and they still be there we are going to be so old we aren't going to remember where we put them in the first place! So as we laughed and enjoyed that glimpse of our future, it sure made it not so bad to a least have the kids to blame for now. I knew they were good for something :)

Now if we can just teach them not to ask cops if they are DRUNK..............


Andie said...

Clearance is the most awesome thing! I so rarely buy things unless they are on clearance...or a really good sale!
Kat is such a stinker! Asking someone if he's drunk! What will she do next? Can't wait to see! :-)

Andie said...

Vicki...on another note...have you seen Zhang on any of the waiting child lists? I can't bring myself to look anymore. Warren still isn't at a place where he can consider adoption, and my heart can't take another break. I was just wondering if you had seen him, if he has another chance for a family. He is constantly on my heart and in my mind. I was just wondering, and if you haven't looked, that's ok, too.

ronvic7 said...

I have not seen him anywhere else. I also keep him in our prayers. When the time is right for all, it WILL happen. God teaches us so much by making us WAIT- I am such a better Christian due to our journey to Kat. Other children have given me pause, even after Kat, but I have been led to pray for them , not adopt them:) and I can accept that is God's plan- at least for now:) Zhang is His son, He will take care of him.

Andi68 said...

You are right cousin of mine. God has his own timing and plans. And they are perfect.
I love clearance as well. There is a place down here that has $40-$70 little girl dresses for under $10 only one day a year, in the spring. I will look into it and let you know what day.
Take care