Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yes, we are a full house of children, lots of children. I love it. We have a 15 year old boy (C) and a 17 3/4 aged girl (H) foster children. Kitty is loving it. She has lots of playmates, she is enjoying having new kiddos to show off her stuff to. How could you resist this cute little face?

This week has been chalk full of running here and there, to get C in school , as he had to change schools, and to get H settled in with all her stuff.

H has come from a group home, living with 12 girls. She was never given the chance to live in a foster home, her dad died and her mom has not been able to provide a home for her. So at the last 3 months of her childhood she is able to be a part of a family. I want her to enjoy this time and be able to feel a part of us, which I think she has since she introduced us as her foster mom, sister, brothers, etc. this a.m. to her friend that came over to meet us for approval to go "hang out."

I really like both of our new kids and think they are really nice young people. I don't know if we are still in "honeymoon phase" or we just lucked out but they are a really good fit for us.

Kat took an immediate liking to C- she is calling him "carrot" even though that is NOT close to his name:) Too cute though. She climbed on his head on the couch and was checking out his arm as he is wearing a cast. He has been very tolerant of her, considering her age and his, I am glad. Not too many 15 year old boys care to be bombarded by a tiny little live wire of a girl :)
She can sure "break the ice" with these kids, she is so friendly aka nosey and has to be checking everything they do out. She told H "you so preddy" yesterday and she was smiling away. I took C with me to the sitter's when dropping off Kat and she hugged me and kissed me goodbye, then looking at C for a second she grabbed his leg, hugged it, and kissed his hand that was hanging down. It was so funny- I think it was the first smile we got out of him.

Funny enough we have had an added blessing of our children behaving better, this is a good lesson for them as to how good they have it to be in a stable and loving home, also Dono-bin and C have some things in common and can entertain one another, while Camden has Kat to play with and it has left much less time for Dono-bin and Camden to PICK at each other. That's a welcome break!

Other than being wildly busy trying to fit in meetings, doctor appointments, work, school, etc., it has been a good week for them all. Just nuts for mom. I am enjoying talking with the new ones and getting to know them. C made us laugh today when he told us he now has a girlfriend- 2 days into a new school. I think he is too cute for his own good :)

I think the most difficult part is trying to keep track of everyone and get them all to their activities, C is going to do wrestling and he entered Vo tech which he could not get at his old school. H has her GED and wants to do a nurses aid program. She is actively looking for a job as she likes to have spending money and go shopping.

Mal is still in field hockey, Camden soccer, Dono-bin has 2 lawn mowing weekly jobs. So we are busy, happy and enjoying what God has blessed us with, a big, fun family.

For now we are off to Camden's soccer game, tomorrow we will take God's day to REST!

Monday, September 24, 2007

What's another kid?

What have we been up to? Mayli and Macie are home and we are saying a BIG YAHHHHH HOOOOOO for them. Kat was saying "YanYan" looking at their pictures- which would be Macie's China name. We are happy for them and their new families and hope that each day brings them unending joy, just as Kat has brought to our lives. Our Min girls are so incredibly amazing. Spunky but sweet, strong but loving. Just incredible.

We got a foster child finally after months of being certified to take one, we were surprised to finally get the call. We got a 15 year old boy. Quiet and respectful so far. The boys are thrilled we have another boy in the house. Kat isn't sure what to think of him. We just got him tonight and he has to switch schools tomorrow. I am sure this will not be easy for him.

Tomorrow, which is today in China there is a big HOLIDAY for Harvest time. Mid -Autumn Festival is very important. The moon is the fullest and largest to the eye on this day. Moon cakes are eaten. Po Po and family wished us well on this day in their last letter as we will all be looking at the same moon on this night. Isn't that cool?

Kat has a new favorite TV show Yo Gabba Gabba. Talk about NUTS. She just LOVES it. It is right up there with Barney on the silly list. Momma is happy Survivor CHINA has started, I LOVE Survivor and am thrilled it is in China this time. Jiangxi province from what I read. I had to agree with the Christian woman that refused to stay in the beginning when they went to the temple to do a "welcoming" ceremony, HELLO, they were in a Buddist temple worshipping idols. I would have walked out too. I am a Christian and I was thrilled when she said on national TV, I worship GOD and I bow down to Him and only HIM> not idols. Way to GO!

Not much else going on this week so far. Nice and quiet. Just like we like it :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Have CAT will travel?

We found the crazy Miss Toffee in Camden's car seat and ready to go this morning. Not sure where she thinks she is going but there she was. Quite funny since this is the cat that finds a spot, even the LITTER BOX somedays and stays there all day sleeping so long we check if she is breathing! She is one laid back cat. Should've named her Garfield :)

Our Miss Kat is now thrilled that Jimmy Dean has heard Baba's upset over her eating corn dogs for breakfast and responded with a "cookie corn dog" just for her. It is a sausage link covered in a blueberry pancake, Kat thought the blueberry spots looked like a chocolate chip cookie so they are called "cookie corn dogs" here. Now Baba can feel like she is eating a real breakfast food :) She can eat cookie corn dog for breakfast and corn dog for lunch. I still say "euuuuhhhh", to either one. But I don't stress unless she doesn't EAT at all.

Camden keeps getting mad at Kat, when she refers to him in any way she calls him a "she". He says "I am a BOY- Kat" but she just doesn't get it and will continue to tell me what "she" is doing or said. I have to tell him she just isn't understanding, it's funny how certain things she has a harder time grasping. I was very glad when we went on our trip the other day that she was saying "excuse me" to people when she wanted something, to get their attention since the "HEY, HEY - ME WANTS" was not very polite.
Baba was holding Kat in the kitchen after work and she was saying to him, I love my daddy, you my daddy and I love you. It's so sweet to see Baba's tired face go to a smile of joy with this precious girl in his arms declaring how much she loves him. She so amazingly cuddly and warm with all of us, her Po Po must have shown her much affection for her to be so open and willing to share her feelings for us. She has been this way since we came home. At night when you put her to bed, if you kiss her and go to leave she says "Hey, what about huggies, don't forget the huggies." It's so funny, then I have to go back and hug and love on her some more. She always is so affectionate.
Lots to do today, it's another sunny and gorgeous fall day here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Picture Day, Oh Picture Day

I know you all are waiting on bated breath to find out if we managed to get pictures (ha ha) Well- we did. Of course it took about 7 phone calls on my part, #1 thought it would be funny to pretend he wasn't getting up, #2 and #3 didn't get up and had to be called repeatedly, showed up 1/2 hour late.

Luckily the photographer started on the individual (or in-dee-big-able as Camden called them ) photos first and didn't lose her time standing around freezing, yes, it was 30 degrees and they were in short sleeve, dresses and no shoes. Walking on stones by the river for one pose, all whining about their poor feet. (As if they wouldn't run like the wind barefoot over those rocks if I asked them NOT to or if they had wanted to go swimming) Poor Kitty was shivering so bad and grimacing in the cold, I am not sure any of her pictures do not look as if she is being tortured.

Mom was a wreak between ones not showing up on time and getting this all done, I forgot my camera. So we just have to wait for the real ones. 2-3 weeks she said. I am eager to see if we got one group shot of them all looking decent, I sure hope so!

We did have a good time afterwards when we took the crew out to breakfast at a local diner, the owner said we broke a record of 9 in one round booth :) That's us for sure - big and rowdy wild bunch. I wanted to get all gushy and say it was just amazing to have them all together for once but they told me to knock it off. I did have to look at them and feel very blessed. Sometimes we think of what we don't have so much and forget what great things we DO have, and my kids are right up there. Good and bad, I have been blessed to have them in my lives. I am in awe of God intrusting me with such an awesome job of raising this group of kiddos.

Kitty and I were off to Amish country today, one of the great things of living in our part of the world. 15 miles away there is an amazing valley that is home to many farms, families, Amish and looks like a slice of Heaven on Earth. (Click on the first picture of Kat to enlarge and check out that VIEW) Blue skies, mountains and just the perfect day to go and rejoice in serenity of this place. We hooked up with someone who knows all the "places" aka Amish farms with fruit and veggie stands for us to hit. We got homegrown, huge apples, peppers, watermelon, onion, corn on the cob and fresh baked BREAD- As in, so hot you couldn't touch it, FRESH. Also peach jelly and gobs, better known to some as Whoopie pies, or moon pies. We grew up callling them gobs. I got pumpkin and vanilla. YUMMY!
We had ice cream for lunch ( no nasty e-mails about that it's got CALCIUM) and just basically had a ball. It was a gorgeous day and Kat enjoyed seeing all the cows, horses, goats, kittens, dogs, and most of all picking out flowers with momma. She HAD to push the cart even though it was much bigger than her! We got a purple (mom's favorite) and yellow (Kat's favorite) each just $4 for HUGE mums. I just love autumn.

We also went to an all purpose store with crafts galore, Kat immediately found this rocking horse she thought was just perfect for her. Too bad the car was too full to bring him home :(

It was just a fun day out with Kat and one of many we will have in our lives, I hope. Although I take NOTHING for granted. We had a horrible tradegy yesterday, a local 9 month old baby girl lost her life over a MINI BLIND CORD> she was put down for nap and when checked had strangled herself on the cord. So PLEASE everyone, hugs your babies, CUT THE CORDS on your mini blinds, don't leave ANYTHING to chance. Every day is precious. Pray for the parents that must live with this horrible accident.

I'm hugging my family today and letting them know, I love them always.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family pictures? No way!

Hasn't rained steady for weeks now but the day I set up outdoor pictures, it was RAINING, of course. I had to reschedule. For Sunday and 9 am. Let's hope they all show up as this is NOT their favorite time of the day- nor mine :(

I did have them all here and before I was able to pull off actually getting them all arranged to show up Sunday I thought I'd pop off a few shots of them myself. Since they really do look good. WELL, it did not go well. I pity the photographer, glad it's her job to get these goofballs to all look the same direction, smile and stay that way. Either someone had their eyes closed, some one turned their head, someone was whining and pouting- oops, no that was me--- they slouched, they made goofy faces, they looked up down, to the sides- ahhhhhhhhh. I wanted to be shot and not by a camera.

I finally told them all to GIT GONE- they were driving me nuts.
But this is what I got with my camera. The shots of them all was impossible to fix the red eye as it was "undetected" on the guys in the back since they came out a bit fuzzy. I do like MOST of the individuals. I may torture them less over indivduals for the actual photo shoot since I got a few of them looking pretty nice. But they are still going to do it. I'll shoot off a few pics while the pro does her thing and we can compare them to what I got so far:)

Here they are in order:

D is 22. He works in a glass factory, hates pictures, hence the goofy look. He likes to read, read and read. He is very bright. He is shy and LOVES kids.

J is 21. He is the cutie. He is considering a Military career, against mom's advice (Of course). He is very outgoing and adventuresome. He works overnight shifts at a local store so I get to worry that he will be robbed ( common around here).

B is 18. He has a new job as a store manager for a new store opening. He likes to drive mom nuts, as in haircut 20 minutes before pictures happened ! He is the king of goofy looks.

M is 15 , almost 16 going on 20. She plays in field hockey and loves to write. Poems, stories, she is very good at it. She is in 10th grade and has many friends. She is gifted student with excellent grades. When Kat saw Jie Jie's picture she said "my Jie Jie Beautiful!"

D is 13. He also hates pictures. (who are these kids? If they didn't look so much like me I'd have to wonder) He is in 8th grade this year and he loves biking, camping, and messing with wiring, I swear he gonna burn the house down :) (don't worry he isn't allowed to touch the "LIVE wiring")

C just turned 7. He loves school, 1st grade, tries to get ready to go every weekend and we have to tell him there is no school. He loves to play soccer, baseball, ride bikes, run around, play, play and PLAY. He is a super big brother to Kat. He has traveled to China and Japan in his short life, he is a great traveler.

Miss Kitty is 3, almost 4! Our China princess. Sweet as can be and loves all these big crazy kids. She was THRILLED to see them all last night. She is from QinZhou, Guangxi China and we brought her home last October at age 3. She is a true delight. She was the perfect fit in this wild and crazy bunch. She melts even those big ones with her smiles, big hugs and her complete joy just to have them stop in.
Now you got -em, see what that poor photographer is up against. Pray for her, she'll need it. But really, these are my babies. I love each of them so much.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are you drunk?

Oh the joy of children. As we go into a local quick stop store we run into a town cop. He also happens to be my step-brother- in- law, how's that for a mouthful. Not that any of us grew up together, we were all adults when our parents married. ANYWAY- he says to Kat- don't you look cute today, pointing to her piggytails. She looks at him and says "are you drunk?" HUMMMM... he says "no, I'm not drunk" as I start to get the evil eye-as in WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THIS KID?

I looked at him and said (after a brief speechless moment) " I don't think that's what she said, she doesn't know that word." So as I RACK my brain to think of what she could have possibly said and scoop her up before he can declare me unfit and make a run for it with her, I asked her to repeat it and she says "DRUNK". At this point, besides being totally red faced, I quickly came up with "truck, OHHHHH, she thinks you are the mailman with his truck as you have a uniform on!!"
Phewwwww! I think he believed me- at least Children's Services hasn't knocked on my door YET. Ha Ha. What a great sense of humor my child has, and all this from a kid whose parents DON'T DRINK AT ALL> Good grief.

Our new Grandma came today and took Kat to the park, she said she behaved very well. I said she usually does, but she can be stubborn at times. But the poor thing wanted an apple as we went to leave, they were setting up for a Farmer's Market to begin at noon and it was 10 minutes till and the man REFUSED to sell us any apples till 12. I had to tell that poor little girl she couldn't have an apple as we weren't allowed to buy one. Guess what Farmer's Market I will NEVER buy anything from? So we came home and got an apple. So there- meanie man.

Momma took advantage of Grandma coming and went shopping, a nice message came today stating a local store was having a 75% of sale so off I went. I did not buy much, but I got some great bargains on bigger shorts for Camden ($4) and shirts ($3) all for next summer. I got a dress for $5 that was originally $50! Not for Camden though, it's Kat:) I LOVE clearance shopping :)

We had soccer practice tonight and Kitty had fun playing. Camden is doing really well in soccer, he is a very fast runner and can take off with the ball and no one can catch him so he scores.

I woke up numerous times last night, first Kat couldn't get to sleep, she was fussing in her room. So in our bed she went. She fell asleep, I noted the clock to be around 12am. Okay still a few hours till the alarm. So off to dream land I go. Next thing I know I have Camden in the bed, I am mushed in the middle with two kiddos on my pillows and I have the crack of the pillows for my head. I can't move either and the covers are gone. Baba said at some point he woke up from falling asleep watching his movie and came in the bedroom, shook his head and meandered back to the couch for a decent night's sleep. I have put 2 kids to bed tonight, hoping they are tired enough to STAY in their own beds, with instructions to STAY in their own beds, as I want them in their OWN BEDS!

Baba and I have been having issues with losing things, Baba more so than I. He can drive me nuts trying to find things he is SURE he brought home from work, only to find them at WORK> but the other day as I finally found the address labels that are supposed to be on the bill paying desk and we figured some kid took to use them for stickers as they have been known to do, we came to a conclusion. By the time we get the kids out of the house and can put things somewhere and go back and they still be there we are going to be so old we aren't going to remember where we put them in the first place! So as we laughed and enjoyed that glimpse of our future, it sure made it not so bad to a least have the kids to blame for now. I knew they were good for something :)

Now if we can just teach them not to ask cops if they are DRUNK..............

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fever gone bye bye

Not sure how this girl gets a fever then it's gone, just like that. No runny nose, no cough, no other signs of illness but I'm not knocking it. I'm just GLAD.

Camden had yet another, birthday party at the sitter's today. Kat came home and said "go to Shannon's, mommy- party." Like it was old hat by now, yeah yeah, another party, not for her, blah blah blah. Silly girl. No patience at all, just like her mother, poor thing.

Our new Grandma is coming tomorrow to take Kitty and go off to the park, sad to say that my mother is so lame she doesn't seem to know grandparenting involves SEEING the children, pretending to like them a little is good too. So my wonderful aunt whom I am calling Momma L. now has taken pity on us and is taking us under her wing to give my kids and me the mothering and grandmothering we need. I thank God for giving us her, she is special lady.

I caught up on Kat's scrapbook today. Also on Camden's. I still need to work on Donovan's and get more pictures printed out. I am out of ink for my picture printer. This means a trip to Walmart tomorrow- yeah! Shopping for Miss Kitty and I :) I try really hard to make myself not buy something for her once in a while but with the upcoming winter looming, a new season to purchase for, its hard not to!! I did go through all her clothes and put away next summer stuff, get out the winter stuff, figure out what she needs most of, ordered hair bows to match her stuff.

I am going to pair tights with her outfits, even pants to keep her warmer this winter. I tried insulated underwear last year but even that wasn't quite enough. So I figure if we do undershirts and heavy tights she will be warmer. That's a big issue with her being so tiny. She is still just 27 pounds, some days that crazy scale says 28 then back to 27 it goes so I figure she may be at 27 1/2 pounds and is 37 inches tall.

She is amazingly still wearing the same size shoe as last year at Gotcha, a size 6. they are just now getting a bit tight to consider going to a 7 and I have a request in for squeakies in size 7 with the moms in China getting their Min girls now :) Don't despair, we'll have them bigger! Such tiny little feet.

I curled her hair and had to laugh when Camden said so seriously "mom I do not like her hair like that, she does not look Chinese." Okay then?? I said to him, "Camden, changing her hair does not change her being Chinese you goof." He just said " I don't like it" and off he went.

She'll be 4 years old next month! So much fun and love in such a small package :) She was telling me in her picture where to put my kisses, bossy little love bug. Couldn't you just kiss her silly????

Monday, September 10, 2007

11 months today!

11 months since Gotcha and amazingly it is Gotcha for our good friends and Min Sisters Mayli and Macie today. They look very happy and sweet, they are total blessings to their families. We wish them the best as they just begin their new lives with Forever Families.
Miss Kitty is not feeling well today. She is running a 102 fever and stated "I weally weally sick momma" when she got up. She has no other signs of illness except the "illness breath" Baba thought I was nuts when I told him you can tell when kids are sick as they have a certain smell to their breath, not gross or anything, just different. He learned with Camden I was right :)
So I don't know what is going on with her but we will have a quiet day today. She feels good enough to tell me she has "dirty feet" meaning she is encroaching on my shower, like it or not. If I tell her "NO" she will strip and climb in the minute she hears the water and sees I am in and can't see her. She gets in, gets clean then she plays with the toy boat and squirt guns by saying she is "doing the dishes." She also said "I wanna feel bedder momma." As if I have a majic potion- I wish baby girl, I wish!
11 months. Almost a year. What has she not experienced with us yet? Jie Jie Malry's birthday. The torture planned for Friday- 7 kids in one family picture. Fall leaves turning. Not too much. She fits in with us just perfectly, like she was born of us. Yet we wouldn't trade her "history" for anything- it is a part of her. We are blessed with her foster parents, now her China grandparents. She still has her China Gie Gie, they sent pictures of him and she said "my Gie Gie in China." The love there is obvious. We are teaching her she is Chinese, she is not getting that we aren't ALL Chinese just yet. But I tell her I LOVE her black China hair. That Po Po (Grandma) and her China Gie Gie have China black hair. I am proud she is a lovely Chinese American girl. She has blended right in to our family, it's hard to think of a time without her. It was barely a month that Camden started school last year and I was alone all day, before we traveled to get Kat. What did I do with all that time?
Today I am trying to figure out how to get everything done I want to do today, even with a quiet day in. The laundry that never ends and can't walk to the washer alone- darn. The dishes, left for me :) love you family!! I'm behind on my scrapbooking for all. Camden is on book #2 that's full, Kat #3 book. I LOVE to keep up with them. It's so fun to look through their book and see so much change in them from the front to the back, it makes my pictures of them all the more precious. I so rarely get out the old photo albums and look through them, but the scrapbooks are just so fun to flip through. I'm glad that I tried it out with getting Miss Kat and it's given me so much joy- another thing she brought to us.
It would take me all day to list all the good, wonderful things the past 11 months have brought us but I can do it all with posting pictures so you can see it for yourselves:) Look at that smile, that face..... need I say more? 11 months of sweetness, love and girly giggles, I couldn't love you more Miss Kitty Kat!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Camden's 7!

My boy is 7. What a blessing to have 7 years of him in our lives. I never thought after Dono-bin I would have another child and when Daddy and I blended our family Camden and now Kat have been like the icing over the layers. Smoothed out the rough edges of the boys, filled in for lumpy roads and sweetened the whole deal! I thought I wanted a girl, since Baba had a girl, that we would get one. HA HA on me. But you brought us our girl anyway!! Since YOU wanted a sister and we opened our eyes and hearts to God's plan we got our girl/sister.

I just KNEW you'd come out a redhead. No doubt in my mind. But to see a Mini male me over all these years is something I STILL can't get over. You even do my one eyebrow life of displeasure exactly like me. AHHHH.
You are funny and sensitive, yesterday at the first soccer game you cried when the coach took you out after trying to get the ball and accidently kicking a boy twice. You thought you had hurt him and done something wrong. The coach was just trying to give you a break. You are bigger than most of the kids and played last year so he did not want you to be too aggressive. So you had a shoulder to cry on then back in the game you went. I will always have a shoulder, hand, lap, available to you, my baby boy. I'm glad this year your shirt is green, so as to not clash with your fabulous red hair, I know, you could care less but really, burgundy is NOT your color.
I love your personality, you are very sweet and sensitive to others. You are a great Gie Gie for Kat and a good kiddo all around. I'm proud to be your momma, my 5th son.

Camden made 6 goals at the soccer game and then was surprised when I threw some water on him as it was soooo hot. He had a good time at the game. Miss Kitty was having fun messing with the canteen of water and filling up a cup, she asked if she "get wadder" and I said yes, next thing I know I look and can't see my girl. I said to Baba, "where's our daughter", he didn't know. So before I could freak completely a woman pointed and said "THERE" and the turd girl was half a football field away running to the pavillion bathroom. Baba took off after her, but she made it there, through the gate and parking lot before he made it to her. Her response -"momma said I could." AHHHHHHH, I just don't think so. She was sternly told NEVER to do that again.Luckily the area going to the pavillion bathroom through the parking lot is short and not where the cars pull out, they come down a hill into the lot and she probably would have been seen before anything would have happened. But she is FEARLESS> she doesn't understand that not EVERYONE in this world is safe.
Last night we got to have a fun visit with Emily(China girl) and Ethan , Kat's 2 buddies. They had a great time playing, giggling and trashing the toy box. They found all kinds of neat stuff they hadn't seen in a while from the toy chest. We had a lovely visit with their parents and are so glad to share some fun times with them. I HAD to get the girls matching shirts when I found shirts that said "My daddy thinks I'm awesome!" They were just too cute. Kat just loves to play with Em and Ethan, although when they first came and she had actually just woke up from a nap ( wore her out at the soccer game) she had an issue with understanding they were going to be touching "her" toys. WOW> so I explained that like at the babysitter's she plays but doesn't take the toys home, Em and Ethan would play with her toys but not take them home. A crazy thing called SHARING. She was better then. She had a great time and was out cold sleeping after they left.
Kat has finally figured out that birthdays are a blast and that nearly everyone has had one but HER> so I told her Camden's Malaree's then Kat's!!! So after Camden's today she said "Malry's, then KAT birfday, yeah". Poor thing has waited so long. At least this year she will understand what to do with her gifts! She should be loads of fun. Can't wait!

Friday, September 7, 2007

My precious Camden

Some days your kids can make you feel like a million bucks. Camden did that today for me. His 7th birthday is this Sunday. So I took tiny cupcakes, juice and loot bags for his class today. I took some pictures, spent 15 minutes with them, sang him Happy Birthday and off we went. When he came home from school he declared it was his "best day ever" and kissed his momma. WOW. I'm sure it had nothing to do with plans to go to Slinky Action Zone with his friend Rece later either :)

Actually we pulled a fast one on Miss Kat. She is too little to play at Slinky, it's more for older aka rougher kids, so we told them we were all going to "play" and Baba took the boys to Slinky, momma and Kat shopped then hit the play area in the mall. We all ate at CiCi's first, macaroni on pizza, yuck. Kat ate 3 bites of soup. She was happy as a clam and didn't know the difference. She got a loot bag too and a new little china tea set. So it all worked out well. Except Baba refused to take the camera and play photographer.
Rece and Camden both said it was their best day EVER in their WHOLE lives ( a big 5 and almost 7 years old :) so it clearly was a big hit. We have our first soccer game tomorrow.
I got Kat her leotards for gymnastics and footless leggings since the gym is freezing in the winter. I had a hard time finding a small enough leotard. Kat thought when I said LEOTARD I was saying GUITAR, yeah I can see how she'd think that- and she thought we were buying her a guitar. Nice try chick.
She was thirsty at the play center and Camden didn't want to share his water with her (something about sister germs) so the nice lady at the cookie stand gave her some milk. I was surprised she drank it, she usually won't, but she was really thirsty so she did. Now we are home and she thinks she needs to "fro up" and has hung over the toilet twice, but not done any "froing up". I wonder if she can not tolerate milk. She doesn't have a fever and she says her belly hurts. Poor baby.
I can hardly wait for Monday to bring us the news about 2 of our Min girls that will be meeting their forever families, we have had a lovely time getting to know them during their long wait and wish them all the best with the trip of a lifetime to their daughters. Mayli and Macie will be getting 2 0f the neatest moms I know. Min mommas.
I'm off to bed now, I am wore out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day past

Yes, Labor day has come and gone, I worked on Labor Day as I usually end up doing. Guess there is no "non- Labor day" when it comes to birthing babies :) My family was nice enough to bring me ice cream at work after they went out to eat, I hugged Kat and said "you smell like Chinese"- meaning the FOOD- Camden spouts off "she is Chinese, mom" like I went stupid or something :)

Kat went to the sitter's (Shannon) yesterday and is NUTS about a guitar that one of the kids brought, it has a head set and she just took it over and was jamming away. She sings EVERYTHING, even if it makes no sense she is singing. I enjoy it as I know she is happy. All I heard out of her today was "went to Shannon's- play guitar" as she mimicked how she played.
Only BAD part about going to the sitter, the NAP, yes the dreaded NAP> I swear if I watched kids I'd want them ALL to nap and for a good LONGGGGG time. But Kat is very much like Derrik and Camden were, by age 3 if they napped it was midnight till they could sleep. They get grouchy around 4 or 5 pm but that's too late to nap. Trying earlier napping doesn't work, it's just best that they do not nap. Last night it was 1 a.m. till she stopped gabbing. She was thinking of pulling a whole night shift till I shut her down. She has stripped her bed, pulled out toys, books, went all-i-yah twice, had drinks, and I was done. I sent her to bed and said GO FOONGOWL NOW> and she finally did. I had to post a picture of her from Jan. 2007 and last night. Big changes, huh? I LOVE jammie pictures, they are so much fun and Kitty looks so darn cute in her jammies:) I'm just a jammie kinda girl, and so is Miss Kat.

Kat is getting all excited that Camden's birthday is this week, besides him being her favorite brother, she can finally understand that Camden's birthday, Malaree's birthday, then KAT'S birthday means her birthday is COMING.

We went today and got Kat an outfit for gymnastics, yes, it's starting soon and along with field hockey, soccer, Donovan's lawn mowing jobs, we don't have enough to do. Ha Ha. Such is life with kids :) Luckily we are able to get her classes done during the day, so that's one less evening place to be. She will start with 2-3 days a week and they are going to evaluate her to see if she needs more intense training. I personally think she is natural, but then climbing up the outside of the stair case doesn't really qualify as a gymnastic feat. If she is good we can move her on to advance classes. I do know that every one of the Chinese Gold Medalists for gymnastics for the Olympics has come from- none other than- Guangxi Province- where Kat is from. Now I am not a nut mother who will be claiming she must be the next world medalist due to this, if she ENJOYS gymnastics we will encourage her to have fun with it, that's all. I do not care to push ANY of my children to exceed the fun limit to WORK on any sport or activity they do. I want them to use their BRAINS to have a career and life, not their bodies. Other than to be healthy.

Speaking of healthy, somehow the scale battery dies and when replaced Baba and I BOTH have found 10 more pounds EACH to claim as our own. What's with that scale anyway? I think it's possessed. That's what I am claiming anyway, when it flies out our bathroom window and hopefully dies a painful death.

I must share this gross and disgusting tale with everyone, take pity on me. Hubby made eggs, bacon, toast and tea Saturday morning. Momma is loving it, just sitting back eating it all up. ( what 10 pounds?) As I take my plate to the sink like a good girl, the DOG is eating scrambled eggs. A few left over Baba says. Hum........ well momma thought with bacon grease cooked eggs this was not a good idea but since keeping mouth shut is good for not having times in which I must say "I told you so" causing what's commonly known as ANNOYING WIFE SYNDROME, I said NOTHING. WELL------ it's been 4 days and we have cleaned out the kennel 4 times, bathed the dog-twice- scrubbed rugs, washed rugs, taken dog out numerous times and quite frankly I am not cleaning anymore of it. I didn't do it, I KNEW better but this is AWFUL> the poor dog looks miserable, he can't help his ISSUE. So ANS (annoying wife syndrome) has hit anyway since I HAD to point out WHO gave dog the eggs as I took a stand about the mess. Next time I'll just say it! Don't give that to the DOG!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Playing in the Park

We had a good time playing in the park, the past few days. Lovely weather we are having, not too hot or humid, just sunny and nice.
Kat was having a ball in the sand, Baba HATES sand and forbids them to get into it most of the time, but yesterday momma was with them first and she said "go for it." She thought it funny to bury her sandal then she couldn't find it!
We had gone to Malaree's field hockey team, don't ask the score, wow do they stink. I felt so bad for Mal since she was running and playing hard but the other team shut them wayyyyy out.
After listening to Kitty & Camden whine at Mal's field hockey game that they were HOT and TIRED at 3 in the afternoon, I figured we'd give them some fun so we played at the park till almost dark then went for ice cream. Choc- o- lot for Kat and Ban- nilla for Camden. Yum.
Kat was trying to brush her teeth today, I LOVE the conversations you hear children having with inate objects such as toothpaste. She went like this " comm'on toof pace. You can do it, man." She couldn't get any out. I once overheard Camden having a very serious discussion with himself. It went like this- "wow, I almost fell, I'm glad I didn't since I mighta hit my right arm and I really like my right arm, I wouldn't want to break it or something." Alrighty then. Silly bugs.

This morning the kids were told to clean up the big lego blocks they had scattered and were no longer interested in playing with. So apparently they decided to throw then at one another instead of putting them away and I had just called for Camden when I heard a howl. Here comes Kat, blood pouring from her nose.

She's got a handful of blood, it's down her clothes, on a couch, the floor, the wall, what a mess. She's bawling, Camden seeing how bad she is hurt breaks into tears and is bawling. So we got it all cleaned up and stopped gushing and Camden felt so bad he cleaned up all the blocks himself without making a peep. I pity any guy who makes any attempt to hurt Camden's sister- wow, I can just see it now. If he is that upset over an accident that no one even yelled at him about. He is very protective of Kat. He tried to help her when it happened but all she wanted was her momma.
Kat is now officially one of our nagging kids, she said today as we drove to my aunt and uncle's for dinner - "Ma, we dare yet" (we there yet). She is quite capable of driving you nuts asking things and repeating things to try to get her way so yup, she's ours.
We went to dinner today and Kat calls my Uncle "Grandpa." I don't think he minds as he is a grandpa, just not really hers :)She was sooo interested in his 4 wheeler and she told him she wanted to ride it. The pouty lip came out when he told her she was not big enough. She then said he usual "but I love it" as if that will instantly make you give her a ride. NOT! Silly girl.

Camden Kat and Dad were having fits that we lost cable for over 24 hours. Baba tried to tell me he didn't pay the bill- what a joker he is- but apparently a local bridge being worked on burned and cables were involved. I personally could go without TV for good. But a RACE was coming on and no TV- OH MY. So hubby called the cable company numerous times to voice his unhappiness, not that they got it on any sooner. Men and their races/football ugh!
Soon it will be birthday time, Camden's is next Sunday and he is already listing the things he wants. Also cousin Dustin in Japan will be 6 next week so we got him a gift and sent it off. As we purchased his gift, packaged it and sent it off, Kitty sang "Happy Birthday to Dustin" the WHOLE time. I guess the birthday singing was over once the package went to the mailman since after he took it she stopped, much to our relief. She sure loves to sing, just about anything she will sing it. We usually are happy to hear her, she is truly a lively little girl, but anything you have to hear repeated over and over for 25 minutes straight is pushing that last nerve I own :)