Sunday, August 12, 2007

Reunion #2

Well, we made it through Reunion #2 with lots of fun. This was Baba's family, poor Kat went to tell Grandma "hello" and there were the 3 Grandmas together and she told the wrong one! Had to look twice. Kat had fun playing on the play equipment till she was hungry and she snuck some ham before it was time to eat. She was too hungry to wait and who could tell her "NO" when she was hanging over the ham carver like a puppy dog:) She did look back at mom to see if it was okay to take the piece she was offered.
Baba's family is a very traditional Polish family, we had the whole feast and it was GOOD> we were touched how welcomed Kat was made, everyone asked about her and said how adorable she was, not that she would hold still for a minute to say hello to anyone but she did let mom introduce her to her twin nephews. They are young men now and poor Baba has NEVER been able to tell them apart.
The kids all had fun with the water pump, Kat tried to help her Dona-bin but I don't think she weighs enough to be a BIG help, as you can see in the picture. After lunch they all took of swimming and Dona-bin came back with a big ol' lump on his head. Can't have a picnic without incident, and he refused to hold the ice on the goose egg lump so it didn't go down much.
I got a great picture of Grandma, Uncle Mark, and Baba, Baba has always been jealous that Uncle Mark is older and still has COLOR left in his hair. I personally LIKE Baba with grey hair, it looks smashing with his blue eyes and that fabulous dimple.
You can't see the words on Baba's shirt but it says "Months of waiting.......15 hours on a plane to China... 40 hours no sleep......Holding my daughter in my arms.....Priceless. Momma bought him that through the Journey to Me site that we started out our blogging on, since it started with the journey to Kat! Speaking of which, Grandma asked about "those other kids" and as I posted at first, I love them just as much, love them dearly, but this site is mainly about Kat, her adoption, her adjustment, so that's why I post the most about her. Also the others are camera phobics, I swear, I'd spend my life trying to get decent pics to put on here if I posted about them all.
They are soooo bad that I have made an appointment for Sept. to get professional pictures of the 7 kids. I made sure #1 was off work. I told #2 and #3 to make sure they get off work. I told them it's my birthday gift so they CAN NOT refuse.
I told #1 to get haircut, shave.
#2 no more haircuts, and no shaving beard into swiggly forms for fun.
#3 get haircut, don't shave.
#4 no haircuts, wearing a dress- no arguments.
#5 no more crew cut haircuts!
I take care of #6 and #7 so I will do their hair.
I bought the boys all shirts to match, told them to get a decent pair of jeans. I have the dresses for Kat and Malaree to match boys. It's takes me months to get this all right!

After the reunion was winding down ( no one noticed my hair or fluffiness) Mom headed off to work and Baba took the kids over to Grandma's. Uncle Mark and Aunt Karen were staying there and Grandma was brave enough to keep Camden, Kat and Donovan to boot. Aunt Karen is always so sweet, she brought a gift for Kat and she opened it and said "for school", it was a "Hello Kitty" backpack. She also got her a sing-a-long CD which is perfect since she was singing away at Grandma's and amusing everyone. She keeps "packing" her backpack and showing it to me today- thanks so much Aunt Karen, you always pick the best gifts!

We also got to go to the local fair this week, I forgot to take my camera, but there wasn't too much to see. It was very HOT and we didn't stay too long. Baba took the boys to the demo derby and I took Kitty to see the animals. She was very funny in the animal barns, she liked the bunnies, at the cows she was very quiet and I asked her if she was scared, she was so stiff! She was, but we got her to see one up close and she even touched it, although we were laughing at her "touching", a tiny finger went out and barely touched the cow, then back to her side it flew. She declared then "I touched it." She liked the goats, pigs, little horses, not the big ones. She played a fishing game and picked out some hammer toy she can bonk Camden on the head with and the fair was over for another year for us :)

Last night when I got home from work she was crashed on the couch, piggy tails still in, still dressed. She was TIRED. Baba carried her up to bed and she just barely woke to see me and give a hug and she was OUT. This morning she was asking where everyone is:) She must have forgotten they stayed at Grandma's and Baba said she didn't even fuss to stay. So now she is entertaining herself by washing her play dishes in the bathroom sink while I post.That girl and water...........

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Lori and Pete said...

We had a family reunion this weekend too! I was so busy chasing the girls around that I didn't get many pictures. Pete was running around with the video camera, so we did record the moment. It just won't be a big post on the girls' blog.

We love reading about Kat,