Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dan Dan called

Talk about sweet. Dan Dan called Monday night for "Tong Tong." Tong Tong aka Kat was off shopping with Baba, they had to go to coin star and cash in those coins from the washer. I have NEVER cleaned out pockets but I think I'll start. Camden netted almost $13 in change from the washer, when it was moved. WOW>

Anyway DanDan wanted to talk with Tong Tong and who knows what about? But chat they did and we are looking forward to seeing Miss Caidi (Dan Dan) and her mom soon. We are planning a 1 year Gotcha and Tong Tong Birthday reunion. What FUN that will be!

We are trying a Dan Dan trick with our kids, it works quite well for Caidi so we are giving it a whirl. All screaming must be done outside, as in stand on the porch yelling your fool head off. Then when it's all out, you go in house. No screaming allowed. Maybe I'll be left with that one last nerve I have through their childhood. No, I doubt it. Anyway, we tried it this morning and Camden screams like a girl. No kidding. I'm thinking Derrik will be sorry he moved next door when he has worked night shift :)

Kat is playing with her dollhouse this morning but her "babies" in the swings are coins??? Camden is teaching her ??? greed?

Yesterday I was working on the computer and something went wrong and out slipped "oh SH--". Didn't I hear Miss COPY Kat say "oh SH--" YIKES!!!! Malaree said, "Oh don't say that Kat" and I was just stunned. I have always figured God gives allowances for mothers of 7 to slip once in a while but I am thinking that doesn't include teaching little innocent girls to say such things. Even if it was the funniest thing but we did not laugh- bad, bad momma.

We went shopping the other day and Miss Kitty runs straight to the GLUE and wants some, as in "me have some?" Momma said "No, you don't need that," thinking MESSY- and she says " AHHH- but I wuv it" and out came the lip (see picture). I am immune to that lip but I am sure her hubby is in DEEP trouble since if it had been Baba, she'd been coming home with GLUE.

We almost, almost got a foreign exchange student from China, too bad our local school was full of their quota of foreign students. No idea we even had to worry about a "quota" to host one. Bummer. She even spoke Cantonese. Maybe next year we can swing it. I'd love to have a China girl to come stay a year. It would help us learn more of China's customs. Although she may be shocked when she gets out of school at 3:00pm compared to 9:30 pm in China! Plus they start 2 hours earlier. So much for family time?

Tomorrow we are off to a favorite place Chuck E. Cheese- I have the Advil in my car now, so I can deal with the headache I will have. We are meeting up with Ruthie- our dear wonderful friend that adopted Min Bie He this past Feb. She was on the waiting child list with Kat and Caidi. They are all from QinZhou. We are anxious to meet Narissa (Min Bie He) and see Ruthie again.

I'll post more after the fun:)

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