Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yes, we are a full house of children, lots of children. I love it. We have a 15 year old boy (C) and a 17 3/4 aged girl (H) foster children. Kitty is loving it. She has lots of playmates, she is enjoying having new kiddos to show off her stuff to. How could you resist this cute little face?

This week has been chalk full of running here and there, to get C in school , as he had to change schools, and to get H settled in with all her stuff.

H has come from a group home, living with 12 girls. She was never given the chance to live in a foster home, her dad died and her mom has not been able to provide a home for her. So at the last 3 months of her childhood she is able to be a part of a family. I want her to enjoy this time and be able to feel a part of us, which I think she has since she introduced us as her foster mom, sister, brothers, etc. this a.m. to her friend that came over to meet us for approval to go "hang out."

I really like both of our new kids and think they are really nice young people. I don't know if we are still in "honeymoon phase" or we just lucked out but they are a really good fit for us.

Kat took an immediate liking to C- she is calling him "carrot" even though that is NOT close to his name:) Too cute though. She climbed on his head on the couch and was checking out his arm as he is wearing a cast. He has been very tolerant of her, considering her age and his, I am glad. Not too many 15 year old boys care to be bombarded by a tiny little live wire of a girl :)
She can sure "break the ice" with these kids, she is so friendly aka nosey and has to be checking everything they do out. She told H "you so preddy" yesterday and she was smiling away. I took C with me to the sitter's when dropping off Kat and she hugged me and kissed me goodbye, then looking at C for a second she grabbed his leg, hugged it, and kissed his hand that was hanging down. It was so funny- I think it was the first smile we got out of him.

Funny enough we have had an added blessing of our children behaving better, this is a good lesson for them as to how good they have it to be in a stable and loving home, also Dono-bin and C have some things in common and can entertain one another, while Camden has Kat to play with and it has left much less time for Dono-bin and Camden to PICK at each other. That's a welcome break!

Other than being wildly busy trying to fit in meetings, doctor appointments, work, school, etc., it has been a good week for them all. Just nuts for mom. I am enjoying talking with the new ones and getting to know them. C made us laugh today when he told us he now has a girlfriend- 2 days into a new school. I think he is too cute for his own good :)

I think the most difficult part is trying to keep track of everyone and get them all to their activities, C is going to do wrestling and he entered Vo tech which he could not get at his old school. H has her GED and wants to do a nurses aid program. She is actively looking for a job as she likes to have spending money and go shopping.

Mal is still in field hockey, Camden soccer, Dono-bin has 2 lawn mowing weekly jobs. So we are busy, happy and enjoying what God has blessed us with, a big, fun family.

For now we are off to Camden's soccer game, tomorrow we will take God's day to REST!


Andie said...

Busy, Busy, Busy! But you love it that way!!! :o)

ronvic7 said...

Oh you soooo know me :)