Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Heat is on

Man, is it HOT! Humid, cooking us, and Kat is loving it. Coming from a fishing village and southern area of China she is used to this weather. Anything under 70 degrees and less humid she is COLD! But as we aren't used to this year round, we are roasting and nearly well done :) One funny thing we noticed in China is Chinese people do not sweat/smell at ALL. You can not find deodorant there, they do not need it. Isn't that strange. No wonder they think of us as stinky Americans.
We were in the bathroom the other day, I was attempting to shower alone (how dare me) and Kat waltzes in to "talk with me" while I shower. So as we are talking we are going over her Chinese that is left, she came to us speaking Cantonese and some Mandarin. She still uses-
Alliyah- pee
O- see yah - poop
Me ah guh- all done
Bonga bongahh- up, pick me up
Wai po- grandma
Wai gong- grandpa
Foon gowl- sleep
Foo foo ahhh- hair
Wo I knee - I love you
Knee how-hello
Knee how ma- How are you?
Jie Jie- Big sister
Gu Gu- Big Brother
Baba- Daddy
So after we go through all of them we move on to my shaved legs and her memories of Po Po as she called her foster mom. This is an affectionate term for Wai Po ( grandma) as they called her Tong Tong from her name Min An Tong. I asked if Po Po fixed her hair, "uh huh", made her lunch, "uh huh" took her shopping, "uh huh" gave her bath- NO- gave her shower, NO! I am thinking WHAT? Then I realized that she probably didn't equate the sponge bath she most likely got with a "bath." Water is a rare commodity in China so they waste none. She LOVES water here, rain, bath, shower, pool, doesn't matter, she has a ball in it. her pictures are of her wet, from rain, what little we got last week was in the form of one downpour and she just had to be in it. It's so very fun to run around in the rain and get soaked. Camden and her had a ball getting wet.
Kat got 2 videos, Elmos goes potty and Backyardigans. Her fascination with potty is a mystery, she came to us potty trained so well she wouldn't go pooh till we put her on the pot and told her to go. So why is her favorite book and now movie about potty? My guess is it is about doing it themselves, since in China she was held over the squatty potty and went. She's all about doing things herself. She can even run the DVD, TV and put in her movies. Pretty smart when mom isn't quite sure how to do it still :)


Lori and Pete said...

My Qinzhou girl Chloe doesn't sweat much either, but my daughter from Sichuan breaks out in a big sweat for just the slightest exertion. She can get very stinky, just like us!

I love your blog.

Lori W

ronvic7 said...

Do you think it's the food? Other than the cigarette smell (YUK) we didn't met one stinky Chinese person!