Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kat's 4th Birthday

I am by far not a poet, but for some reason this was in my heart and mind and needed to come on out. So here it is and it's a tribute to my precious daughter's birth mother.

The Mothers

4 years ago today, the pain in your womb ended.
As the pain in your heart began, will it ever be mended?

Do you wonder where the girl is, do you shed a many tears?
As you surely did that October morn, when you realized your fears.

As the child you labored to bear, was female and sickly, not a cause for joy.
As laws allowed just one child, you had hoped for a boy.

Wrapped in a blanket she was just hours old as you wrote a note.
Tears streaming down onto the paper, as your heart surely broke.

Please let her get well, please let her have a good life.
Let her forgive us someday, you hoped that she might.

The babe taken in, nurtured back to good health.
Had gotten the blessing, of safety and wealth.

As she grew from a babe, to a toddler you see,
She was loved dearly, first by her foster family.

God had a plan for this child, He was making sure all went right.
His timing was perfect, her future in His sight.

Afar in a land so very different. Lived the mother of 5 birth sons.
Yearning for a little girl, God knew this child was the one.

Papers were sent, 5 pictures of her we had.
Time past by so slowly it seemed, when travel time came we were so glad.

As they handed her to me, I felt a tug in my heart.
So skinny and scared she was, but we loved her from the start.

We are her forever family you see, as we were meant to be.
She brings us great joy, as the baby of our family.

But as the day of her birth comes round again.
My mind wanders, and I long for a message to send.

To you birth mother, the one she will never know.
I’d like to ask you, did you notice her toe?

It’s an extra nail there she has, along with 5 freckles too.
Did you commit them to memory, did she get those from you?

To ease your pain, I’d like you to see.
What a beautiful girl she’s turned out to be.

I’d want to tell you I will give her my best.
I’d die for this girl, to put your heart’s ache to rest.

She calls me Mommy, birth mother, something sadly you will never hear.
Not from her lips and it sounds so dear.

I’d thank you birth mother, for the care that you took.
It’s not our way to judge you for the road that you took.

We gave this precious child a family for forever and more.
A mom, and a dad, a big sister too, and some brothers for sure.

By far she has given us so much more you see.
Than we will ever give her by becoming a part of our family.

She turns four today, with her midnight hair and almond eyes.
She is happy and lively, we do our best to maintain her Chinese ties.

I will teach her respect, to love one another.
I will tell her of you, her birth and first mother.

If you never do see her in this life here on earth,
She will always know of your love for her, starting with her birth.

She will be loved always, hugged, cherished and treasured.
For our love for her is not something you can measure.

Her start in life came from you, you see.
She is my daughter of my heart as she was meant to be.

With love and thanks to my daughter's Birth Mother, from her Forever Mother


Ladyblog said...

Awwwwwwwww! That is so sweet. I can see those are words from your heart. Great poem!
Happy Birthday Kat!

Andie said...

Beautiful poem. WHat a blessing Kat's birthmom chose for her. I'm sad that she'll never know that beautiful smile, but I'm so thankful that you do!!
Happy Birthday to all of you!