Thursday, August 16, 2007

Min Sisters

The much awaited visit with Rissa, Min Bi He was today at Chuckie Cheese. Narissa (Rissa) is quite shy, she warmed up to Kat first. We let them play some then sat down to talk and eat. Amusing to find out that the girls knew each other from their orphanage, as we suspected, but amazing to hear Rissa say they weren't friends- "they SISTERS"> Kat says they slept together. Now we KNOW for a fact they did not get fostered together so this must be back at the orphanage at an age that you wouldn't think they could remember. But they clearly DO. Both the girls were understanding of them being Min girls, I think their biggest confusion was their NEW names, with each other. Rissa obviously knew Tong Tong ahh (Kat), as a Min girl, even though she uses Tong as candy or a boo boo now. Different tones for each. But she knew Tong Tong-ahh when I said Kat's China name. Rissa has also been excited to see pictures of the Min girl being adopted from China that we advocated for with a blood disorder, as she said she played with her. Rissa is the sweetest little girl, so pretty too. She is Special needs to China- can you guess her issue? Bet not! She actually has a facial paralysis from a removal of a ?? along side her face. It affects one side of her face. She is so precious! If anyone knows of any hospitals, doctors working with this issue please let me know. Her family loves her as she is, but want the best for her and are searching for ways to help her get some more movement. So I will pass any help on to them that anyone can give.
Kat and Rissa played and played, they rode everything together, thank goodness they have small tushies. Kat even taught Rissa how to cheat at Skeeball, she stands on the platform and walks down it to the holes! Cheater. Kat saw Rissa driving a car and since she had a plastic dude in the car with her Kat climbed in back and rode along. It took Rissa about 30 minutes to figure out the "tokens needed- hand them over" theme at ol' Chuckie's. What a smart girl! I went thru over 400 tokens and I think Camden got a bunch of toy soldiers for the dog to chew and me to step on after he took all the tickets and cashed them in, even Kat's, the turd. Good thing she doesn't care if she has 200 or 20.

Kat had wanted to give Rissa a gift, so we picked out cute jeans, with the button feature in the waist to tighten them to fit ( never buy a China girl anything else, they are too skinny to fit without this feature) a shirt claiming "It's all about me" since Rissa is their QinZhou princess. Also she got her a play cell phone so they can call each other since Kat got the same phone for herself. Rissa got Kat some fun stuff too, a candy necklace kit, pencils, ( she is attaching them all in row to her neckline as I type) foo foo ahh (hair) accessories and such. The girls just LOVE gifts, they love the bags, the tissue paper, the actual gifts, they have to every bit packed up and they carry them around forever. Both of them are the same about that. It's pretty cute to see until they freak out when you misplace the tissue paper they had- ahhhhh. Yikes. They have many the same behaviors, and both a very much princesses:) The girls were very loving with each other, not even needing to be prompted, they were dancing, hugging, and giving kisses. So cute to see.

We thank Ruthie and Craig for taking the time and driving so far to come see us, you guys are the best, we will be friends forever as we have these Min sisters we have to keep in touch! Rissa is not quite as fond of her males of her family, she is still learning they are pretty cool, since she was fostered with a woman mainly. Kat has no such reservations and was all over them. She was hugging and kissing them all, having them carry her around. She really enjoyed her time with the whole family- Ruthie offered to take her home- all I am saying is - Ha ha, nice try:)

Rissa lucked out and didn't have the good old head shave before her family came to get her, must be just the ones with fast growing hair that get that:( Rissa has been home since Feb and her hair is not growing very fast. Kat's is amazing as far as coming in from a total shave with maybe 1/4 inch of hair left back in Sept. 2006. Rissa's is also quite a few shades lighter than Kat's. They are not Bio sisters, of course, probably not even the same minority group but they are sisters of their hearts. I can just see them as younger girls, in the same crib, holding onto each other for comfort.
Ruthie's hubby was making fun of us "girls," Ruthie and I both wore green shirts, had the same camera, dressed both the girls in pale pink and sandals, all by accident. Great minds think alike, is all I can say:) I seemed to have gotten both the pictures of the moms and girls with Rissa chewing her gum. Ruthie will have to send me a shot without that :)

As we ended our day, we made plans for next year at Hershey Park, to go and possibly even spend the night so we can all have more time together. I know the girls would just love that and maybe they could even sleep together, just like old times. But with a new bright future for them both. No more dreaming for a family of your own baby girls, you have gotten your dreams and wishes answered. 2 of God's precious little ones, right where He wanted them to be, blessing each of our two families with their wonderful spirits, personalities, smiles and girly giggles. What wonderful girls you both are, we love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...............

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Lori and Pete said...

What a great visit it looks like you had! I wish I could have been there with my Min girl Chloe.