Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's a Kat's life

Miss Kat and I are having a wonderful time spending our days together, just 2 so far but we have our routine started. She is so very helpful with anything I ask of her. No one to even try to outdo, as usually when I ask for something, her and Camden make a race of it with them both yelling ( I got it, I GOT IT) and someone being the "loser" and bawling. Not fun.
Today she helped me get the doggy bathed and got me a towel and the hair dryer. Yeah, I have to blow dry the dog, he's a Maltese and has to be combed out since I keep his fur long. He's the pampered Prince of the house.
Kat and I took him out today and she was her usual chatter box self, she pointed to our house and said "house" and then "my home." So sweet. She pointed out her window, the kitchen window. Not too much gets by her. She was playing today after getting dressed and her hair was wet and drying, it really seems to be taking off in growth. She has her bangs but the rest is going far down her back and is really pretty. It's coming in so nicely. She looked a bit wild while it was still wet till I fixed it. I have to fix it with barettes or something as the top is getting too long and hangs in her face, not that I am complaining about fixing it. I love doing stuff with her hair, she is still good at letting me till she tires of it then she become a squirm worm.

School seems to be going okay so far, Camden reports today he "loves" his teacher, she is so nice. I found a countdown list Donovan was making- only 178 more days to go- yikes, guess he isn't as thrilled. Malaree is busy with field hockey after school, although she was kind enough to pity me with my hand in a major cramp last night after filling out the same forms x 3!! Emergency forms, forms for yearbooks (already) pictures (already!) lunch account forms, amazing the amount of forms for each one! Some folks take off work to see their kids off to school for the first day, I take off since I can't bear the thought of coming home at 11pm to fill out ALL THOSE FORMS>Camden said this morning- looking at his forms- "WOW- you filled the WHOLE thing out", gosh nobody told me there was an option to fill it out part way :) I think his teacher would not have been amused.
I have a whole list of thing to do tomorrow, shin guards for Camden, Dry Erase board for chore assignments for children (we need better organization of their expected chores and privileges earned) and call to see what my duties are as Team Parent for Soccer, yes, I am attempting the Super Woman routine of taking that on. I hope it gets me out of booth/food duties for the season. Maybe if I organize who does the booth, I can exclude ME? Shhhhh, don't tell anyone :)

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Andi68 said...

Kyle loves 2nd grade so far too. Now that Kyle is out of the house Jamie will actually sit still and watch Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and any other show for her age. I guess he is too big a distraction for her to deal with.