Monday, September 10, 2007

11 months today!

11 months since Gotcha and amazingly it is Gotcha for our good friends and Min Sisters Mayli and Macie today. They look very happy and sweet, they are total blessings to their families. We wish them the best as they just begin their new lives with Forever Families.
Miss Kitty is not feeling well today. She is running a 102 fever and stated "I weally weally sick momma" when she got up. She has no other signs of illness except the "illness breath" Baba thought I was nuts when I told him you can tell when kids are sick as they have a certain smell to their breath, not gross or anything, just different. He learned with Camden I was right :)
So I don't know what is going on with her but we will have a quiet day today. She feels good enough to tell me she has "dirty feet" meaning she is encroaching on my shower, like it or not. If I tell her "NO" she will strip and climb in the minute she hears the water and sees I am in and can't see her. She gets in, gets clean then she plays with the toy boat and squirt guns by saying she is "doing the dishes." She also said "I wanna feel bedder momma." As if I have a majic potion- I wish baby girl, I wish!
11 months. Almost a year. What has she not experienced with us yet? Jie Jie Malry's birthday. The torture planned for Friday- 7 kids in one family picture. Fall leaves turning. Not too much. She fits in with us just perfectly, like she was born of us. Yet we wouldn't trade her "history" for anything- it is a part of her. We are blessed with her foster parents, now her China grandparents. She still has her China Gie Gie, they sent pictures of him and she said "my Gie Gie in China." The love there is obvious. We are teaching her she is Chinese, she is not getting that we aren't ALL Chinese just yet. But I tell her I LOVE her black China hair. That Po Po (Grandma) and her China Gie Gie have China black hair. I am proud she is a lovely Chinese American girl. She has blended right in to our family, it's hard to think of a time without her. It was barely a month that Camden started school last year and I was alone all day, before we traveled to get Kat. What did I do with all that time?
Today I am trying to figure out how to get everything done I want to do today, even with a quiet day in. The laundry that never ends and can't walk to the washer alone- darn. The dishes, left for me :) love you family!! I'm behind on my scrapbooking for all. Camden is on book #2 that's full, Kat #3 book. I LOVE to keep up with them. It's so fun to look through their book and see so much change in them from the front to the back, it makes my pictures of them all the more precious. I so rarely get out the old photo albums and look through them, but the scrapbooks are just so fun to flip through. I'm glad that I tried it out with getting Miss Kat and it's given me so much joy- another thing she brought to us.
It would take me all day to list all the good, wonderful things the past 11 months have brought us but I can do it all with posting pictures so you can see it for yourselves:) Look at that smile, that face..... need I say more? 11 months of sweetness, love and girly giggles, I couldn't love you more Miss Kitty Kat!

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11 months...WOW!! She's such a blessing!