Friday, August 24, 2007

Kat goes to school

Tuesday night was soooo popular on my calendar. I was supposed to work. Got a notice about First Grade Orientation. So I switched work. Then got a paper saying I needed to be at Malaree's teacher orientation ( just one teacher) and thought I'd send Baba to that. Well, Baba came home from work to tell me he won $100 tickets to a concert of Counting Crows. So he and Malaree got to go to that while Camden, Kat, and I went to first grade ( 1st grade already!) orientation/picnic in the rain. We moved in to the cafeteria and all the kids were all running around the gym like wild animals. So my kids had to join in, of course. Next thing I know Miss Kat is crying and holding her head. Run in with Cameron, not Camden, Cameron. She is fine.

Camden's teacher gets the fun of not just Camden and Cameron this year, but an additional Cameryn (girl). So we will have lots of fun with that. I got papers and so did Cameron's mom from the wrong kids all of last year. You'd think they'd split them up but NO, they must like to test the teacher??

Kat made herself right at home at the reading corner. She was playing hopscotch on the mat and lounging away. I don't think she will be happy at all that he goes on Monday and not her. School is super cool to her. She can't even go next year since her birthday is October. Stuck with ol' mom.

Camden is trashing his room today looking for Donovan's MP3 player he got for Christmas and lost, Donovan won another one at a company picnic and he said he would give one to Camden if he finds the lost one. Oh yeah.... the mess coming from under the bed is scaring me....

Baba's birthday is today, he is working on his blazer tonight? He has to have help from a friend and this was the night to do it, he scribbled out his birthday off the calender in a fit of anger this week, I guess over the 5 places I was supposed to be on Tuesday that made me upset. Mainly since the 5th place I got called for 2 hours ahead of time was a meeting to be TEAM PARENT for Camden's soccer. AHHHHH- who signed me up for that without telling me- BABA. I asked him if he mistakenly thought he had married Super Woman- since all he had was ME! Super woman I am NOT.
In the meantime I have one nerve left and school starts on Monday. I am sad but happy. Sad to see the summer end but if they bicker with one another one more time I don't know what I may do :) So happy they will be occupied for the days and enjoy seeing one another after school.

We are off to get Baba a cake and fun gifts from the kids, you know, like whistle blowers, punch balls, things the kids like and say they KNOW he will love them as a gift from them :)
Happy Birthday to Baba, Camden told everyone how old you are so I can share it too, 42! Still young enough to get another girl from China- haha!

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